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We've got some bad news for any young people reading this: your parents love sex too. Despite the fact that most online dating sites are populated by youthful folks, the truth is that older people need love just as much as their younger counterparts. That's why there are so many dating sites in the modern day that cater to mature singles.

One such site is DateMyAge, an established dating site geared towards the older crowd. In this case, we're talking 40+, which is actually quite young considering other dating sites in the same niche cater to much older. So, are you a mature guy looking for love? Will DateMyAge make it happen? Here's your detailed DateMyAge review.

DateMyAge - What Is It?

DateMyAge is an old school dating platform that caters to mature men and women from different countries around the world. The site has been around for almost THREE decades, which is mightily impressive by any dating site standards, and it's popular throughout North America, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Put simply, it's got members in every corner of the globe. Here's how DateMyAge describes itself:

" is at the forefront of the online dating scene and offers an unmatched global reach. Launched in 1993, our company now covers more than 32 countries and offers the technology that lets members take dating further than ever. Our ambition is to connect singles no matter where they are and inspire romance on a global scale. The experience we have built since our launch has given us a real insight into what people look for when it comes to dating. We offer the most direct and successful approach to meeting singles anywhere in the world. "

As you can tell, DateMyAge isn't a hookup site. Don't expect a revolving door of MILF action when you sign up here because, even though the older demographic love casual sex just as much as the youthful crew, most mature singles are looking that perfect person to grow old(er) with. This website will help you find love, and while you might get the odd hookup through here, it's by no means guaranteed.

First Impressions

DateMyAge is a very cute online dating site. It's designed with the older generation in mind, so it's got a simple orange and white color scheme that favors minimalism over everything else. On the landing page, you'll see a smiling middle-aged Southern couple cuddling their dog, and if that doesn't typify the older generation the nothing will. Everything looks fantastic and getting to grips with things won't take long.

You'll be prompted to input your details right away. To become a free member, write your basic information, verify your email address and you're good to go. As a free member, you can look around the site, view bios and profile pics and create your own detailed profile. You'll also be able to send one message to every user for free (as in, the first message to someone new), then any subsequent messages will be charged through the site's credits system.

The DateMyAge website makes some big claims. Apparently, it boasts 10 million members worldwide and claims to have faciliated 20 million relationships in its 30-year existence. It could very well be true, since DateMyAge has indeed been on the scene since the 90s. It also states you can enjoy:

  • Protection: Your safety is provided by leading anti-scam system in the industry.
  • Verification: All members are personally confirmed by our staff to prove they are real.
  • Attention: Receive lots of attention from attractive members online.
  • Communication: Chat, send letters, call, share your photos.


Profile creation

Profiles on DateMyAge tend to be quite detailed. It seems that these older folks love talking about themselves, which is great because it allows users to connect on a level other than physical appearance - always a good foundation to relationship building.

Profiles have the usual features; bio, pictures, cover photo, etc. But there's also a couple of additional little bits like drop-down boxes to showcase education history, occupation and income. The site also asks randomized questions you can feature in your profile if you wish.

Profile browsing

Free members are able to browse profiles in full without having to purchase credits or the premium subscription. Profile information and all pictures are visible to everyone at all times. The only limitation is the ability to send messages.

Since the site relies on credits system to exchange messages, users are not constantly badgered to upgrade their account. On DateMyAge, members only pay for the services they use (individual messages, video chats, virtual gifts, etc).


Free members are able to send one free introductory message to every new person they speak with. Once that first message is sent, every subsequent message requires payment in the form of 4 credits. A reasonable cost by anyone's metric.

Like any dating site, you'll get notified when messages arrive in the form of a little icon in your messages tab. Messages are then organized by user, and there's even a little notification to remind you how many credits you've spent on the conversation thus far.

Offline messages

This is one DateMyAge's more unique features. If we were generalizing, we'd say that some older folks might not be so great with technology. Therefore, they might not always be aware that they've got messages in their inbox.

The offline message feature sends users an old-school text whenever they've got a message waiting for them. It's a fantastic idea and it definitely works. Don't be surprised if this feature crops up on modern dating apps over the next 12 months.

Video chat

One of DateMyAge's more specialist features is the option to make video calls. For 5 credits per minute, you can call other members directly through the DateMyAge app or website platform. You can do this either through a webcam or your camera phone.

This feature is available to everyone regardless of their membership status, but users must have sufficient credits in their funds to do so. It's useful because you can take your intimate chats to the next level without having to swap phone numbers.

Live support

Touching on technophobia again, DateMyAge has 24/7 customer support to help its many members with any website issues they might have. Whether it's account issues or reporting spam users, DateMyAge's mods are always on hand to help clear things up.

The moderation system on DateMyAge is very hands-on overall. They're quick to respond to issues and you can contact them by phone, email or text. They're also fast to kick any fake users to the kerb.

Let's Mingle feature

Another interesting feature, and one we haven't seen on any other dating site. Let's Mingle allows users to send a single message to ten different people at once - all for the price of 20 credits. It's a pretty good deal, but there's one little catch.

