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Fuckbook App - Find A Fuck Buddy For Free?

There's a reason why there are so many adult dating sites on the scene today, and that's because they make finding no-strings attached sex easier than ever before. Thanks to sites like Fuckbook, horny guys and girls no longer have to play the dating game, and instead they can just log on, start chatting and connect with local fuck buddies in a matter of minutes.

Today, we're going to deep dive into Fuckbook to see what it's all about. Is it a casual sex paradise? Will you actually get laid here? And more importantly, how does it compare to other adult dating sites on the scene? Fear not, because we've got everyting you need to know about this long-standing online dating platform. Here's your ultimate Fuckbook review.

Fuckbook - What Is It?

Fuckbook has been one of the go-to online dating sites for quite a while now. As the name suggests, this isn't a place to meet your future husband or wife, it's a place where you come to get your sexual kicks and not much else. The people on Fuckbook just want to fuck tonight, no strings attached, no questions asked. It's the virtual equivalent of a seedy nightclub, packed to the brim with pleasure-seeking hedonists.

We'll answer the important question right away: Fuckbook is a genuine dating website. With a name like this, you might expect it to be Scam City, preying on the vulnerability and desperation of overly-horny singles. However, this isn't the case at all. There are genuine local girls and boys on here all on the hunt for a good time. As far as hookup sites go, Fuckbook is one of the best and most reliable.

First Impressions

If we're being honest, the Fuckbook site looks... suspicous. It's got all the trappings of a subscription trap, including overly sexual language and a woman that's too hot to be using dating sites as the promo picture. Despite this, the site is designed reasonably well, with a neon pink color scheme and decent composition that gives off an air of professionalism. It's a mix of sketchy and genuine, but it's what's below the surface that matters.

Sign up, create your free Fuckbook account and then you'll be able to browse the site without restrictions. Amazingly, all the features here are completely free to use. You can browse profiles in full, send messages and utilize the chat rooms all without paying a penny. At first, it seems too good to be true, but on closer inspection you'll find it's totally legit. Even better, the members on here look like real people too - nary a fake user in sight.


Free browsing

Fuckbook allows users to consume everything the site has to offer. As soon as you create your account, you're able to look through other users in full, including their entire photo libraries and their full profile bios. Very few casual sex sites of the modern era offer this function as they usually use it as leverage to make you purchase a paid account.

And if that wasn't reason enough to check this site out, Fuckbook also has a number of chatrooms available. At one point, the site had around 50 rooms available, but they've since reduced this number down to a manageable 14. The only downside is that these rooms are broken down by sexual topic rather than local area.

Free messaging(!)

This is the feature that actually attracts users to the platform. Fuckbook allows free messaging between users. No premium acount required. No credits system. If you see a user that catches your eye, just hit the 'send a message' tab and you can contact them immediately. You don't have to waste time signing up or handing over your credit card details.

It's rare to find a site that offers free messaging, since this is the backbone to any dating site. Most fuckbook apps tend to lure you in with the promise of easy connections then hit you with the bill. Fuckbook, it seems, is happy to offer all of the fundamentals for the cost of nothing at all.

Swipe feature

Fuckbook offers multiple ways to connect with your potential sex partner for the night. As well as being able to browse through women freely, you can also utilize the Tinder-esque matchmaking system if you're happy to base your choises on physical appearances. Like other online dating platforms, the system works the same way.

Swipe right if you like someone. Swipe left if you don't want to see them again. Give the huge number of users on here, you'll rarely find the same user twice. If you mutually match with another user, a conversation box will open up between you both. You can find the same users browsing the site regularly, but the swipe feature add a little fun to the proceedings.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

You can use all of the basic Fuck features for free. Users are able to create their own profiles, scour other people's profiles, send messages and use the chat rooms without having to upgrade their membership. Really, this is more than enough to get the most out of the site, but Fuckbook does offer a premium membership for users who'd like to stand out from the crowd. As a premium member, you'll receive the following perks:

  • No ads
  • Highlighted profile in search results
  • Priorotized placement in messages
  • Access to exclusive chat rooms

Not amazing perks by any means, but useful if you want a little leg up from the competition. There are only two paid options available. Here's what they cost:

  • Monthly - $29.95 (Billed $29.95 every 30 days)
  • Quarterly - $14.95 (Billed $44.85 every 90 days)


Free membership

As you might expect, most people don't come to dating apps for gimmicky features and chatrooms. They come to fuck, and they want to do it without spending money. The fact that Fuck Book allows its users to browse freely and contact without requiring a premium account goes a long way to explaining why this site is so popular.

