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FreeChatNow - Chat With Random Strangers & Similar Sites

What's the best way to meet strangers through the Internet these days? Dating sites? Hookup apps? Escort sites? No. The answer is chatrooms. In the past few years, the world has become obsessed with sexting, cyber-sexing and exchanging filthy pictures, and chatrooms allow people to do this with complete strangers from all over the world.

In this article, we're reviewing a site called FreeChatNow. It's a fast-growing free chat site with a number of available rooms all based around different sexual topics. How does the site work? Will it help get your fix of virtual fun? We've dug deep to give you the info. Here's your detailed FreeChatNow review.

FreeChatNow - What Is It?

FreeChatNow is a collection of chat rooms that all cover a variety of sexual topics and preferences. The site boasts 11 different rooms, offering free access to each one without the need for sign up or registration. FreeChatNow is a very stripped down place for chat sessions, keeping features minimalistic and streamlined.

We'll tell you right away that this platform is a genuine free chat site. No sketchiness, no scammy users. It's a collection of legit public chat rooms featuring real men and women from all over the world. You can dive in right now and start chatting with like-minded people who share your penchant for a particular sexual niche.

First Impressions

The FreeChatNow website is a very simplistic, text-heavy website that's definitely been designed by a team of professionals. It's got a striking blue and orange color scheme and the design elements work together really well. It gives off an aura of professionalism which lets potential users know that this isn't some shady advertisement site.

From the homepage, just select your desired chat room from the list and you can dive right in. Registering is optional, or you can just type in a username and get going immediately. There are 11 chat rooms to choose from (more on that in the Features section). It's not the biggest choice, but it's sometimes better to keep things on the shorter side save spreading your userbase too thin.


Free to register

You don't have to register to start chatting, but there are some benefits to doing so. Registering ensures no one else can steal your username, and it also gives you the option to input a dew personal details in your profile. Of course, many people prefer to avoid this since chat rooms favor anonymity anyway.

Non-registration entry

Unlike a lot of instant messaging apps, you can group chat on FreeChatNow without the need to register. Just put in a username, click 'Start Chatting' and jump right into the action. There are no differences between registration and non-registration features. The only difference is that non-registered users can't hold onto their username or fill out their profile.

Free chat rooms

FreeChatNow offers 11 totally free chat rooms, each one dealing with a different sexual topic. FreeChatNow's room are: Adult Chat, Sex Chat, Singles Chat, Lesbian Chat, Gay Chat, Cam Chat, Roleplay Chat, Video Chat, Porn Chat, Kink Chat and Mobile Chat. On average, these rooms get around 1,000 active chatters at any given time.

Media swapping

As well as text chatting, FreeChatNow offers some other fun elements, including the ability to swap pictures, videos and gifs. These can be shared in public rooms as well as private intercourse chats, although exchanging pictures and videos in the public sections are often frowned upon by the moderators because it clogs up the chat screen.

Mobile app

FreeChatNow has a mobile chat function so users can chat on the move. The site is optimized perfectly for mobile devices and isn't just limited to basic text chatting. Through the mobile site you can send pictures and videos and utilize the video chat function. FreeChatNow is available through the iOS and Google Play stores for iPhone or Android devices.

Voice chatting

Audio messaging is another one of FreeChatNow's useful features. As well as text chat with strangers, you can invoke some unique conversations by sending your chat partner a steamy voice message through the FreeChatNow platform. While they're not for everyone, they're ideal if you want to take your sexy conversation to the next level.

Video chatting

Perhaps Free Chat Now's most appealing feature is the video chat function. Very other other sites in this niche offer this function because most current technology in basic chat rooms doesn't allow for it. Unlike cam websites, free chat sites don't have the capacity to host such forms of online communication, but FreeChatNow has gone all out with their streamlined software.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

There are no costs to endure on Free Chat Now. Everything is totally free, from signing up to group messaging to utilizing the voice and video chat functions. It costs absolutely nothing, allowing you to easily access whatever you like without having to worry about the site siphoning money from your bank account.

The only payment option is for site donations. Since there are no subscription options, Free Chat Now gets their revenue through two sources: ads and donations. They accept donations via debit card, credit card or PayPal. All amounts are welcome as it all goes towards keeping the site running.


Great website

Whether you use the site on your desktop or mobile phone, the Free Chat Now website is incredibly well-designed. Since sites like FreeChatNow are constantly active, the platform needs to be durable and stable to handle the endless stream of traffic. Every chat room on here is crisp, smooth and fast.

Diverse rooms

There's a chat room for pretty much every sexual preference available, whether you're into men, women, trans people or fetish fun. You can enjoy live chat with thousands of people who share your penchants. While there's only 11 chatrooms available, it ensures that there's a good collection of random people in a room at any given time.

