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Find A Gay Hookup Tonight? Try These Apps To Meet Local Men.

The gay community is overflowing with sex-obsessed single men in every town and city in the world, which is why there are so many gay dating sites to choose from in the modern age. Gay men tend to be a lot more promiscuous than their straight counterparts, which is why gay hookup websites can offer a constant stream of sex partners - providing you look in the right place.

That means you need to find the gay fuck site that's right for you. Every dating site comes with their own pros and cons, and none are perfect, but some are better suited for your needs than others. In this article, we've put together your ultimate list of gay dating sites and gay chat rooms for your pleasure.

Why Choose Gay Hookup Sites

What's so great about gay hookup apps? Well, the answer is simple. A lot of men just want easy casual sex without having to put the effort in, and gay dating apps offer that in abundance. When you meet other gay guys on sites like the ones below, your intentions are clear right from the off. You're not here for small talk, you're here to jump straight into bed.

When you begin chatting with gay singles, it's already implied that you're not looking for expensive dinner dates, romantic connections and soft kisses under Paris streetlamps. Everyone's aware that everyone else just wants gay sex and nothing more, and that's what makes gay apps so appealing to the vast majority of cock-hunting guys.

Will Mainstream Dating Apps Find Gay Hookups?

If you're craving easy gay sex, you're first thought might be to hit up a casual dating platform like Tinder, OKCupid, Match or eHarmony. Now, we should mention these are all great online dating platforms that facilitate thousands of meetups every single day, but the truth is that they're not ideal for a discreet gay hookup. Far from it.

The main reason is that these kinds of apps are dominated by straight folk. You might find a gay person if you're lucky, but there's really no reason to bother when there are so many more suitable platforms out there. If you want endless local gay hookups, you need to find platforms that specialize in exactly that, and we've put together an extensive list in the next section.

The Best Gay Hookup Sites

Which gay dating site is right for you? Do you want young guys, old guys, bearded alphas, smooth-chested twinks? Fear not, because there's a gay hookup up site waiting out there for you. We've covered a versatile range of apps so there's something for everyone. Not every site on here is completely free, but we've only chosen the highest quality.


Men4SexNow is a completely free gay hookup app with a massive worldwide user base, and when we say it's free, we mean it. There are no costs to incur on Men4SexNow at all, which is pretty rare for a modern dating website. Usually, most websites try and take a little money from you in some form or another, but Men4SexNow is free from top to bottom.

What separates Men4sexNow from other gay hookup apps is that there's a vast choice of relationship styles on offer here. As well as endless hookup opportunities, you'll find a lot of men looking for something a little more substantial; fuck buddy relationships, friends with benefits, even threesome-seekers looking for an additional bedroom partner.


If there's one gay dating website that towers above the rest, it's AssPig. It's the hidden gem of the online gay dating world and it could easily be the best dating app of all time. AssPig is a hookup app with a difference because it focuses solely on one element of gay sex: fisting. If you're into giving or receiving entire hands up your backside, AssPig is the place to be.

AssPig has a very aggressive approach, but also a very classy one. It's difficult to describe, but the AssPig website exudes eroticism and masculinity in a way other gay hookups apps don't. The site is run entirely by a lone fisting enthusiast who dedicates his entire life to getting gay people the sexual release they need. Overall, AssPig is a great gay hookup site.


"Where the real bears are!" is Bear411's tagline, and it's very much true. Bear411 is a gay dating site dedicated entirely to bears (for the non-initiated, bears are men with large, cuddly figures, and they're usually hairy to boot). Fat bears, muscle bears, leather bears, lovable bears. This gay hookup website helps these larger gay men find one another.

Bear411 looks super amateur, but often you'll find these user-driven sites are much better for gay singles than the professional platforms. Bear411 delivers on its promises, boasting a US-wide user base, easy messaging features and social media functions to help connect with like-minded gay guys. And thanks to the great moderation, fake profiles are minimal.