You don't actually know who'll you be messaging. The site will auto-choose ten people who live within 10km of your location and match your sexual preferences. But still, it's a fancy feature and one that really helps make unexpected connections.

Search function

DateMyAge's search function is excellent. You can search through users by age range, body type, exact location, ethnicity, education level, income, profession any keyword seach you might desire - all to help you find that perfect person for your next special relationship.

Search results are then filtered by nearest user to you first. The distance parameters are set to 10kms but you can spread this up to 100kms. Finding other singles in your area has never been easier.

Send gifts

If you want to show a particular user you're interested in them, why send messages when virtual gifts would grab their attention? These take the forms of little stickers in the shapes of hearts, teddy bears and that kind of soppy crap, but we're sure women love them.

Just be cautious before sending virtual gifts because they do cost real money. Depending on the gift in question, you can spend anywhere between 5 and 10 credits, and that works at around 2 regular messages.


Broadcasts are essentially DateMyAge's equivalent of live cams - a very strange feature to include on a mature dating site. We're not saying that older guys don't like webcam fun, but they're definitely not the target demographic for these kinds of things.

Regardless, DateMyAge users can broadcast themselves to the rest of the community - completely for free. It doesn't cost any credits to broadcast yourself, but it does cost credits to watch. DateMyAge also uses AI powered screening to ensure nothing explicit goes down.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

DateMyAge relies on a credits system to provide access to its premium features. The site calls itself a pay-per-action site, meaning it only charges you for the actions you take rather than asking you to pay a monthly subscription. Credits must be purchased through the site's Store section and can be brought in batches. Here's what credits batches will cost you:

  • 50 Credits - $19.99 ($0.40 per credit)
  • 600 Credits - $149.99 ($0.25 per credit)
  • 1,500 Credits - $299.99 ($0.20 per credit)

All messages cost 4 credits to send, while video chat functions cost 5 credits per minute. There are some other ad hoc costs too, including sending stickers, sending virtual gifts and the Let's Mingle feature. In comparison to other dating apps on the scene, these costs are more than reasonable.

Mobile App Costs

DateMyAge is unique in that to use the mobile app, you need to pay an additional fee. App usage costs $2.99 per month and gives you access to the following features:

  • Browse all member profiles
  • Access 24/7 customer service
  • 50% off on all purchases
  • Access to Let's Mingle Service

Members can purchase more credits from the store section and can be paid for via credit card or PayPal. Every subscription runs on auto renewal so your membership level will automatically refresh at the end of every billing cycle.


User friendly

DateMyAge is one of the most user friendly sites we've ever used. It runs smoother than a cloud every single time, despite the huge number of users logged in at any given time. Every section is easy to find and you'll rarely come across any bugs or broken website sections. Overall, it runs like a dream.

Reputable platform

DateMyAge genuinely has been on the scene since the 90s, so it's gained something of a stellar reputation in that time. It's known as a powerhouse in the adult dating scene, and it's got the backing of a massive company that also runs a number of other reputable platforms in the dating niche.

Huge user base

DateMyAge isn't just a US dating website. You'll find users on here from hundreds of different countries. If you're based in North America, South America, Canada, Europe or Asia you'll find someone on here to talk with. DateMyAge claims to have around 10 million active users across the globe.

Detailed profiles

The older crowd are much more likely to talk about themselves in their bios. While they might neglect their photos, the mature dating crowd tend to fill out their profiles in full, especially as these folks are looking for more people to spend their lives with. Users make better connections when you have some information to latch onto rather than just photos.

Free messaging (limited)

You'll be able to send one free introduction to evry new user you connect with. This is actually a fantastic idea because not only does it save money, but it ensures you're not wasting money messaging users who've abandoned the site. Only when other members reply will you have to start using credits.

Video function

DateMyAge's video chat feature is useful to elevate your conversations. Anyone who's used a dating site before will know how boring it can be text chatting with someone, so video chats allow users a convenient way of messaging as well as adding that little personal touch. Better still, video chats don't cost much more money than direct messaging.

Not super explicit

Nothingdissuades people from using a dating site more than overly-explicit imagery. If you sign up to a site that constantly mentions how you'll be fucking sluts in the ass within 10 minutes of joining, chances are you're not getting any action any time soon. DateMyAge keeps things classy and refined.

Mobile app

DateMyAge has a terrific mobile app available for members. As mentioned above, the app requires a monthly subscription at the cost of $2.99 to use. It's kinda rare for a dating site to charge to use an app, but since DateMyAge doesn't make much money throughout subscriptions, this seems like its way of clawing back some revenue.

Member verification

All members on DateMyAge will go through a verification process. Users can join the site and chat while this verification takes place in the background (which takes around 48 hours), then once it's done they'll get a badge on their profile saying so. Any users that don't pass the verification are either asked to provide ID or kicked out.

