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Fast Flirting Review - Is A Legit Dating Site?

Are you a single, divorced parent ready to meet new friends and local singles? If so, Fast Flirting might be the site you need in your life. It's a dating site that features thousands of users and flirty chat rooms, and while it's a new site on the scene, it's still worth checking out. Here's your ultimate Fast Flirting review.

Fast Flirting - What Is It?

Fast Flirting is a very simple, streamlined dating platform that specializes in lonely dating, divorced dating and single parent dating. It brands itself as "one of the handiest flirt dating sites," and from the looks of things, it's very true. The site has a plethora of fun communication tools, flexible search filters and much more to enjoy.

Better still, the site is completely free to use. You can grab all the benefits without having to pay a dime, but you will need to register for an account beforehand. Is Fast Flirting better than the other sites on the scene? We'll let you be the judge. Here's everything you need to know about Fast Flirting.

First Impressions

Fast Flirting looks like the most basic dating site ever created. It's got the classic grey-and-green color scheme ala POF and Match, and it'll prompt you to create your profile as soon as you hit the homepage. Until then, you can't do anything other than stare at a login screen. Once you create your account updates and start browsing, the site's goal becomes clear.

According to the tagline, Fast Flirting is a place to "browse stunning pictures, fix dates and make new buddies." There are no specialist gimmicks here or anything. Simply create a profile (requires a username, e-mail and password) then you're free to browse playful men and women, chat with potential matches and turn yourself into a so-called "happiness magnet."


Grid-style browsing

After you sign up FastFlirting, you can browse through other members as you see fit. You don't have to rely on swiping (although that option is available). Once you land on a user you find interesting, you're free to message them and begin conversation. Alternatively you can use the matchmaking feature to meet your next partner.

Various chat rooms

If direct messaging isn't your thing, FastFlirting has a series of chat rooms available to talk and flirt with other members. There are only a few chat rooms available and they're broken down by sexual interest. There aren't any rooms dedicated to individual states or cities but they still offer a great way to flirt with people.

Free messaging

After going through the registration process, you're free to message and flirt with whoever you want at no cost whatsoever. Quite often, online dating platforms throw the word 'free' around liberally, but FastFlirting really is completely free. Forget uploading your credit card details or anything like that.

Does Fast Flirting Cost Anything?

FastFlirting doesn't cost anything to use. While it looks like the type of website that's going to demand you upgrade to a premium membership at some point, you won't find any such thing on here. FastFlirting makes its money through ads (plus it's backed by a reputable parent company), so when it says it costs nothing, it means it.


Signing up to FastFlirting is quick and easy, and you can even register with your Facebook or Google accounts to save time. Doing so comes with a few benefits in that it will export all of the available information (name, age, password, etc).

The users on FastFlirting are 99% real. While a few fake profiles have snuck their way in, the majority of members are genuine people on the hunt for genuine relationships. The mods do a real good job of keeping fake guys and girls at bay.

Members come from all walks of life and from every corner of the globe. The majority of users are based in the USA, UK and Canada, but there are others dotted around the world too. If you're in Europe or North America, you'll probably a few different people on here for you.

Even though the site is quite new, it already has around 200,000 users. Of course, this pales in comparison to the likes of Tinder that have 50+ million, but every site needs to start somewhere. For a platform of such infancy, it's doing very well already.


Even though Fast Flirting caters to single parents and divorced people, it's mostly straight people on here. No gay dating, no bisexual dating, no couples dating. It's quite limited in that regard, but even so, we're sure there are other sites out that cater to your specific sexual interests if you're gay or bi.

Fast Flirting doesn't have a dedicated mobile app, although the site 'About' section claims that one is coming in the near future. Even so, the website works excellently in your mobile browser.

The language used on the website is... strange. Whoever wrote the website copy definitely wasn't a native English speaker because some of the instructions are confusing to say the least. It's little things like "upload a magnetic bio and a catchy photo" and "Stop dreaming of the day when that mobile jumbuck opens your door and saves you from loneliness!"

Fast Flirting - Is It Worth It?

FastFlirting is a fast-emerging platform in the online dating world, and it does a lot of things right. It's got easy sign up, lots of free features and its efficient swipe-feature helps you make potential matches fast. The fact it doesn't cost a penny means it's worth checking out even if you're not in the ideal demographic (35+, divorced, single parent, etc).

The only things we're not a fan of is some of the flowery language and the desire to be an all-encompassing community. Most daters don't want to meet new friends and "flirt," they just want convenient methods to connect with potential fuck partners. Aside from that, Fast Flirting is a decent platform with a lot to love. We recommend checking it out ASAP.

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