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FDating Review 2022 - Real Free Dating Or Just A Scam?

There's nothing dating sites love more than the word 'free.' They'll throw it around at every opportunity, whether it's true or not. It's the bait that lures in the fish, and then once they've hooked you in, they'll hit you with the bill. When an online dating site says it's free, chances are it probably isn't.

But that's where FDating bucks the trend, because this Internet dating site is genuinely 100% free from top to bottom. Messages, profiles, video chat, everything. None of it costs a thing. However, that doesn't mean it's good, and we're here to give you the highs and lows of this online dating platform. Here's the only FDating review you need to read.

FDating - What Is It?

The introduction to FDating gets right to the point: "FDatingcom is totally free dating site. You can post your profile, use advanced search, send and receive messages absolutely free. No hidden fees, no credit card required!" That's pretty much everything you need to know about the site's identity, and from what we've discerned, we can detect no lies.

The good news is that FDating actually delivers on its promises. Unlike a lot of so-called free online dating services, FDating doesn't try and sneak in a few premium payments during your time here. That's not to say the site is perfect by any means, but the fact you don't have to worry about getting shafted by sneaky payments alone makes it worth checking out.

First Impressions

FDating doesn't look like the most professional dating site in the world. It looks like it's been created by a high schooler with a Wix account, but the simplicity is actually quite refreshing. The homepage features a sample of the site active audience and a couple of statistics about the users. How many members are currently online, how many are registered in total, etc.

Just create your free FDating account through the form on the left hand side then verify your email address and you're good to go. On the other side of the homepage, you'll see much of the same, and you'll be shown all of the available users within 10 miles of your location (you can change these parameters in your settings). Overall, simplistic but refreshing, if a little badly designed.


Everything free

FDating makes a big deal out of the fact it's totally free. We understand why, since very few dating platforms actually are these days, and FDating use this little aspect to hook in potential members by shouting it as loudly as possible. We can't blame them because it's very appealing, and they do genuinely live up to their promise of not charging for anything. At no point will the site request your credit card details, so your finances will go untouched.

Organic browsing

Another rarity in modern dating sites, FDating allows users to search through other people's profiles at their leisure. FDating is what's known as a grid style dating site, where you can scroll through profile pictures and dig into people's profiles at whim. While there is a matchmaking feature available, you don't have to rely on it to make connections. You're able to look around and message whoever you like.

Swipe feature

Like most dating platforms, FDating has a swipe game to help you match with people based on physical appearance. If you've ever used Tinder or Bumble, you'll already be familiar with the process. If you like the look of someone, swipe right on them. If you want to pass on them, swipe left. If both of you swipe right on each other then a chat box opens up between you both. You can usually find the same people through searching organically, though.

Search filters

FDating has a decent search function that lets you find users based on selected criteria. Just input at least two characters in the search bar and you can keyword search by username, age, location, body type, personal details and sexual preferences. You can also filter down your search results by certain criteria too, including age, distance from you, ethnicity, education levels, income and more.

Video chat

There's a decent video chat function built in to the FDating website too. If you want to take your steamy conversations to the next level, you can both jump on the free video chat feature and converse in real time. We're not sure of the point of such a thing, especially as you could do the same thing through WhatsApp or any number of free messaging apps, but this is good if you don't want to give out any personal phone numbers.

Does FDating Cost Anything?

No it does not. FDating are quick to push the fact that there are no paid services on their particular service whatsoever. It's completely free and always will be, according to the site's 'About' section. As FDating has been going since 2009 and has remained costless this whole time, we have no reason to doubt their statements. Apparently, the site owners had grown sick of having to endure so many paid platforms, so started FDating for selfish reasons.

But having such open minded owners is a fantastic plus for everyone who uses Fdating. It shows that the owners actually care about the experiences of their users rather than just trying to get in their wallets. This little fact is backed up by FDating's fantastic customer support team who handle queries, cancel, customer reviews and issues in a timely manner.


Male to female ratio

As of the time of writing, FDating has more female users than male users, and that's worth shouting about. Very few dating online sites ever achieve the goal of having more women than men, but according to third party data, FDating has done exactly that (and no, it doesn't take fake accounts into consideration either). Right now, the site is 44% male, 56% female based on 700k online users per day.

