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EscortsAffair Review - Is This Escort Site Legit?

If a site has the word affair in the name, you're in for a good time. Escorts Affair is an escort directory that gives you easy access to a shit ton of filthy escort girls, massage sluts and all manner of sexual activities that fall under the banner of sex work.

But with so many escort sites and porn sites around today, but EscortsAffair stand out from the crowd? What makes this different to the million other escort sites and dating sites online today? Well, we've dived into this escort site to give you the lowdown.

EscortsAffair - What's The Deal?

EscortsAffair is an aggregate escort site that showcases escort profiles and escort directories to any willing punters out there. The site functions as a search engine that scours every other listing service in the area to give you the biggest choice of casual sex partners you'll find anywhere. Incall chicks, out call services, you might even find a hot pornstar or that slutty chick from your office on here.

With escort sites like this, you don't need to watch porn anymore. And if you do, you can do it in the company of a ravishing babe who'll mimick every sex act on the screen, and she'll even do the fake shit like suck her own nipples while you rail her. Simply, Escorts Affair is a place to find the hottest bitch in your city and bang her like a rusty nail.

The site features everything you could want from an escort site, including a number of features to help you connect with these dripping-wet bitches without the hassle. Obviously, no site guarantee sex, but EscortsAffair comes pretty close. With the amount of available escorts on here, you'll be balls deep within a few hours.

First Impressions

When you first hit the EscortsAffair site, you'll see a disclaimer that tells you these independent escorts and escort agency hoes don't use this platform to make money. "Please note that clients and escorts spend time together in exchange for money, not sexual acts." Just time? We're going call bullshit on that one, because this site wouldn't get the traffic it did if these chicks just watched Breaking Bad with you. We all know what really happens.

Of course, the site has to pull this kind of legal jargon on you. After all, websites like Craigslist shut down their personals sections because of some bullshit about sex trafficking and illegal prostitution, so this is all just window dressing. So it's safe to ignore this stuff, head to the pull down menu and see everything the site has to offer.

First you'll have to pick your country, then narrow down to your specific town or city. Most countries are catered to, so it doesn't matter if you're in a Californian city or some dull English town, you'll be catered to regardless. The website looks pretty simple and streamlined at first glance, exactly what you want from an escort site. And best of all, it's free to get involved.


There's lots to love about EscortsAffair, but with that said, actual features are pretty minimal. Sites like this don't need a huge list of features to attract the masses because guys are just here to find a good looking woman and bang her senseless. As long as it gets the basics right, there's not much else to worry about. Here are some of the few features you'll find on Escorts Affair.

Detailed profiles

EscortsAffair takes the form of a personals site, which means users need to post ads in order to grab people's attentions. But all posters need a registered account, so you're able to dig into every poster's personal details. There's also a 'Quick Facts' section on every post which gives you detailed information about the poster, such as age, height, bust size and availability.

Simple search function

While you need to find your local area from the drop-down list, you can search each individual section further via the search bar. This lets you narrow down escorts by your desired criteria, such as hair color, bust size, services, and more specific areas if you live in a massive city.

Multiple contact methods

No one likes the old school Craigslist contact system. That's why EscortsAffair lets you contact your new friends via multiple methods. Pretty much every escort lists their phone number, but some of them also link their emails, social media pages and in some cases their own personal website. It means you're never short of contact methods.

Pictures are a must

If you don't post pictures in your ads, you can get the fuck out of here. EscortsAffair ensures that every listing has at least 3 photos (and even videos in some cases). Long gone are the days when personal ads were just huge blocks of text.

Services & prices

This is one pretty important because there's nothing worse than hitting up an escort and finding out she costs more than your rent. All available services and full prices are list in every individual profile so you know exactly what you're getting beforehand.

Available escorts across the world

EscortsAffair is a worldwide platform. Europe, Canada, Japan, New Zeland, India, Malaysia, UK, Asia, Thailand, Korean, South America and wherever the fuck else exists. All major cities are catered, as well as a thousand different small towns dotted across the world. No matter your location, there's something for you on this page.


