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Best Egg Sex Toy For Men & Women

We're not talking about hard boiled eggs here, we're talking about female (and male) sex toys. Tenga eggs are small, nifty masturbation devices that come in a variety of fits, sizes and internal textures. They feel ultra realistic and a lot of guys prefer them over regular old hand masturbation.

And the good news is that there's a lot of Tenga egg sex toys out there. The Tenga egg series is as vast as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so you'll have no trouble finding the best disposable sex toy to get your kicks. We've split this review up missionary style; men on top, women on bottom. Here's your ultimate Tenga egg review.

Men: What Exactly Are Tenga Egg Sex Toys?

Tenga Eggs are small masturbation devices that cover only the head of the penis, unlike fleshlights and sleeves that completely cover the whole length. They're shaped like eggs because it's the optimal design shape for penis-head masturbation, and each individual Tenga egg offers different internal details, super stretchable material and usually egg shaped casing for a little quirkiness.

Exactly what makes this male masturbator such a great sex toy is its simplicity. For those who want different sensations, you can get a variety pack. For those who prefer a specific sensation, you can buy single Tenga eggs. We guarantee that from the momemt you crack your first egg, you'll never look back.

OG Easy Beat Tenga Egg Pack

This is the egg pack that started it all. The Tenga OG Egg Pack includes six different Tenga eggs for maximum versatility and pleasure. If you're not sure which egg is the best for you, this variety pack lets you sample six different eggs and internal textures so you can find which one works for you faster. Each eggs has an insertable length up to 7.80".

The pack includes the Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper, and Silky (more on these individual eggs below). This isn't the only variety pack available from Tenga, but these eggs are the classics and the newer eggs are usually variations of them. Our advice is to grab this variety pack so you can try a range of eggs first.

Tenga Egg Spider

Not the most erotic name, we'll admit, but the Tenga Egg Spider has a unique interior texture that'll get your dick throbbing to the point of explosion. This sex toy features vertical and horizontal raised ribbings on the interior, and for anyone who's ever taken the backdoor before, you'll know what this is intended to simulate.

While the term 'spiderweb' is used in the description, this Tenga Egg Spider feels like you've got your dick inside a woman's ass. You'll have to take things slowly with this toy because the ribbings are sturdy, but throw in a bunch of lube and it's the closest you'll get to ass sex without a real person to do it with.

Tenga Egg Brush

Another anal sex simulator, the Tenga Egg Brush has a very bumpy interior sure to set your glans on fire. It has small, brush-like nodules inside that'll roll and stimulate the entire length of your shaft. Whether you like slow glans stimulation or rapid wanks, the Tenga Egg Brush covers boths forms very well.

If you've got an extra-sensitive penis head, this is where the Tenga Egg really shines. All you need to do is grip it and gently roll it around the glans. You don't need to push or pull, just let the bumpy material work its magic. Solo or partner play, the Tenga Egg guarantees you'll make a mess pretty quickly.

Tenga Egg Clicker

The interior of the Tenga Clicker is loaded with small bumps throughout, sort of like a million little tongues. Naturally, it feels like you're being sucked off, or more accurately, edged by a harem of slutty women all at the same time. If you've ever craved the feeling of multiple women hanging off your dong, the Tenga Egg Clicker can provide.

The fact that none of the Tenga Egg series offers complete coverage of the entire shaft lends itself further to the edging experience. Because this baby will only stimulate the penis head, you can fantasize that a group of cock-hungry ladies are lapping away at your glans. Not only that, but penis head (frenulum) play often results in stronger sensations overall.

Tenga Egg Silky

The Tenga Egg Silky is basically the smallest fleshlight you'll ever penetrate. The interior texture consists of delicate, stringy patterns, much like the inside of a vagina. The pattern is completely uniform throughout with no sudden bumps or ridges. It's like Tenga has transposed a real life vagina into egg form.

It's perhaps the most simple design in the Tenga Egg series, but this fact doesn't mean it offers limiting stimulation. It's much smoother than many of the other options available, which will no doubt appeal to the masses. Just be careful to maintain an up-and-down motion for maximum stimulation.

Tenga Egg Twister

One of the downsides to jerking off is that it's always the same motions. Up and down, repeat ad infinitum. However, the Tenga Egg Twister adds a little variety to the wanking process. The interior of this toy features swirl patterns than run lengthwise as opposed to the regular ribbing patterns we see in most sex toys.