Search feature

DateMyAge's search feature is super useful and, unlike a lot of modern dating apps, actually works. You can narrow down members by a ton of different criteria, making it super easy to find that perfect partner for your next date. Members can search by age, location, body type, star sign, income, education level and much more.

Fast moderation

DateMyAge's moderators are quick on the draw. If you report a fake user, the mods will be on it within minutes. Not only are they quick to take down scammers, but they'll also remove and explicit photos or videos before you'll even get chance to see them. DateMyAge must have a big team of mods working behind the scene, which is quite reassuring in the long run.

Live broadcasts

You wouldn't think a site like DateMyAge would have live cams considering this kind of feature is mostly reserved for hookup sites and camsites. However, DateMyAge's broadcasts are super fun. Users can show themselves off whenever they desire and it doesn't cost any money to do so. Don't exactly expect hardcore cam shows in here, though.

Safe & secure

DateMyAge offers industry-standard privacy protection to help keep your data safe. You can rest assured that none of your personal information will ever be leaked because the app doesn't hold that data on their records. There's no chance of DateMyAge getting Ashley Madisoned any time soon.


Some fakes

Every dating website has them. Scammers are everywhere. There's no avoiding them, and if you do decide to join DateMyAge, expect to find a few of your own. As always, these scammers tend to communicate solely in overly-sexual messages, links and photos, so they're pretty easy to distinguish from real people.

No hookups

If it's pure hookups you want, this isn't the dating site for you. The majority of users on DateMyAge are looking for their soulmate, and as sickening as that is, we understand that the older guys and girls on here have already done their experimenting and casual sex sessions. Now, they just want someone who's going to remember to put the trash out on Wednesdays.

Some negative reviews

Not everyone has been as positive about this dating site as we have. Some reviews have slated the number of scammers on here, although we personally really dont't think it's anywhere near as bad as some other sites out there. Always remember to take all reviews you find through Google with a grain of salt.

DateMyAge - Who's It For?

  • Over 40s who want serious relationships
  • Younger people who want to date mature partners
  • Users who seek romance and connections
  • Relationship seekers who like interactive features
  • Anyone who prefers token systems rather than subscription models
  • Users who prefer grid-style search results

DateMyAge - Who's It NOT For?

  • Users who want instant hookups with older men or women
  • Singles who aren't ready to commit
  • Anyone looking for sugar daddy or transient style relationships
  • People who want virtual sex or erotic webcam fun

Alternative Mature Dating Sites

Silver Singles

While DateMyAge might be the number one dating site for matures, Silver Singles comes in at a close second. Boasting a 10 million plus user base, Silver Singles is the best alternative to DateMyAge right now, and the two are strikingly similar.

It comes with a lot of the same features, including free messaging, chat rooms, detailed profiles and low cost memberships. Most members are looking for long term relationships too, so it's pretty much the brother site of DateMyAge.


While not strictly a mature dating site, eHarmony is a fantastic website to meet people on the wrong ide of 40. It's one of the most reputable platforms of all time so you can be sure you're in safe hands on here. And with 20 million plus members, there's no shortage of chat partners.

Back in the day when a lot of these oldies joined up, eHarmony was completely free. These days, it's not so free, but the membership costs are super low, even lower than DateMyAge. For outstanding features and a huge pool of potential partners, check eHarmony out ASAP.


Match has been on the scene longer than most dating app members have been alive. It's one of longest standing dating apps of all time, perhaps even the oldest. Therefore, Match has amassed a gigantic user base over its career, second to only Tinder in terms of sheer numbers.

Match's reputation speaks for itself. It's always been known as a place for pure dating, which is why so many mature men and women are attracted to it. For outstanding features, free membership options and unlimited chat, Match might be the free site for you. is a lot like DateMyAge in terms of features, but it's geared a little more towards the casual side of things. While DateMyAge will help you find your Mrs. Right, will help you find Mrs. Right Now.

Reviews have been super positive towards, some calling it the best dating site for easy hookups with older guys and girls. Not only that, but is for people of every age range - perfect if you've got an older woman fetish.

Just Senior Singles

If you combine DateMyAge with Tinder, you'll get Just Senior Singles. This dating platform uses the much-loved (or much-hated, depending on who you ask) swipe system to match its members together for adult conversation. That means it's more appearance-based than others.

If you Google 'mature hookups,' Just Senior Singles is the first site that shows up. It's not as immersive as DateMyAge because its features are quite streamlined, but the swipe approach lends itself towards hookups rather than long term dating.

DateMyAge - Best Dating Site For over 40s

DateMyAge is a wonderful online dating site, perhaps the best dating site to meet other members of a similar age. It's got a bunch of interactive features but it still manages to keep things stripped down and minimalistic. The age range on here tends to be around 40-65, so if you fit the demographic, you'll have a great time on here.

While you'll need to be a paying member to get the most out of this site (and the DateMyAge app too), the costs are incredibly low and are certainly worth the price of admission. You won't spend any more money than you would through any other online dating site, so if you're lookingto mingle with mature singles, we encourage you to give DateMyAge a try tonight.

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