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Want A Fuck Buddy? How To Meet And Fuck Tonight For Free.

The era of dating is over. In a world of instant gratification, people just want sex without the hassles that come along with it. No longer can people be bothered to endure expensive dates and boring getting-to-know-you talk before finally jumping into bed. That's why more and more people are choosing fuck buddies instead.

But how exactly do you find local fuck buddies? The idea of having a casual sex partner sounds great, but how do you actually make it happen? Well don't worry, because we've put together an extensive fuck buddy guide for you. We're going to tell how to find your next local fuck buddy and more importantly, how to keep them. Here's how to meet and fuck tonight for free.

Why Fuck Buddies Are Great

Before we dive in, we're going to help you decide whether a pure-sex buddy works for you. The truth is that fuck buddy relationships take a little work, and they don't always gel well with certain personalities and lifestyles. Basically, it comes down to this: you should only engage in a fuck buddy arrangement if you're able to separate the physical from the emotional.

If you can do that, you'll find a fuck buddy will really rev up your sex life. Fuck buddies offers plenty of advantages over regular relationships, including emotionless sex, a lack of commitment, immense sexual gratification and the opportunity to explore your sexual limits without fear of judgement.

Finding A Fuck Buddy

So, how do you actually find new fuck buddies? Well, there are a few ways to make it happen, but it all comes down to one thing: putting yourself out there. You're not going to find fuck friends by sitting around at home, so you need to advertise yourself to these potential sex partners. Here are the best ways to do exactly that.

Use A Free Fuck Site

Perhaps the easiest to find your next casual sex partner is to use fuck buddy sites. Call them what you like; online dating sites, hookup sites, fuck apps - they all do the same thing, and that's connect you with hot girls from around the world. In this section, we're going to look at the best fuck sites to help you find your new fuckbuddy.


With millions of active users, all of whom are only hunting for sex, Fuckbook might be the best free fuck app in the dating niche today. It's a completely free hookup site that doesn't bog itself down with unnecessary features, it's a pure sex site that helps its active userbase find local hookups without any hassle. It's one of the most popular dating sites for good reason.


No costs, no premium accounts - just sex. If you want a completely free dating site, FDating should be your hookup app of choice. This platform prides itself on being 100% free, from browsing profiles to sending messages and everything in between. And with over 200,000 worldwide users, your chances of finding local girls in your area are pretty high.

Slutty Hour

Slutty Hour is something of an all-encompassing fuck app. There's a strong community sense on this dating app, and as well as hookup features, you'll find a ton of user-uploaded adult material. As you'll tell by the name, Slutty Hour tends to attract the kind of women who are just looking for no strings sex, so don't expect to find your future wife on here.

Ashley Madison

A different type of hookup site, Ashley Madison specializes in affairs. Whether you want side dick or a side chick, you'll find plenty of fuckbuddy members on Ashley Madison willing to cheat on their spouses. Naturally, this means you and your potential fuckbuddy are already on the same page since you both only want something casual.

Dating Profile Tips

Creating a free profile on a dating site can seem like a daunting task. Not every guy understands what makes a good profile, so we've put together a few tips for you to keep in mind.

First impressions

When you play the dating game, first impressions are everything. First impressions are the difference between her sending a message or her deciding to contact someone else. Put your best pictures up, write a bio that grabs her attention (and isn't boring), and make yourself appear like someone worth knowing.

Be honest, but not too honest

If you write "I'm just looking for friends with benefits" in your bio, chances are not one woman is gonna message you. You need to word things more discreetly, like "looking for something casual, maybe more with the right person." Even if you're NOT looking for something more, a little white lie like this will greatly increase your message receipt rate.

Message everyone

Hooking up is a numbers game. It always has been. If you contact a thousand women, chances are at least one girl will reply to you. Using a hookup app with free messaging capabilities gives you the opportunity to contact countless horny women at once, thus greatly increasing your odds of finding a local fuck buddy.

Get Social

Sure, hookup sites have their benefits, but sometimes it's a good idea to get out there and hunt pussy in the real world. Not every cock-hungry girl uses platforms like Fuckbook or Ashley Madison, so you might need to get out there amongst the rabble.

Hit the clubs

We can't underestimate the value that bars and clubs have on the sex scene. The truth is that right now, thousands of women are hitting the dancefloor at clubs in your local area with the intention of finding some easy no strings attached dick for the night. You just need to be in the right place at the right time to grab it.

Fuck through Facebook

A different kind of social. Social media this time. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fantastic for finding guys and girls to get casual with. The main reason? Everyone is on social media. Providing you know a person's name, you can probably find them on some form of online platform.

Text your ex

Is your ex still single? Are you on good terms with them? Then there's nothing wrong with hitting them up for a chance at some easy pussy. Just be clear with them; you just want sex, you're not looking to get back together. There's a chance your ex girl is in the same boat, and if your sex was good, there's not many reasons for her to say no.

Fuck Buddy Handbook

So you've landed yourself a fuck buddy relationship. Now the question is, how do you ensure you're a good fuck partner? It's not just about being good in bed, it's also about how you conduct yourself. Here's your fuck buddy handbook.

Purely casual sex

You need to keep this in mind at all times. You're not her boyfriend, or even her friend, you're just the person who fucks her whenever she's in the mood. Don't go into a fuckbudy relationship expecting you and your fucking partner to catch feelings for one another eventually. It's rare that two persons engage in casual sex progresses to anything more.

Set the rules

Before you begin, consider laying some groundrules. Are sleepovers off limits? What about dinner dates? Maybe you both have a mutual fondness for comedy films, but should you go to the cinema together? These little things might seem awkward to discuss at first, but it's important you both know where you stand.

Be flexible

There will be times when she can't make a hookup and vice versa. Since your relationship is based purely on casual sex, you can't expect your fuck buddy to be at your beck and call whenever you've got the horn. Life will often get in the way of your arrangements, and when this happens, it's important to roll with it.

Honesty is important

If you hide your true intentions, you're setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Are you going to see other people? Are you concerned she might be seeing someone else? If so, voice your concerns. You ned to know these things for your own wellbeing and your sexual health. Your fuck buddy will also respect you more if you're openly honest.

Find Your Next Fuck Buddy Here

If you follow our fuck buddy guide, we guarantee you'll be on your way to a world of casual encounters in no time at all. Then you'll be able to reap all the benefits of a fuckbuddy arrangement without the pitfalls that come with regular relationships. No expensive dinners, no morning-after texts. Just pure casual sex each and every time you meet up.

Just be sure to keep our tips in mind for when you do finally bag that friends with benefits relationship. Finding it is one thing, keeping it is another. However, if you play by the rules, you'll have no problem finding that person to enjoy some no-strings fun with. Good luck, and remember to put yourself out there. No one got laid by sitting around doing nothing!

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