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Ferzu - Casual Dating For The Furry Community

Furries. You either get them or you don't. Even if you don't, this community is so batshit crazy that it's weirdly fascinating to even the layperson. But if you're into this stuff, there are online dating sites that can help you meet new furry friends and perhaps even a furfriend to mate with.

Today, we're looking at Ferzu, a dating Internet site with a social media spin. Is it a dating site? Is it an adult community of fuzzy weirdos looking to indulge their strange fetishes? Here's everything you need to know about this site's services and userbase. Here's our super detailed Ferzu review.

The Furry Community - An Overview

Furries a subculture of people who dress up as anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. For most furries, it's not really a sexual thing. A large majority of furries do it so they can adopt a different personality than their regular selves, allowing them to be more expressive and extroverted amongst like-minded people.

Of course, furries seek other furries, which is why there are online dating services dedicated entirely to furdom. Because furries aren't exactly accepted by mainstream society, most furry daters have to meet their potential mates via Internet dating. The actual dressing up as animals part of the lifestyle isn't fetishized by these folks, it's just that they're more likely to bond with people who share their desire to dress up.

Furry Dating - Just Like Regular Dating?

This is a tough one to answer because every furry is going to have a different outlook when it comes to dating. A lot of furries just use Ferzu to meet someone who understands their desire to dress up as an animal, while the actual dating part of their relationship wouldn't be too different from non-furry dating. The same way two Star Trek fans might use a Trekkie dating site to meet someone they connect with.

But on the flip side, some furries absolutely live for the lifestyle, so they crave a furry partner to add another layer to their character fantasies. You'll find an equal number of both on Ferzu, so there's no real single type of furry dater on here. It all depends on the individual, but providing you keep an open mind, there's a lot to discover amongst this wholesome community.

Ferzu - What Is It Exactly?

Ferzu is the number one web page for furry daters looking to meet their next mating partner. It's actually a social network more than a dating site, sort of like Furry Facebook, but it combines dating online elements with social media aspects in order to create a one-stop hub for site users to get their furry fix.

The place has a site active audience of around 60,000 free users and around 10,000 members with a paid account. Not only is it one of the most inclusive online dating communities around, but it's actually a very well organized site with plenty of interactive features to help you find that perfect person to share your furry desires with.

You'll need a premium account to get the most out of this Internet site, but as you'll see later on, it's not super expensive, especially in comparison to Furries Uncaged (a popular furry sugar daddy site). So, if you're ready to dive into this incredible website for some furry online flirting, here's everything you need to keep in mind before joining.

First Impressions

Ferzu is incredibly wholesome, right from the get go. On the homepage, there's a picture of a group of animals all canoodling with each other, and we'd be lying if it didn't make us smile a little. The website is surprisingly professional and high quality, and everything is brightly colored and appealing to the eye.

You'll be prompted to join up and input your personal details, which only takes a few moments. You'll then be asked to verify yourself beforehand, which makes sense because we imagine a place like this gets a ton of trolls and troublemakers. Unverified users are free to look around but can't interact with anyone. Unverified users can't access member data either.

All of the data, user messages and personal info on Ferzu is kept private, which means Google and other popular search engines can't access it. The site has a welcoming community, lots of helpful links and 24/7 technical support to help any lost furries find their way back to their admittedly-bizarre civilization. Overall first impressions of Ferzu were outstanding - something we definitely didn't expect.


Social network design

Ferzu is far from your average dating web page. It's more detailed than most mainstream social media sites, with plenty of ways to immerse yourself within this furry friendly community. The page mimics Facebook in a lot of ways, especially regarding the homepage and news feeds.

There are two news feed options. The first is a 'public' news feed, sort of like searching by a specific hashtag on Twitter. The second is a news feed only featuring posts from users on your friends list ala Facebook.

Free account features

Ferzu has both free and paid membership options, and the free option actually provides a ton of freedom, much more than most other modern dating sites do. A free account also gives you the chance to have an in-depth look around the site to ensure it's the right place for you.

With a free account you can: send 25 messages per day, upload a maximum of 200 photos to your news feed, send 5 "likes" per day and browse a maximum of 30 profiles per day. For the price of absolutely nothing, that's a lot of options.

Premium accounts

If you want to use Ferzu in the way the creators intended, you'll need to upgrade to a premium account, also known as Ferzu Plus. Ferzu Plus basically gives you unlimited access to every feature the site has to offer.

You can message users without any limits, browse as many profiles as you like, post status updates and browse through unlimited pictures. The premium account basically gives you infinite access so you don't have to worry about rationing your messages.

Detailed user profiles

As you've probably guessed, furries take their subculture quite seriously, and that means they're more than happy to wax lyrical about their furry personas. Unlike most other dating apps, the profiles on Ferzu are, in a word, thorough.

Don't be surprised to see mini novels written in people's bios. These guys and girls love nothing more than spilling their guts to other like-minded people, and this is a great advantage because it ensures you get a good feel for the person's character before you send messages.

Events page

Never been to a furry event before? Neither have we, but they look like a blast. If you're interested in hitting one up, you'll be able to find your nearest local furry convention by checking out the Events section of the Ferzu site.

It's not just furry meetups listed here either. Sometimes, these fur enthusiasts get together in bars and pubs all over the world to discuss their love of furdom (out of costume, obviously). It'sa great resource to help meet other members of Ferzu in the flesh.

Prices, Costs & Membership

If you wanto use Ferzu to the max, you'll need to shell out for the premium account, hereby referred to as Ferzu Plus. With Ferzu Plus, you receive a number of perks that help you connect with other users and stand out from the crowd, although a lot of premium features are simply unlimited versions of the free features.

