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Hislut Review - Meet Real Sluts On Hislut.com Or Is It A Scam?

Just when you think we've reviewed them all, another one comes along. Today, we're looking at a new dating site by the name of HiSlut (as in "hi, slut!"), a platform that specializes in discreet hookups and casual sex. Does it actually get results, or is it another scam site posing as a dating site? Here's your best HiSlut review.

HiSlut- What Is It?

HiSlut is a casual dating site in the same vein as Tinder and POF, only a much more stripped-down version. It's very simple and streamlined, and the connotations with sex are apparent just from the name. However, any website that promotes sex so explicitly, especially with words like slut, fuck or sex in the name are usually a little sketchy.

First Impressions

As we were saying, HiSlut pushes sex so explicitly that it's almost a distraction. The home page has photographs of topless women and uses sexual language not dissimilar from a horny teenager. Obviously, plenty of dating sites use erotic pictures for marketing purposes, but we've never seen one quite so forward as HiSlut.

You'll need to create a free account to do anything on the site, which involves filling out a short and unsurprisingly-annoying questionnaire. Then you'll head into the main pages, also filled with erotic pictures, but the biggest red flag is that half of them have obviously been stolen off the Internet. At first glances, HiSlut looks like nothing more than a money grab.



Register as a new user, input your basic information and sign your life away. You'll need to read through some terms and conditions and agree to them, then you're free to start looking through profiles.


As a standard user, you can look through a limited number of profiles per day. If you want unlimited access, you'll need to purchase a premium account (more on that in the next section).


You'll need to opt for the premium experience if you want to message anyone on the site. Until you do, you won't get much usage out HiSlut. Quick note: you can glance through profiles but you can't match or message.


There's a swipe system available to scroll through members ala Tinder. Just set your preferences (location, gender, etc), then play the swipe game. Matches are usually set out in order of proximity.

Video links

There's a video section of the website (although it redirects to a different site entirely). There's no charge for this and you don't need to log on or anything. While we hate to admit it, this section is quite good.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

HiSlut only has one membership option and it's almost offensively high. To become a premium member and thus have access to unlimited messaging, you'll need to pay a whopping $49.90 per month and commit to three months of membership at a time. This makes HiSlut one of the most expensive dating sites of all time.


Porn videos

This is really the only positive. When you click the 'video' link, you'll be redirected to another site which hosts a ton of porn content. You don't need to sign up or anything here either. It's just a ton of admittedly-decent pornography.


Mostly fakes

As we're sure you'll understand, every dating site gets its share of fakers. The older a site is, the more fakes it has. However, even though HiSlut is quite new, it still has scam members in abundance.

Annoying "prompts"

Every few minutes, the site will provide an annoying popup that prompts you to upgrade your account. For example, it'll say "do you want instant sex now? Don't answer... just sign up today." More proof that HiSlut is a money grab.

Ridiculously expensive

Based on competitor sites, HiSlut's pricing is completely ludicrous. $49.90 per month is an insane price point, but this simply helps people realize that the site is a total waste of time. Don't comply. Avoid at all costs.

HiSlut - Is It Worth It?

No. There are no real members and thus no chance of actually getting laid on here. Feel free to visit the site so you know exactly what a bona fide scam site looks like, just don't sign up because it's a waste of time. You'll spend a long time looking for real members and you'll always come away disappointed.

We hope our HiSlut review has helped you, and if you're looking for a dating site that actually works, just check out any of the positive reviews on our site. There are plenty of places to help you meet real women, and HiSlut isn't one of them.

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