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DirtyRoulette Review - Dirty Chat Roulette Site

Adult video chat is a hot property right now. Ever since that pesky pandemic we've been getting our kicks in adult chat rooms and adult webcam sites, and one of the most popular categories of camsites is the much-loved roulette chat. And why not? Camming takes sex chat to the next level with hot, real-time interaction with other horny bastards.

One super popular adult chat roulette site is Dirty Roulette (sometimes called Dirty ChatRoulette). It's a bona fide cam site brimming with cam sex opportunities with sexy woman from all over the world. But how does it hold up? Is it better than regular ChatRoulette? Will it get you laid with random strangers? Here's what you need to know.

Dirty Roulette - What Do I Need To Know?

You probably already know exactly what roulette chat cam sites involve. You spin the wheel and instantly connect with hot girls and chat users from all over the world, and you're free to get wild in a one-to-one cam session for your own sexual satisfaction. Nevermind dick pics, you're free to let it all hang out during an adult chat roulette session.

And there are roulette chat options for every niche imaginable. Gay roulette, shemale roulette, BBW roulette, you name it. DirtyRoulette combines many different chat users into one video chatting platform to give you the biggest choice of raunchy, naked girls for steamy sex chat and a mind-blowing virtual experience.

To get going on Dirty Roulette, both you and your random stranger both need a video camera installed. If you're using the site on desktop, you'll need a webcam. If you're using it on your smartphone, you'll be fine since it probably has a working camera. If you're a bit shy, you can use blurring options to keep yourself (vaguely) anonymous.

First Impressions

The DirtyRoulette website oozes sex from the moment you enter the chat platform. It's got a nice black, white and red color scheme that immediately makes you think of sex and eroticism, and the website layout is as good as it gets. You'll see two columns on the left hand side of the screen for yours and your partner's webcam feeds, but first you need to put your details in.

Select your gender, your location and type in a few of your interests, then you'll be matched with someone as close to your specifications as possible. The algorithm isn't great so don't expect perfect matches, but who cares as long as it's someone of the opposite sex? However, this is where the first problem arises - there's a lot more guys than there are girls.

Chances are you'll watch more than your fair share of dicks, and it might take a while before you're actually matched with a sexy girl. You'll get there eventually, but it might take quite a few spins. There are always plenty of people online, but like we said, they're mostly guys with their dicks in their hands. So, overall first impressions are kind of a mixed bag.


Free account

DirtyRoulette is completely free to start chatting with other users. You'll need to join up before you can indulge all of the available features, but there's no cost involved if you want to jump straight into video chat. There is a paid option available for more enthusiastic members, but it doesn't really offer many advantages over the free membership.

The paid membership just gives you a few more filter options (such as age and country) and the ability to chat with two people at once on the same account. This is pretty hard to do though and you'll probably need two screens for the privilege. These additional features are minimal and don't add a whole lot to the adult chat experience.

Instantly connect

DirtyRoulette is the quickest sex cam chat site we've ever used, and that's not hyperbolic. You can scroll through active videos at the push of a button and the waiting time is almost non-existent. Usually, webcam chat sites are known for their long periods of inactivity, but DirtyRoulette's super fast features are a testament to just how many people watch the site.

Another way of looking at this is that there are so many people jumping from webcam to webcam that there's always someone available, and we're not sure if that's a good thing. Obviously, no one on here is looking for deep conversation, and the fact there's always an available cam might have something to do with the amount of dicks on display.

Filter users

Set your preferences to connect with the kind of adults you want to flirt with. There are a couple of available options including gender, country and age, so your video feed will only connect with someone who fits your criteria. The website knows that you're not here for romantic conversation, you just want to talk about about fun stuff.

The issue with this little feature is that a lot of people just lie about their age, gender and whatever else, which is why there's so many idle dicks hanging around the site. You think you're about to have some fun with a woman, but you'll actually be greeted with a spurting cock on the other side of the screen.


