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Fkbabe Review 2022 - Hook Up With Real Singles Or Get Scammed?

Today, we're looking at a hot new online dating site known as FkBabe. You've probably never heard of it before, but it might just be a top platform to help you get laid with ease. Does it work? How does it compare to other dating sites on the scene? Find out here. Read on for your detailed FkBabe review.

FkBabe - What Is It?

With a name like FkBabe, obviously your mind jumps to the phrase 'fuck babe.' However, you're mistaken if you think this is a casual sex service. Right from the home page, you'll see regular mentions of "finding your love" and that kind of stuff. Therefore, it's clear that FkBabe is a dating site, not a hookup site.

First Impressions

You'll need to sign up to utilize all of the services on offer, and there's no charge for anything on this site. Just register with your basic details (age, zip code, gay, straight, gender preferences, etc), upload a few photos and you're good to go. The site is pretty no-frills, so you don't have to worry about lengthy questionnaires or anything like that.


Fast Registration

Signing up to FkBabe .com only takes a couple of minutes. It asks for your basic details; age, location and sexual preferences. Then you just need an email account to verify yourself. Once that's done, you're free to begin browsing the FkBabe .com site.

Matchmaking system

FkBabe is a swipe-based dating site, meaning you'll spend most of your time here scrolling through photos of other users. Swipe right if you like them, left if you don't. When you match with someone, you're free to begin chatting.

Location filters

FkBabe .com has locations filter options to ensure you're only matching with people in your nearby area. You can also adjust the results if you're planning on visiting a different city in the future. Just ensure your locations feature is enabled on your phone.

Completely free

FkBabe .com is completely free. All of the content is available for no cost, and you can swipe and send messages without having to pay a cent. There's no payment required for any feature whatsoever (something quite rare for modern dating sites).

Does FkBabe Cost Anything At All?

No it doesn't. FkBabe is completely free. Many sites use the term 'free' to draw in potential users, then hit them with the paid add ons once they've been suckered in. However, FkBabe .com doesn't do this. There are no payment plans, no trial plans and no coin plans. You can create your account, match with other users and send messages all for free.


Genuine dating site

FkBabe is a legit dating site full of real users who are interested in casual dating. Despite a number of fake profiles, the majority of people on here are genuine people. The site doesn't utilize 'fantasy profiles' or 'entertainment profiles' or anything like that.

No fancy gimmicks

Most mainstream online dating sites utilize some kind of gimmick. Whether it's Bumble's 24-hour messaging period or Hinge's minimalistic swiping style. However, FkBabe .com doesn't have anything like this. Other than the swiping feature, there are no gimicks or unecessary features to concern yourself with.

Detailed profiles

Most users on FkBabe .com tend to fill out their profile in full, meaning you'll have a lot more options to begin conversations. There's nothing worse than a profile with no information to latch on to. However, these users are more than happy to bare their information for all.


Fairly new

FkBabe .com is a new dating app on the scene so it's not fully established yet. Since it's in its infancy, it still has a few creases it needs to iron out. This means we're not seeing the optimal version of the platform yet.

Some fake accounts

As a free dating site, FkBabe gets it fair share of fake profiles. However, in our opinion, the site does a fantastic job of keeping the majority of them at bay. It's also quite easy to spot a fake profile a mile off on here since they're noticably less populated than any regular profile.

Not good for hookups

Most people on FkBabe are looking for long-term options and casual dating. So, if you're expecting to find a revolving door of fuck partners, you might want to look elsewhere. That's not saying you won't find a few hookups during your time here, but this isn't a dedicated hookup platform.

FkBabe - Is It Worth It?

FkBabe has a pretty equal number of positives and negatives. While it's got a good choice of available users, it's not the most established dating site in the world. If it's hookups you want, you won't find much success here. If you're interested in casual dating and possibly finding your future partner, FkBabe might provide you with just that.

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