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Hyesingles Review 2022 - Legit Site To Meet Armenian Singles?

Armenia. Arguably the home of the hottest women on the planet. If we're being honest, we'd all love to hook up with an Armenian woman at some point in our lives, but making it happen is a pretty tall task. It's not like you could just go out and find an Armenian babe in the bars or clubs. However, that's where sites like Hyesingles come in.

Hye Singles is an online dating website that caters to the Armenian dating community. You might be Armenian yourself or you might just have a thing for Hye beauties, but either way, Hyesingles might be exactly what you need in your life. We've reviewed this dating service for your convenience. Here's your ultimate HyeSingles review.

Hyesingles - What Is It?

For those not in the know, 'Hye' is the colloquial term for someone of Armenian descent. Therefore, add the word singles on the end and you've got the perfect name for an Armenian dating site. Hyesingles is exclusively designed for Armenian singles to meet like-minded people for fun, casual relationships and long-term engagements.

You'll be happy to know that Hye Singles is a genuine online dating site packed to the brim with Armenian women. The site comes from the World Singles Network who specialize in country and race-based dating sites, and they have a pretty stellar reputation in the online dating niche. So you can rest assured that you're in safe hands on Hyesingles.

First Impressions

If you asked an AI machine to create a dating site based on other dating sites, you'd end up with something like the Hye Singles homepage. It's your typical, basic design, with a gorgeous woman (not too slutty, not too unattainable) smiling at the camera. Then it has the basic information section to the right hand side. This is where you'll be promoted to input your details to create your free account.

Once you're inside, everything is atypical as ever. You'll see new members on the right hand side of the screen and you'll be given a sample of all the profiles on offer. These are all real users too (you can dig into their profiles and see everything for yourself). The layout is crisp and clean and you'll have no problem navigating even if you're using the site on mobile. Overall, good first impressions, if a little predictable.


Grid style searching

Hyesingles is a grid style dating site, which means you can browse through Hyesingles members at your leisure. While there is indeed a swipe game to help you match with other members, you'll spend the majority of your time on here scrolling through names and faces and scouring their profiles in full.

Free profile browsing

Along the same lines, even free members are able to look through other people's profiles without limits. Pictures, profile info, locations, everything. The only thing you can't do as a free member is send messages (more on this in the prices, costs & memberships section). You'll also be able to see when a user was last online so you know if they're active regularly.

Matchmaking feature

If you prefer the Tinder style of matching, Hyesingles has a swipe game so you can spend your evenings looking through faces. It works just like any other services in the same vein. Swipe right if you like someone, left if you don't. If you mutually match, you're both notified and a chat box is created between you both.

Basic search features

Hyesingles has a simple search function that can be utilized by free members (paid members get a more advanced version). You're able to search by user name, age, body type, distance from your location and sexual preferences. You can only search for people within your sexual parameters too (straight men can't see other men, etc).

Chat rooms

Hye Singles has a number of chat rooms to help connect with new members outside of the usual messaging system. There are only 8 different chat rooms available and they're all broken down by sexual topic. As of the time of writing, only premium members can use the chat rooms.

Personality tests

One of the more unique free features is the site's personality tests. These will help you get more accurate matches when you utilize the matchmaking feature. Be warned, these quizzes are super detailed and take around an hour to finish, so be sure you've put aside some time before you start the process.

Dating tips

Hyesingles fancies itself as something of an all-round dating service provider. Another interesting feature is the little dating tips section you'll find in the chatrooms. In here, dating experts will give you personalized advice on your situations. This feature is only available for paid members.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to make the most of this online dating site, you'll need to purchase a paid subscription known as 'Platinum Power.' Free members are able to create their Hyesingles account and browse profiles, but the Platinum membership offers the features you need to actually interact with these Hye singles. Here's what you'll get:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Adjust your online visibility
  • Advanced search filters
  • Remove ads

What does Hyesingles cost? A premium membership comes in three different options. Each option auto-renews at the end of their respective durations so be sure to cancel your account if you want to disable your membership for good. Here's what you can expect to pay to become a premium member:

  • 1 Month Platinum Power - $39.99
  • 3 Month Platinum Power - $89.97 ($29.99 per month)
  • 6 Month Platinum Power - $149.97 ($24.99 per month)


Great interface

The Hyesingles website is decently designed. The layout is fantastic and the elements all blend into each other really well. A great interface might not seem like a big deal, but it's a sign that the website creators have put effort into their platform. It also emphasizes the fact that it's a legit dating service.