Lots of explicit pictures. If you're ever stuck for porn, just browse the listings on here. Most girls are happy to bare everything, usually in a variety of seductive poses and outfits. Most girls link to their external social media pages too, which then gives you access to even more filthy content.

The fact that most girls list their phone numbers is a big plus. Calling or texting is the quickest way to setup a hooker meetup, so it's perfect for people who want to fuck within the next hour or two. EscortsAffair doesn't hold people hostage to their in-house email system like so many other services do.

We hate to generalize, but the escorts on here are kind of girls who only whore on the side. A lot of them are college girls or office workers who pimp out their bodies for a little extra cash, and that's a great thing. More power to them. For the client, that means the escorts are gonna be cheaper than your average full-time call girl.

This one comes down to personal experience, but it's great that these women are all your average, next-door slut types. It makes the whole hookup experience that little bit more real. Sure, you can find a couple of pro call girls, but most ladies on here are the kinds of debauched nymphos you'll meet in clubs and bars around the world.


Some of the ads on here are faker than Mia Khalifa's tits. Obviously, no free site is without fake profiles, and luckily it's pretty easy to spot them on here. Fake profiles are always WAY too in-your-face, like the title will be something like "COLLEGE NYMPHO WANTS YOU TO SHIT ON HER TITS." The real escorts tend to keep things a little classier.

With that said, some of the genuine escorts on here are quite forward. After all, sluttier chicks get more business, so it's really tempting to just dive right in and head straight to some hooker's bedroom. But always be catious when dealing with these ladies because sex work is a playground for scammers. Ideally meet up with escorts in a public place like a hotel lobby first.

There's not a big presence of alternative sex workers on here. For example, you won't find many dominatrices or kinky bitches. It's almost exclusively standard escorts who'll lend you their pussies for the night and nothing more. The most out-there things you'll find are girlfriend experience and pornstar experience escorts.

More Sites Like EscortsAffair

So EscortsAffair doesn't do it for you? That's fine. Maybe you want a website that's full of more seasoned hookers, or maybe you want a real woman who won't invoice you once you've shot your wad? If that's the case, here are some top notch alternatives to check out.

Backpage Pro

Probably our favorite free escort site in the game today, Backpage Pro is the reincarnated website of the old Backpage. It's offers sexual services galore, with a new post every minute of the day. It operates like a classic listings website and offers multiple ways to communicate with local escorts in your area.

Ashley Madison

Speaking of affairs, Ashley Madison is a pretty good place to get your pussy fix too. It's not an escort site, but it's got a personals section to help you find married women for extramarital fun. Just remember that everyone on here is already in a relationship, and they prefer to bang other married people too, so if you're looking to do the dirty on your old lady, hit AM tonight.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder is more of an adult community than an escort website, but it also has a personals section that's frequented by escorts all over the world. You'll need a paid subscription to get the most out of the site, but AFF has everything you could need to find a hookup. Even if escorts aren't you think, you can find a regular free hookup on here too.


Sumosearch is very similar to EscortsAffair, and it's full of girls who want to get fucked like C-list porn stars. It's got more categories than you could ever scour through in a lifetime, so you'll never be short of hookup possibilities. Despite the name, it's not a place to meet fat men from Japan, it's just a weird domain.

Is EscortsAffair Worth It?

Absolutely it is. Next to the big-name platforms like Mega Personals and Backpage Pro, EscortsAffair is one of the most impressive and active escort websites on the Internet today. It's almost guaranteed you'll find a hooker in your local area, and you can just grab their phone numbers and make sexual magic happen.

Sites like EscortsAffair are helping sex workers get back on their feet after government laws fucked them in the ass. The site works exactly as its intended, and despite a view drawbacks, it's still totally worth checking out. In-call sex is the easiest way to get your dick wet without having to endure expensive dating and romantic dinners, so definitely give it a shot tonight.

Did we miss anything in our EscortsAffair review? Comment and let us know!

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