Purely sex based

With a name like Free Chat Now, you don't really get a sense of horniness. Fortunately, it's not an issue, as the site only seems to attract people looking for sexy, virtual fun. Even with the colorless name, Free Chat Now is still near the top of the list when Googling 'sex chat rooms,' which we assume is how so many users find this place.

Completely free

Adult sites throw around the term 'free' like it's going out of fashion. Most sites that do this tend to lure you in with the promise of free features and then hit you with the bill once you're nice and hard. FreeChatNow doesn't do this. It promises you free chat and it actually delivers.

Video chat

The site's video chat function is absolutely fantastic for one-on-one chats in visual real time. You won't face any lags when using the mobile chat feature and the site performance depends on your website's internet connection, so providing you're stable, you won't suffer a delay in response times during video calls.


Different rules

Every chat room has different rules to abide by. For example, some rooms encourage the sharing of pictures in the public section, while others forbid it entirely. Before you enter each room, there's a long list of rules to check out (although no one ever does). This can result in you getting kicked out of the room if you're used to a different room's rules.

Some empty rooms

The main chatrooms (Adult Chat, Sex Chat, Porn Chat) are always super busy. On average, you can expect at least 1k users in these rooms at any one time. However, some of the other rooms are quite barren, especially Roleplay Chat, Cam Chat and Mobile Chat). Expect a hundred users at most in here.

No chance of hookups

While sex chat is easy to find on here, actually hooking up with anyone is hardly likely. Since there are no localized chatrooms, you'll be communicating with people from every corner of the world. The chances of meeting someone who's actually within a reasonable distance is pretty damn slim.

Free Chat Alternatives


MeetInChat is a one-stop hub boasting literally thousands of adult chat rooms. Like porn sites, everything on here is broken down into categories so you can find random chat mates with minimal effort. Search by location, sexual orientation, sexual interest or fetish interest. There are even rooms dedicated to non-sex talk like movies and video games.

For such a new site on the adult chatroom scene, MeetInChat gets everything absolutely spot on. It has some amazing features, even though they're quite minimal. But if you want to get down to some dirty talk with slutty chicks all over the world, this is the new adult chatroom site to hit up. Steamy voice chats, hot pictures, a different adult themed topic in every room.

Sex Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is a collection of free online chat rooms allowing you to connect with like-minded random strangers in just a few clicks. The site functions like your standard chat site. There are 19 active chat rooms to choose from, and you can either chat with other users via the public board or through the private messages system.

Rooms are broken down by sexual topic, such as adult chat, gay chat, live cam chat and more. You can get the most out of the site without the need for a VIP membership and the active moderators in each chat room ensures that spam bots are kept to a minimum. There are active users every minute of the day and the sex-based chat rooms aren't total sausage fests.


LewdChat is a collection of IRC chat rooms that all cover one topic: sex. Unlike general chat rooms, you'll find every room on LewdChat is dedicated to a particular sex act, kink or sexual interest, covering everything from anal lovers to cuckold chatting. In total, there are 91 chat rooms to explore, most of which are teeming with regular visitors.

It's all pretty simplistic on LewdChat, and that's exactly what you want from a chat site. You don't have to waste time setting up a profile or anything like that. Just input a username, age, gender and sexual preference and you can get straight down to business. You'll then enter this world of overly-horny users and begin making new friends immediately.


Fetster is a free adult social network that boasts a vibrant, alternative online community full of kinksters and fetishists. It's a relatively long-standing dating site in the BDSM scene, even though it's not exactly super well known when compared to other dating sites in the same niche. Even so, Fetster has a lot to offer anyone into the non-vanilla stuff.

The site is an all-encompassing fetish community and social media platform than a straightforward chatroom site. You can scroll through profiles and directly message other members, but most of the interaction on here occurs in group chats and rooms. If you want a chat site that deals primarily in alternative sex, Fetster is certainly worth checking out.

FreeChatNow - Average Free Online Chat Service

Is FreeChatNow of the best free chatting sites around today? We're hesitant to call it the best, mostly because there are only 11 chat rooms to choose from. If they had a series of global chat rooms like a lot of other chat sites do, then FreeChatNow would be up there with the best of them. However, FreeChatNow keeps its rooms on the short side, and that's its biggest pitfall.

Even so, there's a lot to love about Free Chat Now. If it's sex discussion, audio chat rooms, webcam chats and filthy chat partners you want, you're in the right place. Better yet, you can utilize all of these chat features absolutely free with no registration required. FreeChatNow isn't a place to spend every evening, but you should definitely sample it if sex chat is your thing.

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