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r/DirtySnapchat & Other Subreddits For NSFW Usernames

We can't lie. When it comes to adult content, Reddit is a total goldmine. A lot of people think Reddit is just full of nerds talking about video games, but it's actually a solid place to make new friends and share your love of filthy pornography. Today, we're looking at a subreddit known as Dirty Snapchat, which helps you find Snapchat usernames of real horny girls.

r/DirtySnapchat - What Is It Exactly?

The sub's 'About' section says it all. The best place to find real people who want to get dirty on Snapchat. Simplicty at its finest. As you probably know, Snapchat is the perfect app for sending and receiving hot photos thanks to its disappearing-media gimmick, and with so many users on the platform, it's more efficient than even some of the best porn sites out there.

But the difficult part is actually finding real girls to get nasty and find Reddit hookups with. Every Snapchat user has a unique username and searching for new people on the app isn't the easiest thing in the world, so people have to use third-party platforms to find Snapchat usernames to talk dirty with. Dirty Snapchat gives you a place to bare your Snapchat username for the world to see.

First Impressions

We love Reddit because it does everything right. It doesn't bog you down with unnecessary features. Everything is crisp, clear and gets right to the fucking point. It knows you're here for fun and doesn't concern itself with anything else. All of the posts are laid out by relevance so you get the best shit right at the top.

Every post has the basic information you need; age, sex, sexual preferences, and the person's Snapchat username. Some posts include a sample of the dirty snaps on offer so guys can get a taste of what they're in for. Overall, the site hits all of the right marks. You don't need an account to browse posts and you can search through posts completely for free. Perfect.


Personal ads

Every subreddit has a pretty identical layout so if you've used the site before, you'll know pretty much what to expect. The DirtySnapchat homepage is an endless list of ads and you're free to browse through them all at your leisure. All posts require certain information to be accepted; age, gender and a brief overview of your sexual preferences.

Post your own ads

Don't see a post that catches your attention? No problem, You can post your own ad and wait for other DirtySnapchat users to contact you instead. A good example of an ad is something like " 29 [M4F] Horny at work, looking for submissive woman to exchange nudes with." Replace the latter part of the ad with your own personal requirements.

Direct messaging

Not all users list their Snapchat usernames in their initial posts. Instead, some guys and girls ask you to reach out to them via Reddit's direct messaging system. Some people are cautious about who they exchange account details with, so this is a way for them to vet their potential sexting friends. Don't be surprised if some members ask you to message them beforehand.

Free access

The best thing about Reddit (not just DirtySnapchat)? Absolutely everything is free. It's free to create accounts, send messages, post your own stuff, search through previous ads and of course, indulge in all the explicit pics and and videos on display. More on this in the next secttion of the review.

Does Dirty Snapchat Cost Anything?

No it doesn't. DirtySnapchat costs absolutely nothing to use, just like the rest of Reddit. Everything from meeting your next dirty Snapchat friend to actually swapping nudes with them won't cost you a single thing. Why waste money on dating site subscriptions when Dirty Snapchat does the same thing at no cost whatsoever?


High activity

As of the time of writing, Dirty Snapchat has 491k registered users with about 1k online at any one time. Compared to some other hookup sites on the Internet, these are wildly impressive numbers, and it's evident by the fact there's a new post every few minutes, every single day of the week.

Easy searching

The sub makes it easy to find dirty snaps with its useful search function. Not only can you keyword search through posts, accounts and usernames but you can also use the tag system to find posts that suit you. These identify the person's gender and the available options are Male, Female, Trans and Couples. You can also filter down by verified users too.

Explicit content

As you navigate throughout this subreddit, you'll find a lot of explicit images. These sex-addicted kinksters are more than happy to give a sample of the kind of pictures that'll be blowing up your phone should you take your conversation over to Snapchat. Even better still is that you won't find these pics anywhere else on the Internet.


Mostly guys

The breakdown between males and females on the app is not 50/50. There are definitely more men posting their Snapchat usernames to the degree that it's noticable, but the filter options let you break down the page to only find girls. This problem isn't limited to just Dirty Snapchat though, it's an issue across the entire sexting scene in general.

Alternative NSFW Subs For Snapchat Usernames


They missed a trick by not calling this sub Snapcheat. Regardless, this one is quite naughty, which is why you'll find so many of the accounts are burner accounts. It's a place to meet new Snapchat friends for extramarital fun. If your sex life is in a rut, you might be able to spice it up with a little Snapchat-based infidelity. Don't forget, the majority of affairs in today's world start through social media!


Not a place to meet new friends, just snap after snap of hot bitches doing what they do best. Most of the content on NSFW Snapchat is legit leaked pictures that people have stolen from their current or ex-partner and posted for everyone on Reddit to see. It's a little fucked up, but you'll never be short of naked women to gawp at on here.


The name says it all. Are you a slut who sends filthy messages on Snapchat? Then create an account on here and show off that incredible body to all Reddit's horny users. Some snaps are posted by the girls themselves, some are posted by ex-boyfriends and ex fuck buddies. Either way, there's a snap for everyone on here.


Snapchat leaks are big business. There are entire sites dedicated entirely to stolen Snapchat content, and the majority of it either starts or ends up on Snapleaks. Almost every account is a burner account to make it difficult to trace the origins of each snap, and while it's wrong on many levels, it's very easy to get lost in this paradise of filthy snaps.

Dirty Snapchat - Is It Worth It?

If you're looking to spice up your Snapchat experience, then Dirty Snapchat should be the first place to visit. The subreddit is completely genuine and no-nonsense, very few fakes, and everyone on here is just on the hunt for virtual fun. The site isn't trying to extort from you, it just genuinely wants to help you up your Snap game.

Will you find an IRL hookup on here? Probably not. Most accounts just want sexting fun or to blow their phone up with filthy pictures, and that's absoultely fine. Even if you don't use Reddit for anything else, there's a whole universe of fun to be had when you register for Dirty Snapchat.

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