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HookUpIt - Legit Free Dating & Hookups Or Scam?

In this review, we're looking at a dating site known as HookUpIt. It's a new casual sex platform that claims to get results within a few hours of joining up. Does it work? Sound too good to be true? We're digging into this dating site to give you everything you need to know. Here's your HookUpIt review.

HookUpIt - What Is It?

HookUpIt claims to be the best dating site for endless, casual sex with local hotties. Of course, dating sites that make these kinds of claims never actually deliver what they say they're going to. HookUpIt is no different. As soon as you go through the HookUpIt account registration, you'll quickly realize that HookUpIt is nothing more than a fake chat scam site.

First Impressions

HookUpIt looks really, really good on first glance. It's designed very professionally and it hits all the hallmarks of a real casual dating site. The site's tagline, "don't waste your time," is painfully ironic since everything on here is designed to take your money, from the sign up page to the messages screen. It looks good, but the toxicity lies below the surface.


Register HookUpIt account

Register free for your HookUpIt account by filling in your required details. Age, location, email address and sexual preferences. Then you jump into the HookUpIt platform and see what this site is all about.

Swipe feature

HookUpIt uses a swipe feature to help you connect with other "members." There are no options to browse through users at your leisure. The only thing you'll be able to base your matches on is their profile picture.

Premium membership

If you want to send or reply to messages on here, you'll need a premium account. HookUpIt uses a subscription model and offers a choice of three membership options. Coupon codes are sometimes available to help get money off.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

HookUpIt offers three membership options. All premium membership options offer the same perks. The only thing that's different is the length of commitment. Here's how much each membership costs:

  • 1 Month - $39.99
  • 3 Month - $69.99
  • 12 Month - $129.99

As you can see, there's a massive jump between the 1 and 3 month plans and the 12 month one. That all but confirms that the site is a subscription rip off effort.


Decent design

HookUpIt is a dating site distinguished by a modern system. We can't deny that the landing page looks inviting, so we're not surprised the site lures in so many people. It looks good, but that's where the positives end.


Fake profiles

From the moment you set up your account, HookUpIt will bombard you with a ton of messages. Of course, these are disguised accesses normal chats, but it's clear to see that all of these apparently-horny women are just bots and fakes.

Negative reviews

It's not just us that's arrived at the conclusion that HookUpIt sucks. A million other reviews have said the same thing. Chances are that if everyone says that HookUpIt's a scam site, chances are it's true.

Fake chat scam

You won't find a sufficient data plan or any real people here on HookUpIt. There are no "exciting people" as the site claims to connect you with. The site just throws lies at you, from the taglines on the landing page to the empty promises in the 'About' section.


The 1 monthly and 3 monthly options are priced absolutely ridiculously. No dating site should be able to charge $40 a month short of a site that offers free handjobs. The 12 monthly option would be reasonable if the HookUpIt platform wasn't a subscription trap.

No app

Most casual dating sites that aren't complete scams have mobile apps. HookUpIt doesn't have one. This isn't a problem in itself because no one actually wants a HookUpIt app, but it just goes to show how little effort the creators have put into this platform.

Bad reputation

HookUpIt is owned by a company named Knowledge Gate. These folks don't have the best reputation in the world, and they're actually the owners a huge number of similar scammy platforms.

Hard to cancel

When you HookUpIt account register free, you're signing a contract in blood. Cancelling your account is close to impossible because you have to dig into a million screens to find the cancel option. There's also no phone number provided for customer support.

Alternative Online Dating Websites


One of the best dating sites on the scene today, FDating is a completely free dating site full of immerse features, chat rooms, and fun-filled people. There's absolutely no cost on FDating, and you will genuinely meet exciting people and eager women on here. Man, woman, trans, whatever - you'll love FDating.


If you google sex chat rooms, LewdChat will be near the top of the search results. This isn't a dating website as such, but with so many local chat rooms you'll have no trouble meeting users in your home town. Better yet, it's a completely free website, so make the most of it.

Juicy Dates

Juicy Dates is one of those sites that walks the line between smutty and classy. As the name suggests, this is a place for hot dates with local women, and even though it's not entirely free, it's worth the price of admission. You'll get great interest from nearby hotties on here, so head over to the page and hit the register button to make magic happen.

Real Dates Now

Real Dates Now sounds like another scam website but it's actually a fantastic new platform full of real people, incredible features and immersive sex chat rooms. Try it out for free and don't be surprised if you find your perfect match on here.

HookUpIt - Avoid This Subscription Scam

Our test dating websites search has found that HookUpIt is an insufficient dating website full of fake profiles and bots. There are almost zero real users on this site, so it's safe to conclude that HookUpIt is nothing more than a subscription rip off site. Avoid this dating site and go elsewhere.

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