All the fun without the price tag. The site makes its money through ad revenue and the select few people who do opt for the premium account (although more people do this than we anticipated - to the tune of around 100,000 members). Everything is free and nothing is off limits. What more could you ask from a sex site?

Worldwide user base

Fuck Book has users all over the world, not just the US and Canada. It doesn't matter if you're based in Europe, Asia, South America or any other corner of the universe, chances are you'll find new friends and potential fuck buddies on this fuck app. The search option lets you scour users by location so you can quickly find people in your area.

Users come from a wide age range, covering all races, ethnicities, body types and sexual desires. Fuckbook is also a very inclusive platform, offering a safe enviroment for trans and alternative lifestylers to find partners to connect with. Everyone is welcome on this platform (LGBTQ, trans, swingers, fetish lovers, even couples).

Social network

Fuckbook is the closest thing you'll find to a sex-version of Facebook. Not only does it function like any other dating website, but it also offers an interactive online experience that lets you connect with other users like any social media platform would. Users can post things to their 'wall' and other members can join in.

Along the same lines, users can send and receive friend requests, add other users to their friends list and get involved in the wide number of chatrooms available. These little social media elements really help to bond with like minded people without having to rely on the basic direct messaging system.

Relationship versatility

What kind of hookup are you looking for? Regular casual encounters? A stable fuck buddy? Maybe you don't care and you just want to fuck tonight. Fuckbook offers a wide range of options when it comes to hooking up as the vast user base helps ensures there's always something different on offer.

You'll even find kinky bastards looking for some non-vanilla hookups too if that's your thing. The only thing you won't really find on here is relationship-seekers. Very few of these men and women want something long term (as we wouldn't expect these kinds of women to flock to a site called Fuckbook), so don't expect to find your future wife on here.

Mobile app

If you want to use Fuckbook on the move, users can download the free Fuckbook app for their phones. This fuck app mimics the browser site in very way and includes all of the same features, and it includes a user friendly interface that makes it easy to utilize everything the app has to offer.

Unfortunately, the Fuck Book app isn't available through the Google play store due to the site not conforming to the store's terms and conditions (can't have an app with the word 'fuck' in the name). However, you can download the free Fuckbook app from the official Fuckbook website.

Excellent reviews

It's not just us who think that Fuckbook is a fantastic website. There are plenty of positive Fuck Book reviews out there on the Internet and they all say the same thing as us. Fantastic service, excellent choice of girls, adults of every age, great features and very easy on the wallet.

There are some gripes with the site of course. No sex site is perfect, but Fuckbook offsets its downsides with plenty of incredible positives. If you're interested in hearing other opinions, feel free to Google Fuckbook reviews just to prove we're not lying!


Looks sleazy

We're not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but Fuckbook looks super cheap. Some pages are designed really well (landing page, account overview, messages screen), but the general feel of the website is super amateur. It reminds us a lot of AdultWork which, while a fantastic site, looks like it's straight out of a late 90s graphic design class.

With that said, Fuck Book runs like a dream, even though it looks terrible. Perhaps because the website is so stripped down it runs so smoothly, but as long as all the features work perfectly, who cares what it looks like?

Some fakes

As with any free sex website, a few fake members are going to slip through the cracks. Fuckbook is no different, and the chances of you running into a few fake "women" on here is almost 100%. But of course, they're always easy to spot providing you keep your wits about you.

Fake members tend to be a little TOO forward. For example, a real woman isn't going to message you a video of her naked body immediately, but that's exactly what these fake women do. If they send you unsolicited pictures as a first message, or send you some sketchy links, chances are that girl ain't real.

Useless premium subscription

Fuckbook - Get Laid On This Dating Site

Fuckbook is an excellent place to find casual sex, fuck buddies, one night stands and all manner of discreet sexual gratification. Not only is it a fully functioning dating site, but it's also an immersive social sex network that'll help you connect with new members in meaningful and gratifying ways. The addition of these social media elements help make Fuckbook an all-rounded community rather than just another disposable dating site.

If you put the hours in here, you WILL find sex tonight. It might not happen instantly, but it will come eventually. Like most dating platforms, the effort you put in will be rewarded, and luckily Fuckbook offers a number of ways to meet people rather than simple direct messaging. If you want to add a little excitement to your sex life, you can do a lot worse than Fuckbook. Sign up today and begin your personal sexual adventure today.

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