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EscortIndex Review & Other Escort Sites Like

Need a working girl to show you a good time? Maybe you need a slutty companion for a business party? If so, escorts are the easiest way to get a gorgeous babe by your side for the night, and nowadays, there are no shortages of places to find these ladies of the night.

One such escort site is Escort Index, an alleged adult hub designed to bring clients and escorts together with ease. But does it deliver on its promises? What makes this site better than the million other escort sites out there? Here's your ultimate Escort Index review.

EscortIndex - What Is It?

As the name suggests, Escort Index is a escort listings website. It functions like every other escort website out there - find your city on the list, browse through ads, find the girl that takes your fancy and contact her. These girls tend to put up their phone numbers so you can call them right away for easy communication.

If you want a quick tl;dr, then Escort Index isn't the best escort website in the world. Far from it. In fact, we'd go as far as saying it's one of the worst we've come across in a while. Not only is it full to the brim with fakes and scammers, but the site will continuously ask you to "upgrade your account" for access to additional perks.

First Impressions

As soon as you hit the Escort Index homepage, you'll immediately know that something's up. The site is incredibly basic - almost too basic, and resembles the old Craigslist to the point that Craigslist should probably consider a lawsuit. When you choose your location from the list and see what's on offer in your area, it's quite obvious that Escort Index is here to scam you.

You'll see literally thousands of escort ads, even in areas with tiny populations. Even sites like Backpage and Bedpage didn't get this many ads in their heyday, and we seriously doubt there are 1200 escorts currently waiting for your call in Alaska right now. So yeah, first impressions are bad, but we perservered regardless.


Localized sections

There's a page for every state and city in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia. Even if your exact city isn't listed on here, chances are you'll find somewhere close by given how much choice there is. Alternatively, you can find escorts in your exact location by using the search function.

Escort listings

The escort listings are where you'll spend most of your time. Most girls include all the basic details; age, exact location, availability, prices, sexual services. All girls tend to include two or three pictures of themselves too. Unfortunately, you can't browse profiles on here since ads are a one-and-done kind of deal, so you can't see their history or feedback or anything.

Advanced searching

EscortIndex has a decent search function that trawls everything on the site, not just the localized version you're searching in. Just tap the search bar and browse by keyword, location, phone numbers, sexual service and more. In comparison to some other search bar functions, this one's pretty good.

Live escort reviews

Escort Index has a 'live escort review' section, which is intended to be a place for punters to give feedback on the escorts they've used. However, while this is a good idea, this section doesn't feature many reviews at all. In fact, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot here (more on this in the Cons section).

Does Escort Index Cost Anything?

At every turn, Escort Index will try and get you to upgrade your account for the one-off cost of $39.95. Apparently, this little upgrade gives you access to more girls, their phone numbers and an affiliated dating site known as Only Flirts. Needless to say, none of this is necessary given that the site is a scammer's paradise.


Easy to navigate

We can't deny that the site is quick and convenient to navigate. It does have a very user-friendly designe that lets you jump between sections easily (a problem a lot of other sites seem to have). Pictures also open in pop-up windows so they don't distract you from the task at hand.

Looks like Craigslist

Who didn't love Craigslist? Ever since the escorts section died out, every listings site has tried to fill the Craigslist-shaped hole in our lives. Escort Index tries a similar approach to the point you might think you've stumbled upon a Craigslist mirror site. The familiarity is good (although this site is nowhere near as good as Craigslist).


Fake ads

Having been around the porn industry for a while, we know a fake ad when we see one. Contrary to popular belief, most escorts don't boast about how filthy they are. If you see an ad with "I'll suck your dick and let you cover my face in cum!!" then it's not a real ad. Additionally, you often the same-worded ads in other cities, just with different profile pics.

Redirection links

At every opportunity, Escort Index will try and redirect you to a site you don't want to visit. It'll constantly throw catchy terms at you like "click here for the best porn sites" or "THIS popular sex dating site will get you laid fast!" These are obvious scam attempts so watch out for them because they won't actually get you laid at all, let alone fast.

Escort reviews don't work

EscortIndex has a section for 'live escort reviews,' but if you actually dig around here, you'll find absolutely zero reviews. You'll find a bunch of redirection links (again) and lots of fake spammy stuff, but when it comes to actual live escort reviews, the content is sorely lacking. Just another illusion to try and siphon your time and money.

Better Escort Listing Sites

Erotic Monkey

Erotic Monkey is a hidden gem in the escorting world. It's a little-known site that caters to punters on the west coast and it's got (genuine) escorts galore. High activity, detailed profiles (some of which include videos), and it's completely free to use. Browse the posts on here and you'll find an available sex worker within minutes.

Backpage Pro

Backpage Pro can hook you up with local escorts in the blink of an eye, if you're craving an easy fuck tonight. This escort website is the closest thing we have to the original Backpage, and unlike EscortIndex, there are no fake profiles or scammy links trying to sap your money. It's one of our favorite places for working girls so check it out.


As of recently, eBackpage is our go-to site to find escorts because it's got everything one could need. Plenty of regular listings, free browsing, and more categories than you could shake a shitty dildo at. It's a relatively new page on the scene but it ticks all the right boxes and it's rapidly growing. eBackpage is totally worth checking out if you're an escort lover.

EscortIndex - Is It Worth It?

Not really. Escort Index is an advertisement site posing as an escort site. The site is overflowing with pop up ads and almost everything you click will redirect you to other sites run by the same sketchy site owners behind Escort Index. Despite a few chicks who genuinely post on here, most are totally fake.

There are more sites that do what Escort Index does and does it better, so there's really no need to add this site to your rotation of escort-finder sites. Give this one a miss and choose one of the better sites from the list up above. Escort Index will waste your time and try and take a little money from you in the process. Avoid.

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