Real girls

Yes, there are actual women on here, women who are looking for raunchy sex talk just like you. You might have to wade through a ton of jizzing cocks to find them, but they're hiding in here somewhere. The beauty of video chat sites is that it only takes a single click to find the next webcam, so you don't have to stare that throbbing dick for long (thankfully).

As we mentioned, the gender filter doesn't do a whole lot here since a lot of boys just join up as girls for whatever reason. Trolling, sexual deviancy, we don't know. We just know it's a nightmare, but with that said, all you need to do is click through until you find a person you're sexually compatible with. Waiting times are short so you'll connect with someone quite quickly.

Horny people galore

Everyone is on here for fun and horny chat. There's no denying that. As we've mentioned, you might find a ton of bottomless men exposing themselves, but we're not here to judge. That might be what you're into, and judging by the amount of users who do just that, there's obviously a big market for that kind of thing. These strangers aren't here for regular cam chatting, they want to get nasty.

If you're gay, bi or curious, there's a world of fun to be found with the deviant strangers on DirtyRoulette. In actuality, you'd probably find more dirty adults to talk with on here than you would on a dedicated sex chat platform like Grindr or Scruff, so that's something for any sexually-open guys to keep in mind next time they need a quick sex fix.

Live sex

DirtyRoulette has a very intriguing feature that lets you watch other people's sex chat sessions. Obviously, the strangers you'll be spying on will need to consent to this before you join their cam room, but it's a sexy little addition that makes you feel like you're watching something you shouldn't be. It's basically free porn happening in real time, and that beats Pornhub any day.

Not every adult chat platform offers a service like this. In fact, very few do because some people see it as a violation of privacy, and we get that. But if every person involved gives consent then what's the issue? It's not like you can disrupt their sex chat either since the site doesn't let viewers get involved. You're merely a spectator, no cam involved, and that's pretty hot.


No text chat

The only way to communicate with the person on the other side of the screen is through voice chat (or gesturing with your hands if your audio isn't working). Obviously, this is exactly what you'd expect through video chat rooms, but it definitely brings up a few issues in the long run. For example, what happens if you have a few technological problems?

Pretty much every other major adult chat site offers text-based chatting as well as voice and video, and just a small change like this could definitely attract a lot more adults to the platform. Some guys and girls try to maintain an air of anonymity during their webcam sessions and text chat could make the whole thing much more convenient for everyone.

Mostly guys

This is the biggest problem with DirtyRoulette (and almost every other cam site on the Internet). Spin the wheel 100 times, and 99 times you'll see a dick. We're not sure why, but it seems there's a lot of men out there who love showing off their lengths for the visual delight (or digust) of random strangers on cam.

That's not to say there aren't ANY women on here. You will come across a few women to get dirty with if you put the time in, but the problem is that once guys land on a girl, they keep them chatting as long as possible. It's like trying to find a parking space in a busy city. Once you nab one, you're reluctant to let it go.

Dirty Roulette - Is It Worth It?

As a cam sex site, DirtyRoulette does have its advantages. It's full of real people from around the world, and if you put the effort in, you'll find like minded people to get virtually naughty with. But like we've said, most of the other users you'll start chatting with might not be to your exact sexual specifications, which is the main problem with chat roulette type sites.

Combine this with the lack of text chat (sometimes it's not always easy to communicate via voice, technological issues and all), DirtyRoulette doesn't come close to being the best adult video chat site around today. If you're a gay or bi guy, you'll definitely get something out of DirtyRoulette, but if you're straight, don't expect a revolving door of hot girls on your screen.

There are other adult chat rooms and sex cam sites that do what DirtyRoulette does and does it better. Omegle, Flingster, Shagle, Chat Random, Chaturbate. They might not be as free as DirtyRoulette, but they'll get better results no matter your age, country or sexual preference. Try DirtyRoulette if you're curious, but it won't blow your mind.

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