MenNation is a top gay hookup app that's actually an extension of the gay community on Adult Friend Finder. Basically, the profiles of any men who've expressed an interest in hooking up with other men through Adult Friend Finder are then transposed onto MenNation. The site is basically a condensed version of AFF but with no women in sight.

The site retains all of the features that AFF users have come to know and love, including chat room functions, video chat features, forums and simple messaging. While it's not a completely new dating app (as in, you'll find the same gay users by using Adult Friend Finder directly), it's still a convenient, unique gay dating app that's worth checking out.


We said we wouldn't mention mainstream hookup sites, but we can't talk about the best gay hookup apps without talking about Grindr. The place is synonymous with one night stands, and the Grindr app is actually one of the most downloaded datings apps in the history of the dating apps. That's a pretty impressive feat considering the competition out there.

Unlike a lot of modern dating apps, Grindr doesn't use a swipe based system to match users together. It's a grid style app that lets you browse anonymously, message other users at your leisure and post gay personals. Better still, it's a totally free gay platform so you don't have to worry about your wallet.


Hornet is more than just a gay singles site, it's an entire community of people looking for same sex relationships. There are a ton of sexual preferences represented here, including bi guys, trans guys and of course, thousands of local gay men to chat with. With a user base of 5 million plus members, Horney is fast becoming a powerhouse in the online dating world.

You'll find hookup opportunities, but Hornet also works as a regular online dating site too. Even if you want a connection than runs deeper than your genitals colliding, Hornet offers that opportunity. You'll find just as many people in this LGBTQ community looking for serious relationships as you will casual hookups.


Adam4Adam is a popular gay dating service that's been around for almost 20 years now. In that time, this hookup site has endured controversy after controversy, but that hasn't stopped it remaining one of the best gay dating apps in the scene today. It's one of the first places gay men flock to if they're interesting in indulging their sexual desires.

It's 100% free to use and offers a multitude of ways to connect with other users. The high levels of moderation ensure a lack of fake profiles so you can ensure you're always talking to real men. It's also got sections for user-uploaded media, erotic stories, blog posts and a host of chat rooms.


Scruff is one of the more popular gay social networks, bringing together two distinct types of men. As the name suggests, Scruff attracts the bearded, muscular, masculine kinds of gay men who can then connect with more submissive guys. The site is second to only Grindr in terms of popularity amongst the gay community.

Many people consider Scruff to be the best gay hookup site around today due to its vast features, free access and its focus on more varied relationships. While free members are able to find a hookup with ease, just as many users are hunting for a serious relationship. Therefore, it attracts a wider-ranging audience, allowing for more versaility and relationship options.

The Best Gay Chat Rooms

In the past few years, we've seen a resurgence of chat sites, and these chat sites fit right in amongst modern adult niches. If you want to meet a like-minded gay guy for fun, whether it's IRL sex or just virtual fun, chat room sites offer some fantastic interative features to make it happen. So, we've put together a list of sites you'll love.

B Gay Chat

BGay Chat is a popular hub for gay and bisexual guys to meet like-minded men in a relaxed virtual setting. The site boasts hundreds of gay-oriented chatrooms, from gay teen chat to hairy daddy chat to twink discussions and many other rooms. It's a place for gays to meet their next sexting partner, and every single room is free to enjoy.

The fact that there are rooms dedicated to local areas is also a major plus, especially when it comes to hooking up. This ensures you'll be chatting to people within travelling distance, so a discreet fuck remains a constant possibility. For quality connections, dirty sex chat and no paid membership requirement, B Gay Chat is a top gay app.

321 Sex Chat

321 Sex Chat isn't strictly a gay chat site since it covers a wide range of sexual topics and preferences, but it's one of the best chat room sites for good reason. For purely sex-based discussions, 321 Sex Chat is the place to come, whether you're a gay man, straight man or any other identification.

