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Reddit DirtyKikPals & Other NSFW Subreddits

You might not associate Reddit with sex, but you'd be surprised exactly what you can find on there. Truth be told, Reddit is total goldmine when it comes to finding sext partners, mostly because it's one of the most popular sites around today, so there's statistically tons of horny guys and girls on there.

If you're a porn geek, you probably already know this, but today we're looking at a subreddit called r/Dirtykikpals. As the name suggests, it's a place to meet dirty KIK pals to exchange hot sexts, share images and whatever else you might want to do. Want to know exactly how it works? Here's your ultimate Dirtykikpals review.

r/Dirtykikpals - What Is It Exactly?

Reddit is a social media site that's basically a huge collection of forums separated by topic. These topics cover pretty much everything in existence, from standard stuff like movies and video games right down to crazy niche shit like dragon porn and photoshopped animals in top hats. Yeah, Reddit's kind of a weird place

But the good news is that there's plenty of NSFW subreddits to rival even the best porn sites out there, but one subreddit with a particularly user rating is r/Dirtykikpals. It's not so much a porn subreddit than a place to meet other KIK users, get their details and take your chats over to the KIK platform, and find a Reddit hookup if you're lucky. It's actually much easier than meeting people directly on KIK.

First Impressions

If you've used Reddit before, you'll already know what to expect. A simple post layout that you can scroll through at your leisure without having to sign up. You can view every post without needing to register for a Reddit account, one advantage that the platform has over other sites. That means you can hone in on naughty people before going through the registration process.

Dirty KIK Pals is laid the best it can possibly be. Everything's easy to read and searches load as quick as you can ask for. The sub is populated with 450k users and new posts crop up every 3 minutes on average. On the right hand side of the page you'll see the current top searches so you'll know what other people on there are looking for. Overall first impressions - 10/10.


Browse posts

Posts are organized in order of relevance by default, which is usually a combination of popularity of newness. However, you can filter posts by any criteria you wish (newest, oldest, hottest or most relevant).

Post your own ads

If no ads catch your eye, you can always put up your own and wait for the replies to roll in. You must include certain information in your ad including your age, gender and sexual preference. Some users also include a flirty little message like "looking for a slutty maid" or "seeking a man in uniform."

Verification for women

As you probably expect, most of the ads are posted by guys, so quite often, ads created by girls are deemed fake. To get around this, girls usually provide pics, but an easier way to display authenticity is for them to verify themselves. Look for the little 'verified' tag to find ads by real girls.

Direct messaging

Reddit has two ways of contacting other members. The first is through the live chatting section and the other is direct messages to their inbox. Both of them pretty much do the same thing, but some users have preferences and they'll usually state so in their ad.

Does r/Dirtykikpals Cost Anything?

No it does not. Dirtykikpals is 100% free. There isn't even a paid option available so you don't have to worry about the subreddit trying to somehow extort money from you. The only paid option on Reddit is for "awards" which you give to posts you really like. But of course, there's no obligation to do this.


Very popular subreddit

Dirtykikpals is a hive of activity any day of the week. The subreddit has 450k registered users and around 1k online at any one time. The breakdown between men and women is pretty fair too, especially in comparison to subreddits in similar categories.

Detailed posts

Most users on Dirty KIK Pals include enough information in their ads to give you a small taste of their sexual desires. They don't write their life story by any means, but a lot of them include a few keywords to let you know the kind of stuff they're looking for.

Search by tags

Posters can include a number of keywords to help like-minded users find them via the searching function. E.g, terms like shy girl, bored housewife, big tits, tight ass, Asian, girlfriend role play, ass fucking, etc. The rules state that all ads need at least two keywords.

Mobile app

Connect with new dirty kik pals on the move with the Reddit app. Obviously for a website of this caliber, the app is as smooth and professional as it comes. It includes all the same features as the website including messaging and chatting options so you can meet KIK buddies with ease.


No usernames in posts

Users aren't allowed to publicly reveal their KIK usernames in their posts, meaning you have to message that girl through the Reddit chat system beforehand. It's an unneccesary step that adds more time to the KIK sexting process, and it would make things much easier if you could just message them directly through KIK to begin with.

Lack of visibility

It's hard to know exactly how popular posts are because replies aren't allowed. Therefore, you don't know if a million people have already messaged that particular girl. By contrast, you don't know if she's sat desperately refreshing her inbox for new messages. You can kind of gauge popularity by the number of upvotes, but it's not an accurate barometer.

Alternative NSFW Subreddits


This site is quite similar to Dirty KIK Pals except it's more for written role play. If you'd like to communicate with someone who shares your love of erotica, Dirty Penpals is one of the first categories to check out. Most users are looking for quite specific role play scenarios, so browse through the list, find one that interests you and shoot them a message.


The Gone Wild community is pretty rad. Basically, Gone Wild is a series of subs that feature real Redditors sharing nude pictures of themselves, and Petite Gone Wild is perhaps the most popular. Small, slender, tight bitches uploading pictures and videos of themselves for your viewing pleasure. It beats mainstream porn sites any day.


What guy doesn't love handjobs? If you're into the tug life, Girls Finishing The Job shows gorgeous women pulling off cocks to completion. Edging videos, harsh handjobs, dick tickling until the point of explosion. If you want something a little more visveral than Dirtykikpals, Girls Finishing The Job can provide.


The name of the site says it all. You won't find anyone to talk on here, but that's not why Cumsluts was created. This is a community of horny bastards who just want to see gorgeous babes covered in jizz. A lot of the content is actually posted by the users themselves, and these sluts love that cum everywhere; all over their body, their mouth and across their face.

r/Dirtykikpals - Should You Check It Out?

In conclusion, yes. As the tagline for Dirty KIK Pals says, sexting is so last year. Sexting is out and KIK fun is in, and there's no better place to find it than this website. It's completely free to use, it's simple and straightforward and it's got constant activity every minute of the day. If you're looking to link up with a new KIK buddy, r/Dirtykikpals is where it's at.

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