Active user base

The FDating web page has almost 4 million registered users, and around 700,00 of these log in at least once a week. Compared to any other dating site of the same size and quality, this is an incredible number that's definitely worth shouting from the mountaintops. With that said, this number is spread across the world (not just North America), but still, that's a mightily impressive statistic overall.

Relationship versatility

FDating covers a lot of ground when it comes to facilitating relationships. Casual sex, hookups, short term engagements, long term commitments. It dosn't matter if you're here for some easy lays or whether you're just a love seeker. Think of FDating as the free equivalent of somewhere like Match or Tinder. Everyone wants something different, giving you a much bigger pool of potential partners.

Wide age range

Users on FDating range from 18 to 60+, so it really doesn't matter what demographic you fit into, you'll be welcome here. In addition to this wide age range of users, you'll also find plenty of different relationship types on offer too. We're not just talking about hookups or long-term relationships either. You'll find fetish lovers, swingers, and hell, some people even use FDating as a sugar daddy site. If you want it, you'll find it.


Lots of fakes

Yeah, there's a lot of fakes on FDating. This is somewhat expected, especially considering that access to this site is completely free. Luckily, fake profiles are easy to spot because they'll either message you with a link to some sketchy site or they'll have a completely blank profile with a picture of some famous pornstar as their pic. If you block and report these users straight away, the web contacts mods will take them down pretty quickly.

Bad interface

First of all, the site design is really bad. You could spend your entire life on the Internet and never come across a website as bad as this one. Not only does it look ugly as hell but everything is so lifeless. Different fonts, different sized text, different text alignments, a whole load of mismatching elements, contrasting colors. It's like something tried to design the worst website possible. Not only that, but navigation is a chore too.

Ads everywhere

No one likes ads. Not one person. We don't know why modern dating sites insist on blowing up your eyeballs with endless ads, and the Fdating site is no different. You'll see ads in every single section, from sidebar advertisements to in-text ads to huge pop ups that fill your whole screen. You sometimes get the dreaded link advertisements, like when you navigate to a new section. Worst of all, an ad blocker won't do much to help you here.

Minimalistic features

The Fdating site is as minimalistic as dating sites come. Aside from the video chat and the mail filters, there's really not a whole lot going on here. Sure, it has the basic functions such as swiping and grid-style searching, but most other sites have these too. Sometimes, minimalism is a good thing, but combined with the other negatives about FDating then it feels quite the opposite. The lack of features enhance the site's other bad points.

No app

Bad news for mobile users. Unfortunately, FDating doesn't have a dedicated mobile app so you're stuck with using their less-than-incredible website on your desktop or via your mobile browser. It's a bit of a letdown, especially as the FDating website sucks a big one. The mobile version is optimized reasonably well, but it doesn't help that the website is designed like shit to begin with. Expect sore eyes using this on a mobile device.

Alternative Free Dating Sites

Obviously, FDating isn't perfect. Some of these features might not be for you, and it's fine if not because there are a number of "free" dating sites out there that perform equally as well as FDating does in terms of finding love. Here are a few of our favorite free dating platforms.


Aside from FDating, OKCupid is probably the only "real" free dating site out there. Every other site tries to extort a little money from you at some point, but OKCupid does no such thing. It's remained free since it first arrived on the scene in 2006 and it remains as free as ever to this day.

Plenty Of Fish

Another site that's notoriously free, and unlike OKCupid and FDating, Plenty of Fish is solely focussed on creating romantic relationships. It used to be a place for easy hookups, but good old POF has undergone a real identity change in the past few years. But even though you won't find a one night stand on here anymore, it still doesn't cost a penny.


eHarmony is one of the most well known platforms in the entire online dating niche and has been a mainstay in the scene for over 20 years now. One of the reasons why eHarmony is such a hit is thanks to the fact its free, basic membership is more than enough to get by. The place has created 2 million relationships since 2000, so its success record speaks for itself.

FDating - Fantastic Free Dating Site

Online dating sites that are totally free are a rare occurence in today's world. For that reason alone, FDating is worth checking out. It's a good dating site with a lot to offer, and it caters to users from all over the world so even if you live in a desolate European town, you'll still get results through this dating Internet site.

Is it the best dating website in the world? Not at all. It has its downsides just like all other dating websites, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons. If you can look past the fake profiles, the simplicity and the overload of ads, FDating becomes a great site that'll help you on your journey towards sexual and emotional gratification.

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