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Eden Levine Wiki, Bio, Videos, and Photos

Eden Levine is a gorgeous Guatemalan swimwear model who's fast become a social media superstar. She rose to fame after posting her incredible fitness photos to her Instagram account, and has since become one of the platform's most popular performers. Here's everything you need to know about Eden Levine.

Eden Levine - Age, Info, Net Worth, Personal Life

As of 2022, Eden Levine is 34 years old and currently has 2m followers on her Instagram page. She's a sultry blonde (who occasionally goes brunette to change things up) from Guatemala and her content can be found on a huge number of platforms (except Facebook).

Eden Levine keeps her personal and family life private, so not much is known about her childhood or how she was raised. Originally, Eden was concerned that society wouldn't accept her as an instagram model, but her career rapidly took off shortly after joining the site.

Where Can I See Eden Levine's Videos?

If you want to see more of Eden Levine, there are number of online services to visit. You don't need to search any further, Here are Eden Levine's hottest links:



Eden Levine continues to improve her Instagram game time and time again.







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