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Fetster Review 2020 - Does This Kinky BDSM Dating Site Work?

There's a dating app for every niche, fetish and sexual orientation these days, and for those who are specifically on the hunt for BDSM sex, there's no shortage of available platforms. Today, we're looking at a BDSM dating site known as Fetster. You might have heard of it, you might not, but we've got everythng you need to know about the Fetster experience right here.

Fetster - What Is It?

Fetster is a so-called free adult social network that boasts a vibrant, alternative online community full of kinksters and fetishists. It's a relatively long-standing dating site in the BDSM world, even though it's not exactly super well known when compared to other dating sites in the same niche. Even so, Fetster has a lot to offer anyone into the non-vanilla stuff.

Don't walk in here expecting a basic adult dating site though. Fetster is more of an all-encompassing fetish community and social media platform than a straightforward dating app. You can scroll through profiles and directly message other members, but most of the interaction on here occurs in group chats and rooms.

First Impressions

Fetster isn't the sleekest website in the world. It looks like it was designed 20 years ago. It's got a simple black and grey color scheme with a bunch of grainy text and images floating around. It looks pretty terrible, but we're not here to critique design. We need to know if this BDSM dating site will actually get you the kinky sex you crave.

You'll have to sign up to see what's behind the exterior, and doing so is quick and easy. Just input your basic details (age, location, email address, sexual preferences, fetishes of choice) and join the welcoming BDSM community that awaits. Once you're inside, you're prompted to create your profile, upload photos and describe the kind of things you're into.


Join groups

Groups are the most convenient way to connect with other BDSM fans on Fetster. They work the same as Facebook groups. Just request entry to a room and the admin will approve it, then you'll be able to converse with like-minded people from alternative lifestyles. There are fetish groups for every fetish, kink and niche sexual interest under the sun.

Add friends

During your time on Fetster, you'll develop your own circle of friends. To connect with someone, just send out friend requests as you would on any other social media platform. The other person will need to approve your request before you become mutual friends - it isn't like Twitter where you can follow anyone you want.

Completely free

Fetster is a completely free BDSM dating site. There is absolutely nothing to pay for on here, and you can utilize all of the available features for no cost. Unlimited messages, unlimited mail, open conversation with as many users as you like. You can rest assured your money is safe on here.

Create your own groups

Groups cover every fetish topic out there, from the basics like spanking and role play right through to the more niche stuff like pet play and impregnation fantasy. But if there isn't a room that caters to your specific interests (or if you want to create a crossover group), anyone can turn their new ideas into their own room.

Does Fetster Cost Anything?

It does not. When Fetster says it's completely free, it means it. There's no option to even input your credit card details so you'll never have to worry about the site sneakily taking money from you at any point. Fetster appears to make its revenue through advertisements so doesn't have any need for subscription-based services.



The Fetster website is as stripped down as you could possibly ask for. There are no bells and whistles here, just simplistic features that, while they look a little dated, still get the job done. Fetster is obviously an amateur effort that doesn't have the backing of a major tech company, but for a lot of reasons, that's a good thing.

Genuinely free

The amount of dating sites that throw around the word 'free' without meaning it is almost criminal. 'Free' entices members and that's all most other dating sites care about, but in this case, free means free. You don't have to pay for anything, and there's not even a paid option of any kind.

Diverse range of fetishists

While Fetster throws the word 'BDSM' around to attract fetish lovers, BDSM in this case is an umbrella term for a wide range of non-vanilla sexual acts. It's all up for grabs; bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, swinging, cuckolding, age play, foot fetishes, body worship, urophilia and countless others. If it gets you hard, you'll find it on here.

Minimal fakes

For a free site, you'd think there'd be a few fakes slipping through the cracks. Amazingly, the site does an incredible job of keeping fake profiles at bay. We believe it's because Fetster doesn't use any auto-moderation. Everything is done by real people, so they're able to filter out the scammers more easily.


Search feature is lacking

Fetster's search function isn't the greatest, thus making it a little more difficult to find that perfect partner. You can only search by location or sexual interest, not by age, body type, ethnicity or anything like that. There's also no keyword search function.

Not as popular as others

While there's a very active kink community here on Fetster, it's not as active as some of the more popular sites out there. That's not to say it's a ghost town - far from it. It's a reasonably active platform with plenty of potential partners to chat with, it's just that places like Fetlife have significantly more users.

Alternative Fetish Dating Sites


Fetlife is one of the most popular sites in the fetish community and rightly so. It's completely free to join and functions like a social media site much like Fetster. The only difference is that Fetlife has around 500k more members, making it pretty easy to find people interested in the type of kinky shit you are.


Another social media site, Alt.com functions a lot like Fetster. It's free to send messages and utilize all of the free features, but there's a paid option for people who want to stand out from the crowd. Alt.com also has a user-media section, full of homemade pictures, videos kinky erotic stories to satiate your fetish needs.


Whiplr is a straightforward BDSM dating site. It's basically Tinder for BDSM lovers, and there's definitely a big market for it considering it's 200k user base. You can join for free but there's a price to interact with other members, but even so, it's worth it for what the site offers.

Fetster - Is It Worth It?

Fetster is a trusted BDSM site that helps you make real connections with other people interested in the same kinks and fetishes as you. It's got a nice community, lots of opportunities to interact and very simple features intended to open you up to a world of potential kink partners.

Even though it's not as widespread as some other sites in the fetish niche, it's still a top website worth checking out for any would-be BDSM enthusiast. Come for the BDSM talk, stay for the great community. Whether you're a hardcore veteran or a newbie to this scene, the Fetster community will welcome you with open arms and open legs.

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