Great search function

The search function on here is pretty damn impressive. Usually, you'll search by keyword and the site will match that exact keyword. But on Hye Singles, the site will search for similar terms to your original query (like Google does). Search results are sorted by order of relevance and closest people to your location.

Vast user base

Hye Singles has a substantial number of users so you'll really have no issue finding other singles on here. As of the time of writing, the website boasts 1.2 million registered users covering every age range (18-55), and according to the website's About page, it's made over 8 million connections during its time on the scene.

Photos required

Every profile needs two things before it's approved: an email account and photos. Without photos, your profile will be disabled until you upload some, and users must upload pictures of themselves. No placeholder pics, no photos of your dog. If it's not a picture of your face, your profile status will be set to inactive.

Multiple ways to connect

The Hyesingles experience is more than just the standard send message, review message, reply to message process that we've seen a million times before. The addition of chatrooms allows you to connect with other users in an environment where you might not expect to connect with someone. This often makes the best foundations for relationships.

Minimal fake profiles

For a site that's free to join, there are very few fake profiles here on Hyesingles. Of course, no dating website is free from fakes so you'll find a few on here, but not a whole lot of them. It's a testament to how hard the creators have worked to make Hyesingles as safe and legitimate as possible. As always, fakes are easy to spot with a little intuition.

Reputable name

Who owns Hyesingles? A company name World Singles Network. They're actually one of the top services in the world of dating sites with a number of platforms to their name. All of their other dating sites are considerable reputable and genuine, so it's safe to say that Hyesingles is along the same lines.

Versatile relationships

Hye Singles is a very versatile dating site, meaning every member is on the search for something different. Some users want to date, some are looking for their future husband, and some just want to get down and dirty with a random stranger. Whatever you're interested in, you'll find someone on hyesingles. com looking for it.


Not inclusive

Hye Singles has a very close dating community. However, it's for Armenian men and women only. If you don't look Armenian (or state in your profile that you're not Armenian), you'll get kicked out pretty quickly. This is particularly annoying, because some members might be half or quarter Armenian, or they might just be Armenian lovers.

No mobile app

Hye Singles doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, which is a little inconvenient. Most other World Singles dating sites have a mobile app dedicated to their platform, so perhaps Hye Singles is at the back of the queue. Certainly, this site isn't as busy as some other sites under the World Singles umbrella, but if it had an app, it might attract a few other members.


We can't lie that Hye Singles is a pretty expensive platform. The 1-month option is damn steep to say the least, and even the 6-month option isn't fantastic. Judging by data, most users opt for the 1-month option then progress to the 6-month deal once they know the site is legit. However, niche dating services tend to be on the pricey side.

Auto renew

When your subscription runs out, it will automatically renew for the same duration as your previous subscription. If you've opted for the 6 month membership, this can take a sizeable chunk out of your bank account unexpectedly, so be sure to manually cancel the service if you don't plan on renewing.

Annoying ads

The bane of every dating website. Advertisements. Most services rely on them for income, so we understand that they're necessary. However, Hye Singles really throws ads in your face to the point it becomes very distracting. It's not just little sidebar ads either. Full-page popups are a regular occurence, so expected to click on a few little x's during your time here.

No trial options

It's premium membership or nothing. Hye Singles doesn't offer a trial option so you can't sample this dating platform before committing to at least a one-month Platinum Membership. It's a little annoying, especially as Hye Singles is such a niche dating platform. Hyesingles offers discounts once a year or so, but you'd need impeccable timing to grab them.

Negative reviews

Other reviews haven't been as kind to Hye Singles as we have. Other reviews have pointed out a few of the same negatives as us, but they've also had a much different experience than ours since Hye Singles has undergone a lot of changes in recent times. It's possible this dating website used to be a dud but has since drastically improved.

Hyesingles - Best Site For Armenian Dating

Is Hyesingles legit? While it's a niche market, Hyesingles is one of the best dating sites for Armenian diaspora singles. It's got everything you could really need from a dating platform, including multiple ways to connect with people, fantastic useability and a massive user base to choose from. There's only a couple of downsides, but they're not massively intrusive.

Providing you're happy to swallow the relatively high costs, there's a lot to love about Hyesingles. You'll need to be Armenian to stand a chance (or you'll quickly get removed), but if you've got a little Armenian blood in you, we encourage you to try your luck on here. Overall, Hyesingles is a top dating site that'll get you results if you put the hours in.

We hope our Hyesingles review has given you some food for thought. Please check out our other dating website reviews too!

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