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eBackpage - Is This Escort Site Safe And Legit?

Some of you older folks might remember the original Backpage website from a few years ago. Backpage was a free classified ads site that let people find escort ads, strip clubs and all manner of adult services in their area. But Backpage disappeared back in 2018, and ever since, there's been a gaping hole in the personals scene that a few sites have tried to fill.

One such site is eBackpage, a new spin on the original that tries to return the site to its former glory. The adult industry is screaming out for a functioning, active place to post ads and find escorts, but does eBackpage deliver? Is this place a treasure chest of hot escorts or will it leave you high and dry? Here's your ultimate eBackpage review.

eBackpage - What's It All About?

There are millions of escorts out there on the hunt for clients, and a lot of these escorts don't work for agencies. Instead, they're independent girls who have to do all their own marketing and advertising, and sites like eBackpage give them a platform to reach the masses without having to rely on social media.

And while eBackpage is mostly a place to find escort services, there are plenty of other services advertised on here too. If it falls under the adult section banner, then chances are eBackpage will make mention of it. Strip clubs, sex shops, swingers clubs, massage parlors, bath houses. You'll be surprised at just how many adult-oriented businesses there are in your city.

First Impressions

The eBackpage website is laid out in the most perfect way possible. For a site with so many subcategories, the place could easily be a complete incoherent mess. However, eBackpage simplifies things so it's real easy to navigate. From the homepage, simply select your country and specific location from the massive list. Then you'll be taken to a localized version of the site.

Once you dig into a specific section, you'll see all of the available subsections and honestly, there are more categories than you'll know what to do with. It's broken down into eight subsections for your convenience. These categories are:

  • Escorts
  • Body rubs
  • Strippers and stripclubs
  • Dom and fetish
  • TS (trans, transexuals, transvestites)
  • Male escorts
  • Phone and websites
  • Adult jobs

One thing we should note is that some posters accidentally put their ads in the wrong category. It's easily done, so if you don't find what you're looking for in the standard escorts section, it's worth checking out the other pages just in case.


Localized listings

Like most classified services, eBackpage is broken down by individual locations to make it easier to find people in close proximity. Pretty much every major location in every developed country is catered to, as are many lesser-populated cities around the world. Even if your exact location isn't represented, somewhere close to you will be.

Escort ads

At its core, eBackpage is an escort site. The majority of services on offer concern the oldest profession, and all of them are usually posted by independent working girls themselves. You'll rarely see posts from agencies except in some of the more popular cities like LA and New York City. As well as escort services ads, there are also dozens of ads for dominatrices and fetish girls.

Post your own ads

Ads are free to post, whether you're advertising your own services or looking for an escort to spend the night with. As well as the escorts section, there's also a personals page for men and women who want to meet each other for consensual dating and hooking up, much like the original Craigslist personals section. If you're interested, check out the Women Seeking Men section.

Adult business ads

Maybe escorts aren't your thing? Even so, you'll find plenty of companies on here that specialize in different kinds of adult entertainment. Body rubs, sex shops, porn stores, swinging clubs, massage parlors, gay saunas and more dependent on the area's individual services. If it falls under the banner of adult entertainment, you'll find its details on here.

Is eBackpage Free?

Yes it is. e-Backpage is completely free to visit, browse and post your own ads. A lot of modern classified sites request payment in order to use in full, but you don't have to pay a dime to use anything on this website. The only cost that you'll incur is when you employ the service of a local escort you meet through here.


Regular classifieds

The majority of the website consists of classifieds either posted by sex workers or horny women looking for a good time. Around 90% of the content is made up of these kinds of ads, which is good because that's probably what you're looking for anyway. While it isn't the most active site in the world, you'll still find a new listing every hour or so.

Phone numbers provided

Most of the posters provide their phone numbers or email addresses in their advertisements so you can contact them directly. There's nothing worse than having to use a built-in messaging system to contact people (ala Craigslist) because it always comes with a few hiccups. Instead, most sex workers either post their contact details or post links to their personal websites.

No advertisements

One thing we noticed when doing our e-Backpage review was that the website doesn't have a single ad. It seems that e-Backpage doesn't make its money through advertisers, so really, we have no idea how they make their money. Our guess is that it's being bankrolled by a wealthier company, as we very much doubt the website sells on its personal data.

Good search function

The website has a real good search function that lets you find posts no matter how old they are. You can also use the advance function to access posts from other localized areas of the website (especially useful in places which have heavy representation where town and city lines can blur).


No direct messaging

Most classifieds sites have an option to message posters directly through the website. Now, most posts do include phone numbers or email addresses for easy communication, but sometimes posters forget to include these little details. That means you might sometimes have a hard time connecting with someone if they don't provide a contact number.

Mostly North America classifieds

eBackpage has ads for adult services all over the world, but the vast majority of them are posted in the North American categories. Sure, you'll find a few advertisements in Canada, Europe, Asia and so forth, but they're few and far between, and certainly don't crop up on a daily basis like the North American listings.

Images not mandatory

Perhaps the biggest downside is that the service doesn't require posters to include pictures of themselves. How do you know if an escort is worth checking out if you can't see her? Luckily, most posters are aware that you want to see before you buy so they'll include pictures, but not everyone is so accomodating.

eBackpage - Worth It?

It's not quite as populated as the original Backpage, but e-Backpage comes in at a close second. While it still has some growing to do, eBackpage is a good starting point if you're looking for some adult company for the evening. It won't give you the biggest list of available escort services in your area, but it should give enough choice to cater to your tastes.

Since e-Backpage is just a place for female and male escorts to advertise themselves, you don't have to sign up, create an account or even interact with anyone via the site. It's just a place to pick up phone numbers and arrange your hookup at your own convenience. As a classifieds site, e-Backpage ticks all the boxes.

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