So, instead of going up and down, you have to twist and rotate the Twister around your penis head. It won't completely cover your dick of course - it's just the glans that gets the pleasure from this bad boy. But you'll be surprised at just how effective the Twister is at getting the blood pumping.

Tenga Egg Sphere

The interior texture of the Tenga Egg Sphere resembles little electrical coils, and that might sound intimidating, but these things really play havoc with your nerve endings (in a good way). Like some others on this list, the Sphere isn't for straight up masturbation, it's more of a gentle massager.

If you use a soft grip and focus on certain parts of your penis, it can be a good tickler. A straightforward jerking motion might be TOO intense for some people, because this thing really hits every spot and then some. But if you want stimulation overload, the Sphere will pop you off in seconds.

Tenga Egg Stepper

This one isn't your regular wanking experience by far. Sometimes, it's nice to just fiddle with your length rather than jerk it like an ape. If you want to add a little sensuality to your masturbation efforts, the Tenga Egg Stepper can do that. It has shell-shaped, curved ridges on the inside, like mini triangles.

The Stepper is more of a penis massager than a masturbation toy, and we mean massage in the literal sense. It's not your usual up-and-down sensations, instead offering a relaxing sensation from a result of light touching and gentle caressing. You can still jerk off with it in the regular fashion if you want, but there are better Tenga Eggs for that.

Tenga Egg Silky II

The Tenga Egg Silky II is almost exactly the same as the regular Silky, but with a few more bumps and ridges along the way. While the regular Silky has 'webs' running through the interior, the Silky II has... more webs, but running in the opposite direction. So, it's a lot moe like a spider web than the original.

The unique pattern offers a striking, interesting sensation, but it's not mind-blowing penile stimulation. If you do decide to grab a single use toy from this list, there are better choices than the Silky II. The feelings are mild and very relaxing, but it's not going to make you cum like a broken tap.

Tenga Egg Wavy

You've probably heard of ribbed condoms before, and this device is the egg-shaped equivalent of that. It's got multi-layered, horizontal wavy ribs that simulate the sensation of getting your dick sucked. But with this sex toy, you can control the motion of the ocean. It's soft, fun and you'll be surprised how close it is to the real thing.

The ribbed waves are all different sizes and thicknesses throughout the internal section of the egg, so the sensation differs depending on how far you thrust inside. It genuinely feels like you've got someone's lips around your shaft, and if you throw in a little lube, the sensation is indistinguishable.

Tenga Egg Wavy II

What do you get when you add horizontal ribs to the Tenga Egg Wavy? The Wavy II! It's almost the same as the OG Wavy, but with a few more textures that overlap the previous ones. That means every inch of this sex toy is designed for maximum stimulation throughout, whether it's a soft or rapid jerk off.

Like the Wavy, it feels like you're getting blown by a woman with a very talented mouth. And with the new additions, it's like the woman is using her tongue and lips for even further stimulation. If you want to get sucked off without having to pester your girlfriend ever night, Wavy II offers intense waves of pleasure that'll leave you addicted.

Tenga Egg Tornado

Sometimes, the build up is better than the explosion. But with the Tenga Egg Tornado, you'll get both in abundance. The Tornado's interior has vertical nubs that apply pressure to your entire length, from the front to the back. It's a unique feeling, and nothing like you'll find on the human body. It doesn't feel like a pussy, ass or mouth. It's quite alien, but fun.

The best way to utilize the Tornado egg is to twist and massage, much like with a few other items on this list. It'll definitely push you over the finish line, it just make take a while to get there. Even so, it's a unique feeling that's definitely worth experiencing.

New Standard Tenga Egg Package

Another variety pack, but this time featuring the new eggs on the block. It's taken all of the OG Tenga Eggs and added a little color to the proceedings, and the end result is this collection of goodies, all inside some quirky egg-shaped casing. Just don't put them in your fridge otherwise you might have some awkward conversations with your mom when she visits your place.

The New Standard Pack includes: Wavy II, Boxy, Brush, Tornado, Sphere, and Silky II. Each egg is made from a thermoplastic elastomer, super stretchable material and offers single use (but really, no one is gonna know if you give it a wash and use it again). Right now, the New Standard Pack is only available in the US and Europe (sorry Canada).

Bonus Mention: Tenga Flip Fleshlight

Not an egg, neither hard boiled nor sex-related. The Tenga Flip Fleshlight is an interesting device that'll definitely pack a punch. Unlike other fleshlights, the Flip opens up and lets you place your cock inside in, then close it up again. It makes for incredible, all-round sensations that'll hit every spot at once.

