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Ines Helene Wiki, Bio, Photos, and Videos

We can't talk about social media stars without mentioning Ines Helene. This sultry brunette, nicknamed the 'Swedish Unicorn,' joined Instagram in 2014 and fast become one of its biggest biggest stars. Today, her Instagram account has a mind-blowing 1.4 million followers. Here's everything you need to know about this Swedish megastar.

Ines Helene - Bio, Age, Family, Early Life

Ines Helene keeps many details about her personal life a secret, but we've managed to piece together a few things from her daily social media posts. She was born in 1992 in Bosnia and Herzegovinia then migrated to Sweden with her mom, dad and younger sister. Right now, she has a net worth of around 3 million dollars.

One Ines Helene source claims that she's a massive human rights advocate and has collaborated with World Aid Active to help the needy across the globe. She has a cat named Fatty and she regularly gets VIP concert tickets to see her favorite stars Drake and The Weekend. Prior to becoming a social media sensation, she moved to London, England to study business finance.

Ines Helene - Relationships & Social Media Pages

After leaving for the UK to study finance, Ines Helene went through a bad breakup, which motivated her to join Instagram. Shortly after, she received an e-mail from an advertising company that wanted to use some of her photos. Ines segued this opportunity into a lucrative career, fast becoming a professional Instagram model.

Many guys will be happy to know that Ines Helene is currently single has been for a number of years. During her time in london, she developed a love for Scottish men, which she has trouble finding in Sweden. However, Ines Helene seems to enjoy the single life and isn't looking to settle down any time soon.


@Ines Helene

Ines Helene has an account on pretty much every social media page going, so of course she's on Facebook. She runs a personal blog on her, posting pictures of her workouts, her model lifestyle and of course, her cat.



Her Twitter bio says it all: "PhD in shrooms, law student, philanthropist, polyglot. the other half of Cinnamon bun hard trad wife." Ines Helene's Twitter account gives a snapshot into her model lifestyle and her personal life. She's been on there since February 2014 and has amassed an incredible 122k followers.



Ines's Instagram account is her most active social media page, and it's not hard to see why. She posts revealing pics on a daily basis; cleavage shots, elegant poses, bikini pics. Miss Helene isn't shy about showing herself off, and she loves nothing more than teasing her lucky fans.



Ines Helene is all over TikTok. She twerks, grinds, and bounces her massive jugs for the visual pleasure of her thousands of followers. Ines Helen doesn't post a whole lot on TikTok, but when she does, it's always a video worth saving to your phone.



If you want to see Ines Helene in her rawest form, you'll need to hit up her OnlyFans page. The Swedish Unicorn shows off every ich of her fabulous figure on here, and while it's mostly softcore, it's absolutely worth the $7 per month. You'll quickly see why Ines Helene has kind of net worth she does!

Ines Helene - Social Media Sensation

Needless to say, Ines Helene has come a long way from delivering newspapers and working in nursing homes. She's one of the most popular brunette influencers in the world, and continues to marvel fans with her incredible looks, her comedy posts and her philanthropy. She even has her own Wiki page! Check out her sites today and find your next favorite Instagram star.

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