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DirtyR4R Review & Other Subreddits For Hookups

If you didn't already know, Reddit is a fucking awesome place to find casual sex. You might think Reddit is just a bunch of nerds talking about video games, but it's actually a place overflowing with personal ads, filthy nudes and endless dirty chat opportunities. Today, we're looking at a subreddit known as DirtyR4R. Here's your ultimate DirtyR4R review.

DirtyR4R - How Does It Work?

DirtyR4R stands for Dirty Redditor4Redditor, which basically means it's a place for horny bastards to meet each other for Reddit hookups with as little effort as possible. It's something akin to a dating site combined with a personals section, and as of the time of writing, it's one of the most popular subreddits within the NSFW niche.

Using this dirty chat board is completely free, something that gives an instant edge over mainsteam dating sites and apps. There's actually a whole subculture of hookup-seekers on here, and with 862k registered members, that's a whole lot of people on the hunt for casual encounters. Like we said, Reddit isn't just a place to talk shit and share memes. It can geuninely get you laid.

First Impressions

If you've used Reddit before, you'll know exactly what to expect from this sub. The first thing you'll see on r/DirtyR4R is a long list of ads, and your eyes will immediately jump to a few things in each line. First you'll see the flair, which dictates the poster's gender, then you'll see the age and location. Posts are organized by Reddit's upvote rating system, but you can change this to suit your preferences.

DirtyR4R is pretty big on posting rules too, so every post follows a simple format that makes it easier to find like-minded users. Most people do indeed follow these rules, something else that makes DirtyR4R such a great place for finding hookups in your city. As first as first impressions go, DirtyR4R hits all of the right notes.


DirtyR4R isn't swimming with features outside of the regular Reddit perks. It's so stripped down and easy to use that a monkey could do it. When it comes to finding hookups, you have two choices. The first is to browse through ads, find one that catches your attention and message the user behind it. This is the easiest and most convenient way to find sex on here.

The other is to post your own advertisement and wait for users to reach out to you instead. It really depends on your personal preferences, but if you're a guy looking to meet women, the former approach is more beneficial in the long run. Women get so many messages that they rarely have to do any chasing themselves.

There's a search function for those who can't be bothered scrolling through old posts too. Just input whatever keywords you want and you'll be greeted with a list of posts that match your specifications. Once this is done, you just have to schmooze these sex-hungry women through Reddit's chat function.


The users on r/DirtyR4R aren't trying to disguise their intentions. They don't expect romantic dinners or lavish gifts or anything that comes with regular dating, and their filthy posts tend to reflect this. Most users are quick to vocalize their sexual desires because all they're looking for is no-strings fun. You don't have to worry about boring small talk with them either.

There's actually a huge female presence on this subreddit - much more than most similar subreddits too. You'll be able to see female-posted ads by the pink female flair beside every relevant post, and you'll quickly see that it's almost even 50/50 split between guys and girls. This is very very rare to find in the hookup world.

While most users are looking for discreet hookups, other relationships are sought too. A portion of site users are on the hunt for virtual fun through sexting and picture sharing, so if IRL meetups aren't your idea of fun, you could still find willing sexting partners to help get your kicks.

Unlike similar subreddits, this site represents women from every age range. You might think it's only 18-25 year olds looking for fun on here, but don't be surprised to find users in their 30s, 40s and 50s seeking a fuck partner. The website was created to cater to every age range and it certainly fulfills its goals.


One downside to this subreddit is that it's hard to know how popular a certain post has been. Let's say you've seen a post from last week and you're thinking about messaging the user. It's hard to know how many replies she'd received since there's no way to determine it from the available metrics. It's possible no one messaged her, or she might be inundanted with hook up requests. It's impossible to tell.

The site is almost entirely M4F and F4M posts. You'll rarely find anything for gay guys, lesbians or trans people. It makes sense in a way since these kinds of users are in the minority, not to mention there are other places on Reddit that cater to their sexual needs. But still, it would be nice to see a little diversity now and again.

Other Subs To Find Hookups


Naughy From Neglect was created for people in sexless relationships to find a hookup partner. Sure, it's a little wrong, but every person deserves to get laid, and Naughty From Neglect makes it happen for free. This subreddit is very similar to DirtyR4R, except every poster is already involved in a relationship. In conclusion, it's naughty but it's a ton of fun.


BDSM Personals works exactly like DirtyR4R except it's only for those involved in the BDSM scene. It's sometimes difficult to find a hook up in the kink scene because of the whole trust aspect of fetish play, but BDSM Personals will put you in contact with the kind of person you can get naughty with at a moment's notice.


As the name might suggest, r/Hookup is the place to come if you want to meet someone in the flesh right away. The difference between this subreddit and DirtyR4R is that Hookup caters to a significantly younger crowd, namely the college and university crowd. If you've got youth on your side, don't be afraid to get involved on this sub.


DirtyR4R is actually a spin-off of the original R4R subreddit, although the original is a little less tame. People mostly use it to find new friends and travelling partners, but there are some ads for physical intimacy on there too. R4R has twice the user base of DirtyR4R, so this sub is definitely worth checking out if you're looking for casual sex.

DirtyR4R - Is It Worth It?

Hell yes, DirtyR4R is absolutely worth checking out. It's one of the best places to find willing sex partners anywhere on the Internet, and you'll find ladies of every age, race and body type on here too. It's more convenient than a dating site and a lot cheaper to boot. The only thing it will cost you is the time it takes to create a free account.

If you're tired of the mainstream dating sites that promise casual sex and don't deliver, personal ads sites might be a more appropriate choice for you. DirtyR4R might be the ultimate ads site on the Internet, particularly since Craigslist is no more. Join the r/DirtyR4R community and find that next person who'll invigorate your sex life.

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