Women: Egg Vibrators To Hit Your Sweet Spots

Different yolks for different folks. Masturbation eggs aren't just for guys. You've probably seen a few vibrating love eggs when you've been searching for sex toys for your wife or girlfriend, and you'll be happy to know that these sex toys are some of the most intense, stimulating devices on the market.

Treat the woman in your life to one of these eggs-cellent sex toys and you'll definitely be in the good books. Like the male sex toy equivalent, they come with a wide range of unique sensations, different textures and vibration settings. They're all made from high quality, flexible material to help engineer that perfect orgasm.

Lelo Insignia Lyla 2

This mini egg is far from a disposable sex toy because your missus will want to use this night after night. This discreet pink egg slips easily into the vaginal cavity and vibrates like a miniature earthquake. It sits perfectly inside, so your lady can wear this while she's out on the town. It makes for some very risky orgasms, but it's a whole lot of fun.

This remote control vibrating egg has just over 1.25” width and 3.5” insertable length. The little remote works up to 12 meters away from the device so you can stimulate her while she's on the other side of the bar. It's also got a SenseMotion feature, which means you can alter the egg's intensity just by moving the remote control around.

Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Vibrations

Remember Fifty Shades of Grey? Relentless Vibrations does. This sleek, egg-shaped vibrator is great for beginners looking to explore the world of vibrating sex toys. Made of silicone, the insertable love egg vibrator measures at 3” of insertable length, and approximately 1.25” width. It has two bulbous sections to provide additional stimulation over a completely round shape.

Just be aware, this shiny piece of sex equipment is pretty damn loud. If you're looking for somo solo fun (and no one else is in the house), you'll have a great time. It's ideal for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation, and its sexy silver designs add to its feminine appeal. There's only two vibration speeds, but it'll still make a mess of your bedsheets.

OhMiBod Esca 2 Egg Vibrator

For a discreet wank that won't disturb your housemates, the OhMiBod Esca 2 Egg Vibrator is a top choice. These days, you'll find vibrators in almost any size, but the Esca 2 keeps things small and succint and doesn't sacrifice power for functionality. It's got multiple, remote-controlled settings that'll give your partner a satisfying, hands-free orgasm.

The vibrations are powerful enough, but they won't drill the clitoris like a jackhammer in the way some eggs do. Instead, it's just speedy enough to get the job done, and manages to keep things quiet at the same time. It doesn't have a wide range of features, just vibration speeds and patterns. For a simple egg-shaped female toy, the Esca 2 gets it done.

Jimmyjane FORM 2

It's not shaped like an egg, but it still falls into similar categories. The JimmyJane FORM 2 has a very unique design that we've never seen in any disposable sex toy before. It resembles a rabbit's head with two giant ears; ideal to wrap around the clit and stimulate from both sides. It has four vibration speeds and a memory to resume the same speed from your last wank sesh.

The price is a little high for this one, but it's worth it for the mind-blowing sensations on offer. The product advises you use less lube than usual, because the FORM 2 grips the clit from both sides, and too much lube means it might slip off. It's super quiet too, so you can use this wild little bastard anywhere you want.

Alive Egg Vibrator

If you're just beginning your search for the ultimate sex toy, the Alive Egg is a fantastic choice. It's 1.5 inches wide and goes 4 inches deep, which isn't a whole (pardon the pun) lot, but if you're vagina hasn't seen much stretching, it's a fantastic pack to get started with. It's also very lightweight, so if your girlfriend hasn't masted kegal control, it'll still stay inserted.

Word of warning, the Alive Egg is NOT for anal use. It doesn't have a flared base so you won't be able to pull it out. And with out sleek and shiny this thing is, it's very easy for it to slip deep into the back passage. The price of the Alive Egg is pretty good since it's mostly targeted at beginners. You can get it from any reputable sex toy site.

We-Vibe Touch X

The We-Vibe Touch X is nothing short of a sexual grenade. This explosive orange egg is only 4 inches deep, but that's deep enough to get the job done. What makes the We-Vibe Touch X stand out from the crowd is just how powerful it is. Wrap this around your girlfriend's clit and she'll be screaming like a seasoned pornstar.

It's easy to hold, a discreet size and looks a picture of feminine perfection. You don't have to apply much pressure because the outrageous vibration power will stimulate any clit from even the lightest sensations. It's slightly more expensive than some similar products, but it's worth it for the extra stimulation it provides.

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