As we mentioned up above, the free membership includes 25 messages a day, a maximum of 200 uploaded photos, 5 "likes" per day and the ability to browse a maximum of 30 profiles per day. In all honesty, this is a hell of a lot of things to do, and the only real concern on this list is the 200 maximum photos (that means photos uploaded to your news feed, not profile photos).

But with Ferzu Plus you'll get:

  • Unlimited access
  • Unlimited instant messaging
  • Upload as many photos as you want
  • See everyone who's viewed your profile

And for these privileges you can expect to pay:

  • 1 month – $7.99
  • 3 months – $19.99
  • 12 months – $59.99


Massive user base

Furry fandom might be seem like an underground movement, but there are literally millions of furry lovers living in the US right now. The user base on Ferzu proves that this subculture is gradually evolving from a niche fandom into something that could one day go mainstream.

Ferzu welcomes furries from all over the world, but you'll quickly find that its numerous customers are based in the United States. There's a light presence of European and Asian furries on here but the majority of users are either in the US or Canada.

Friendly community

Outside of mormonism, you won't find a more welcoming bunch of people than furries. They're happy to welcome any new paws into their community with open arms and really go all out to help you feel comfortable in their virtual home.

This really surprised us because anonymity usually brings out the worst in people, and furries have two layers of anonymity to their characters. However, the whole place is warm and wholesome, sort of like a bizarro world version of Twitter.

Free account is enough

You can do a hell of a lot with Ferzu's free account, almost everything you need to. For people who'd only use the platform casually, then there's really no need to shell out for the paid subscription because you probably wouldn't make the most of the communication tools anyway.

The only real restriction is the fact you can upload a maximum of 200 photos, but if you rarely post pictures to your feed then it's hardly a massive issue. Plus, you can always just get Ferzu Plus whenever you reach your access photos limit.

Lots of details

If there's one thing furries love talking about it's themselves. If you dig into any profile on here, you'll often find that these guys will happily share life stories and then some. It's a noticable contrast to mainstream hookup sites where profiles consist of a shirtless selfie and one line of bio.

And while profile quality is high, you'll also find a lot of these people stay in character at all times. Some of them are 24/7 method actors that really bring their "fursonas" to life, and we'll let you decide whether or not that's a good thing.


As we mentioned earlier, Ferzu Plus offers a very generous premium package. The most you'll pay a month if $7.99 and this comes down to a very managable $4.99 per month should you commit to a year's membership. Really, we can't argue with those numbers.

And while Ferzu's free account is enough to get you by, it's definitely worth considering the paid package if you find yourself spending considerable time on here. The site blows away mainstream social media sites so it's worth digging into your pockets for maximum useability.


If you uploaded a picture of yourself dressed as an anthropomorphic animal to Tinder, chances are you'd get made fun of pretty damn quickly. It's no secret that furries aren't exactly the most understood subsculture in the world today, so furries are only able to let their true colors shine in the company of like-minded folks.

But on the Ferzu site or app, you're free to get as weird as you want. Some people navigate their whole online lives under the guise of their animal characters, and Ferzu is one of the places they can let it all out. For many of them, it's quite liberating, and that's another reason Ferzu is worth checking out.


Not many real faces

Here's the biggest problem with Ferzu - 99% of members have some kind of animal avatar theme in their profiles, so you won't be able to see their real faces before messaging them. Obviously this is problematic, because you might not be attracted to them beneath the fur.

Once you create a rapport with somebody, chances are you'll exchange normal pictures of yourself pretty quickly, but it's still a bit of an inconvenience. Some members do include photos of their faces in their profiles, but most don't for anonymity purposes.

Few hookup options

Another problem with this furdom is that not many of them are ready and willing to jump into bed with a stranger, be them furry or not. Ferzu isn't really a place for hookups. It's more a place to meet someone you connect with on a personal and emotional level.

That's not to say there isn't mega horny members searching for a quick fuck right away, but you'll have a hard time finding these people amongst the daily updates and constant picture-sharing.

Ferzu - Is It Worth It?

This particular service is only for the potential furries amongst you, and if you've got a hankering to get involved in this strange community, then Ferzu is the best place to do it. We don't consider ourselves part of this subculture, but we still had an absolute blast immersing ourselves amongst the rabble in this furry paradise.

Ferzu goes the extra mile to ensure that its hardcore users are fully satisfied at every turn. It's got useful, interactive features. The free membership agreement is more than enough to get a solid taste of the platform, and the community is vast, welcoming and diverse. If mainstream dating sites were this good, we'd all be getting laid a lot more regularly.

Obviously we can't recommend the Ferzu site to non-furries, but if you're looking for a place of acceptance and open-mindedness, we can't recommend this place enough. Even if you're not looking for a romantic date, Ferzu will certainly help you make a few new furry pals along the way.

Ferzu FAQ

Is Ferzu safe?

Ferzu is a safe and trustworthy platform that goes to great to lengths to keep its users safe. Ferzu has 24/7 support available for both technical and personal issues with the site. It's a closed community that provides multiple features to keep its user data protected.

Is Ferzu a real dating site?

Ferzu is a real dating platform that caters to those in the furry lifestyle. Ferzu is a social media style page which combines dating site elements to create a place for furries to help find their next romantic partner.

Is Ferzu free?

Ferzu does offer a free account which allows users to send limited messages, view limited profiles and several other limited features. However, there's also a paid feature available that offers limitless access to all of the site's features.

What's the best dating site for furries?

Ferzu is by far the best dating platform for those involved in the furry lifestyle. The site is the most active and most professional platform of all of the furry dating apps and currently boasts around 60,000 registered members.

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