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F-Buddy Australia Review 2022 - Real Hookups Or A Scam?

Looking for an Australian dating site that'll help get your dick wet? Then you might stumble across a site known as F-Buddy Australia in your search for sexual fulfillment. But before you sign up, shouldn't you learn everything there is to know about this platform? Is it the best dating site around, or is it a waste of time? Here's your F-Buddy Aus review.

F Buddy Australia - What Is It?

The F-Buddy franchise already has a number of dating sites to its name (F Buddy USA, UK, Canada, NZ), all of which cater to a different country. As you'll guess, this F-Buddy site claims to help people in Australia find easy casual sex, romantic hookups and like-minded partners for adult. It claims to have a large community of around 100,00 active users.

Now, if you want the short version, F Buddy Aus is a complete waste of time. While the site has a few little things worth checking out, compared to the amount of shit you'll have to wade through, it's really not worth it in the long run. But if you're interesting in finding out why this platform is such a steaming pile of hot garbage, you'll find the finer details below.

First Impressions

The F-Buddy website does not look good. It throws a lot of shit at the wall in the hopes that some will stick. It bombards you with unrealistic claims that you'll find a fuck buddy within a few minutes of joining up, and it even links you to a few how-to guides to getting laid. Like how to get laid on a train, because apparently F Buddy thinks the real world follows porn rules.

You'll be asked to register (which is free to do so), then you'll see a sample of the profiles apparently on offer. All of these profiles were unbelievably attractive people, like 20-something models with huge cleavages or shredded abs. Note to the site: these kinds of people do not need to use dating sites to get laid.


Free browsing

F Buddy.com allows you to browse other members profiles without having to pay. You'll only have to purchase a subscription when you want to start instant messaging. This is a pretty good feature for the user, but you'll quickly realize that these "members" aren't real.

Local matches

Every day, you'll be shown a number of so-called members in your local area. Of course, you'll find these same members when you browse the website anyway, so it's kind of a pointless feature. But still, it saves you having to search yourself.

GPS based search

Like most casual dating sites, F Buddy.com has an advanced search feature that'll show all of the local women in your area based on proximity to your location. These results are filtered by currently-online to most-recently online so you'll see the most active members first.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to actually interact with these potential fuck buddies, you'll need to purchase one of the four subscriptions on offer. F Buddy.com uses the classic subscription model, meaning you'll have to pay monthly for access to these "interactive platform features." Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • Bronze Membership (1 Month) - $39.99
  • Silver Membership (6 Months) - $69.99
  • Gold Membership (12 Months) - $99.99
  • Platinum Membership (Lifetime Access) - $129.99


Free basic membership

F Buddy does offer a free membership function so you can navigate the site and see what's on offer before you join. Why they'd allow this is anyone's guess, especially since it only takes a few minutes for new members to determine the website is a scam party. However, if you're interesting in browsing this car wreck, you can do it for free.

Video chat

As well as private messages, you can also video chat with other members through the Fuck Buddy website. This feature is actually quite fun providing you actually find any real members on here.

Email discounts

Occasionally, you'll receive email discounts and "exciting offers" from the site. These little deals usually state that if you can get a few friends to sign up, you'll get money off your next premium membership cycle. If your friends do this to you, you don't need enemies.


Fake profiles

From the moment you join the site, you'll get a million messages from "real women" looking for "no strings attached sex." Now, if you've spent any time in the real world, people are rarely this forward when it comes to landing a date. This is the site's biggest letdown - it makes its illegitimacy painfully obvious.

Bad reputation

Fuck Buddy Aus is run by a company named Venntro Media Group LTD. These guys have a several other sites to their name, and they all have a consistent reputation. All of their adult dating platforms are subscription rip-off sites (particularly the semi-famous F Buddy USA).

Targeted advertising

Not only will F Buddy steal your money, but it'll take your personal data too. It'll use your age, location and sexual preferences to throw targeted ads your way at every opportunity. Don't be surprised to find a lot of "find no strings attached sex here!" ads after using the website.

False claims

"F Buddy offers great features, millions of members and one night stands galore." You can tell the quality of a dating site by the claims it makes. If you check out any reputable platform like Match or eHarmony, you'll see short, simple taglines like "find love today" or "simple casual dating." F Buddy tries too hard to convince you it's legit.

F Buddy Australia - Avoid This Scam Site

There's nothing on F Buddy.com that'll actually help you find easy sex. Every instant message you receive will come from a bot, and you'll spend all of your time here scouring through fake profiles and scammers. There's no fun to be had here, and the chances of finding no strings sex are practically zero. Avoid like the plague.

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