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Best Discount Sex Toys Shops

Everyone needs a few sex toys under their bed, and if your collection is running low, we've got the best clearance sex toys to check out right here. Cock rings, dildos, adult toys for every customer in the book. We're here to show you the kind of clearance section you won't find in your local Whole Foods.

Cheap Sex Toys With High Quality

When we say cheap sex toys, we don't mean flimsy pieces of crap that break after a few uses. We're talking about genuine, sturdy adult toys that provide all of the pleasure at a fraction of the cost. Just because something is affordable, doesn't mean it's not worth having, especially with all the coupon codes, promo code and special offers available.

You might be looking for something specific. Maybe you don't know what you want to purchase yet. You might want a free gift alongside your purchase, or free shipping, and there's a good chance you need the price to be right. Well, your search for your ultimate sex toy shop ends here because we're here to save you time and money.

Pinkcherry's Collection

Pinkcherry claims its collection of sex toys are hard, throbbing proof that pleasure needn't come at a price. As one of the biggest providers of clearance sex toys in the country, the Pinkcherry site has pretty much anything you could need for a steamy sex party between you and your partner (or multiple partners if you so desire).

Right now, there's a spring promo code available for 20% off every purchase in the whole shop. So, if you sign up today you can make the most of these deals and save a fuck ton of cash in the process.

Too Timid

Too Timid to shop for clearance sex toys in person? No need to worry. Too Timid and its affiliates have you covered. Cheap is very much their USP, making them something akin to the Amazon of the adult toys world. Dildos, vibrators, surprise bundles and male sex toys all at cheaper prices than you'll find anywhere else.

After you sign up, every new customer is treated to a handful of newbie deals, including 15% off every purchase and a free gift when you spend over $40. There are new deals every week too, so check your account page to see what you're eligible for.


Lovehoney is the number one platform in the world for cheap sex toys, and they guarantee they'll leave every customer smiling. Not just because of their orgasmic new toys, but because they ensure you're happy with all of the items you purchase. Not only can college students use the promo code UNIDAYS for lower prices, but they have a generous returns policy too.

If you're not happy with an item you've purchased, you can return it for free within 30 days. This is just one of the many benefits of opening a Lovehoney account, so be sure to make the most of it. And no, those dildos you've sent back won't be put back on sale!

Ella Paradis

Ella Paradis offers a great way to enhance your sex life without breaking the bank. While the products are quite vanilla (dildos, vibrators, basic sex toys), they're all fantastic quality designed to the highest standard. There are no male sex toys on here, but if you want to treat your girlfriend, this is the place to do it.

You'll need to create an account and login to get going, and new users can use the promo code ELLASPRING10 for 10% off every purchase. While the site's sex toys collection isn't massive, you'll enjoy your experience here.

Unbound Babes

Another one exclusively for the ladies, Unbound Babes is the all-round cheapest place for sex toys on this list. Its dildos hover around the $40 mark while dildos, plugs and smaller toys are around $30. For a cheap vibe that gets the job done and doesn't shy away from quality, Unbound Babes will help you save cash and treat your wife at the same time.

Spend $100 or more and you'll receive a free gift for your custom (and you can even pick which gift you want), and not only that, but if you find any sex toys cheaper elsewhere, Unbound Babes will refund the difference.

Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is a haven of dildos, vibrators, lube, butt plugs and a whole lot of other items designed to stimulate your lady's most sensitive regions. And the best part about Nasty Gal is that there's always a salfe on. At any given time, you'll find offer after offer for a whole host of things in their catalog.

Free shipping is available for every purchase over $50, and with such a vast array of products and categories, spending $50 here is a pretty easy task. Sign up, search and fill your drawer out with cheap sex toys today.


PleasureAttic is a fantastic place for kinky bastards to purchase their instruments of pain and pleasure. Not only does it have dildos, vibrators and a whole swash of cheap sex toys, but you'll also get more niche products like canes, whips, leather outfits, bondage gear and much more. Best of all, it's available for the right price.

Of course, PleasureAttic gives customers plenty of opportunities to save money. All you need to do is sign up for their monthly newsletter and you'll get given a new promo code every month, usually to th tune of 10-25% off depending on the season.

Adam & Eve

If they had dildos in the garden of eden, Adam and Eve would have told that snake to fuck off. Adam & Eve is a massive retailer of sex toys all across America, fulfilling new orders every minute of the day. If you love sex toys, Adam & Eve will provide. They promote discretion, sex positivity and excellent customer service with every sale.

Adam & Eve has a fantastic satisfaction guarantee policy, and they usually have tons of great coupon and promo codes floating around at any given time.

The Best Places For Discount Sex Toys

If you'll pardon the pun, orgasms shouldn't come at a cost. We believe sex toys should be affordable for everyone, and with the links above, you can save money and ramp up your bedroom activities in one fell swoop.

Any of the pages we've linked will provide you with high quality toys for either yourself, your partner, or both of you to enjoy together. We hope our discount sex toy review has helped you find a new hub to get your fix, and we hope you have a lot of fun with your new products!

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