The site offers private and group chats with other members all for the cost of absolutely nothing. There are around 2,000 active users in every single room at any one time, and 321 Sex Chat offers a LOT of different rooms. From general gay discussion to more niche sexual acts, you'll find a room that suits your needs without issue.

Chat Avenue

Like 321 Sex Chat, Chat Avenue doesn't exclusively cater to gay guys. In fact, it's not even a sex site. Chat Avenue is a standard chat site that covers a wide range of topics, from mainstream entertainment to niche hobbies and everything in between. And of course, it covers sexual discussions too.

What makes Chat Avenue a better place for gay talk than some random popular dating site? Well, strangely, Chat Avenue tends to attract the kind of reserved guys that don't spend their lives on other gay apps. The users here tend to be a little shier than their extroverted counterparts, and a lot of gay men find this quite appealing.


MeetInChat is a one-stop hub boasting literally thousands of adult chatrooms. Everything on here is broken down into categories so you can find random chat mates with minimal effort. Search by location, sexual orientation, sexual interest or fetish interest, and there are a number of gay-based discussion rooms available too.

For such a new site on the adult chatroom scene, MeetInChat gets everything absolutely spot on. It has some amazing features, even though they're quite minimal. But if you want to get down to some dirty talk with filthy gays all over the world, this is the new adult chatroom site to hit up. Steamy voice chats, hot pictures, a different gay themed topic in every room.

Planet Romeo

Planet Romeo fancies itself as the original and best popular hookup site for alternative sexual orientations. It might very well be right, since the platform was originally founded as GayRomeo all the way back in 2002 and has remained a powerhouse in the gay casual encounters niche ever since.

The site's tagline is "gay dating that goes deeper," and we very much appreciate the double meaning. It's main function is endless chatrooms based around different sexual topics, and it's a place to find long term relationships as well as easy casual hookups. It's really got everything a promiscuous gay guy could want, which is why it remains one of the best gay apps around.

Only Lads

Only Lads is something of a social networking app. It combines dating app aesthetics with regular chat functions to help you connect with like minded people who share your penchant for a particular type of sex. Like other dating sites, Only Lads requires free registration and profile creation, but the only way to meet people is through chatrooms, not direct messages.

No swiping. No matchmaking services. Just simplistic, free features that throw you into a world of multiple horny gays at once. You'll first start by joining one of the public rooms available, then you'll be able to private message individual users from here. For no strings attached relationships, Only Lads can deliver.

Gay Chatroulette

Gay Chatroulette is a little different to the other gay apps on here because it's not just a text chat site. It's a cam-2-cam site. You probably know how the original Chatroulette works by now. You turn on your webcam, spin the wheel and connect with a random stranger somewhere in the world. It's as simple as that.

Obviously, the hidden emphasis is on sex chatting, although Chatroulette doesn't imply that specifically. Gay Chatroulette is a subset of the original cam site, exclusively catering to guys. No girls allowed on here. If the AI software even catches glimpse of a female they'll be kicked to the curb instantly, so you can rest assured the gender ratio is always 1:0.


Gaypage has it all. Text chat, video chat and live webcams of gorgeous jocks showing off their incredible physiques. If you're a gay man, Gaypage is nothing short of a sexual heaven. Most users flock here because of the fantastic chatrooms though, all of which are loaded with sex-seeking men looking for their next fuck partner.

Once you create your free account, you're free to explore this site in full without any need for payment. You can also link your dating profile to certain social media accounts so that these users can find you outside of the platform too. For casual fun without breaking your bank, Gaypage offers a safe space for gay, bi and trans men from all over the world.

Find Your Next Gay Hookup Right Here

We guarantee that you'll find the perfect gay app for you somewhere on this list. Whether you want to dive right into a dating site or maintain a little anonymity through chat sites, we're here to help world men connect with their perfect match for virtual and in-person and fun. We hope our list of gay hookup apps helps you find a place that works for you.

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