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DateYou Review 2022 - Real Dates Or Scam Site?

Another day, another online dating site review. There's a lot of them out there, and you need to make sure you're not wasting your time on scammy sites that don't get you laid. You only want the best of the best, and that's what we're here to help you with. Today, we're looking at a site called DateYou.

You've probably never heard of DateYou because it only arrived on the dating scene last year. But just because it's new, doesn't mean it's a waste of time. How does DateYou compare to other online dating sites? Will you find a date, or will you end up with blue balls and an empty wallet? Here's your ultimate DateYou review.

DateYou - What Is It?

DateYou brands itself as a 'chat platform,' perhaps to distinguish itself from the millions of other dating sites out there. However, the concept is absolutely identical. DateYou is a grid-style dating site that lets you contact people, arrange dates and make romantic connections with like-minded people.

Before we dive in, we'll just tell you that DateYou is indeed a legitimate dating site. It's not a scam site like so many others, so rest assured that you will indeed meet real women on here. You might have to spend a few hours searching, but there are results to be found providing you put the effort in.

DateYou - First Impressions

First impressions of DateYou are a mixed bag. The site certainly looks pretty good. It's got a classy white and pink color scheme, very feminine, and it definitely screams passion and romance. The design is pretty on point too. It's easy to navigate, lots of interactive elements and the kind of suggestive imagery you'd expect from a dating site.

But where things get a little weird is the website copy. It's all written quite strangely, like the copywriter wasn't a native English speaker. It's understandable. Not everyone is 100% fluent, but you'd think they'd run a couple of checks before publishing the website. We should also mention that DateYou is run by a company called MP Mobile Performance LTD based in Cyprus.



Registration is quick and easy. You don't have to answer a million questions or anything like that. Just register with your basic details; email address, location, age, sexual preferences, etc and you're ready to go. You can also sign up with your Facebook or Google accounts to save time.

Profile creation

Since DateYou is more of a dating site than a hookup app, it encourages users to fill out their profiles in detail. There's a bio section for you to write a little bit about yourself, and there are also drop-down menus to fill in the kind of info you wouldn't usually answer in your bio (profession, height, weight, ethnicity, education level, etc).

Grid-style searching

DateYou is a grid-style dating app, which means you're free to scroll through members, browse their profiles and message them if you want to talk. It's not like Tinder where you have to rely on swiping to determine if someone is interested in chatting. Basically, there are no restrictions. You can chat with who you like.

Matchmaking features

For those who prefer the whole swiping deal, DateYou does indeed have a matchmaking page too. You're probably familiar with how the whole thing works by now. Swipe right if you like the look of someone, left if you don't. Once you make a mutual match, you're free to begin chatting.

Send messages

If you want to set up real meetings with these women, you're gonna need to send out a few messages. Whether you've found women through standard searching or via the matchmaking feature, messaging them is pretty straightforward. Every message you send costs 10 coins (more on that in the next section).

Tokens system

All dating services cost money these days and DateYou is no exception. If you want to exchange messages with over users, you'll need to buy coins. Coins come in bundles and every message you send costs 10 coins. The tokens system also lets you do a few other things like send virtual gifts, but these aren't required by any means.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

If you want to use DateYou to its max, you'll need to buy credits. As a free member, you'll only be able to create an account, send "kisses" and add members to your favorites list. But the paid features include:

  • Sending unlimited messages
  • Sending virtual gifts
  • Chatting with members

Coins need to be purchased in bundles. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • 220 Coins (+20 bonus coins) - $4.99
  • 440 Coins (+40 bonus coins) - $9.99
  • 1,110 Coins (+100 bonus coins) - $24.9
  • 2,200 Coins (+200 bonus coins) - $49.99
  • 4,400 Coins (+400 bonus coins) - $99.99

Every message you send costs 10 credits (even if you've already struck up a conversation with a woman. Every ensuing message will also cost you). The cost of sending virtual gifts differs depending on each individual gift.


Genuine dating site

DateYou might have a couple of sketchy signs, but overall it's a genuine dating site that'll see you making contact with real women from all over the world. While there are a few fake profiles dotted around (what dating site doesn't have them?), 99% of the women you chat with will be a real person.

Clean interface

The DateYou website is very crisp, clean and well-designed. Navigation is a total breeze and you won't have any trouble finding the sections you need. The website also functions very well in your phone browser too since DateYou doesn't have a dedicated mobile app yet.

Relationship versatility

Since DateYou brands itself as a 'chat site,' it keeps the sexual imagery and language to a minimum. Therefore, it doesn't really attract the slutty females looking for easy cock. The majority of people on here are either searching for casual date partners and long-term relationships.


We much prefer the credits system to any monthly subscription model as it tends to be cheaper in the long run. Furthermore, the cost of coin bundles on DateYou is actually quite fair. For the lowish cost of $5, you can send 24 messages, so it's not like this place is gonna break your bank account.

Decent age range

DateYou members cover a wide range of demographics and age groups. While the majority of users seem to be between 25-39, you'll also find a few people in their 40s and 50s. However, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of young people on here (since people like that will be more attracted to Tinder and Bumble).


Some fake accounts

You won't find a single dating site out there that doesn't have a few scam accounts dotted around. This is totally expected, especially on a site like DateYou where there's no verification and sign up is free. There aren't millions of fakes, but you'll definitely bump into a few during your time here.

Not many members

This is DateYou's biggest downfall, and obviously not one of their own making. There are indeed real women on here, but nowhere near as many as some competitor sites on the scene. If we're being honest, you'll have to put a good few hours in you want to find someone who you connect with.

Not great for hookups

On average, most users here are interested in long-term dating. So, if you're one of those guys who just wants a revolving door of fuck buddies, DateYou probably isn't the best place to make that fantasy a reality. Hookups are hard to find here, so you might want to try elsewhere.

Mostly straight folk

If you're not straight, you can forget about finding love on here. While there's an option to list yourself as gay, queer or bi, 99% of the members fall into the straight category. It makes sense since there's really no reeason to use this site if you're gay or lesbian, since services like Grindr and HER already offer everything you need.

No mobile app

A dating site without a mobile app is like a car without any wheels. No one wants to use phone browsers for this type of stuff, and as of the right now, there is no such thing as DateYou app. This is definitely an issue as not only does it dissuade people from using the site, but it also makes the site look bush league.

All messages cost

Some sites forego the need for coins once you've both mutually responded to each other, however, DateYou requires coins for every single message. The good news here is that most users ae happy to hand out their phone or text number once you've both established you want to continue talking.

DateYou - Is It Worth Checking Out?

Yes and no. DateYou is an interesting platform. Sites like this are what happens when a genuine desire to create a stable dating site combines with a small marketing budget. It isn't an outright scam, nor is it a powerhouse dating hub. It's a middle-of-the-road site that sometimes delivers and sometimes doesn't.

Therefore, we can understand why some users might be put off by DateYou. If it was free, it would attract a ton more members. Since you have to purchase coins to do anything, you're paying for something that MIGHT happen, not something that definitely will. If you're looking for somewhere near to check out, by all means give DateYou a try, but don't expect it to launch your sex life into the stratosphere.

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