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The cuckold lifestyle is quite a polarizing topic, but with so many cuckold chat rooms on the scene today, you'd be surprised how many sissy cuckolds and hotwife husbands enjoy sharing their naughty hot wives. If you're into the cuck and hotwife scene, there's a cuckold chat room out there for you. Here's what you need to know about cuck chatting today.

Cuckolding - What Is It Exactly?

Cuckolding is a broad term that describes a number of relationship types, but we'll explain it all and dispel a few myths. Put simply, cuckolds like to share their own wives with other people. They get off on the fact that their wives have multiple sexual partners other than themselves. It's basically wife sharing, but with a few additional elements.

You've probably seen cuckolding in porn films, but the reality is much different than what's presented in adult films. For example, most cuckolds actively encourage their wives to seek out other partners, whereas porn paints these husbands as unwilling participants in their wives' sex games. The reality is that everyone derives pleasure from the arrangement in one way or another.

Why Do People Like Cucking?

It's a common question, and it really depends on person to person. The truth is that some people will never understand why a man would want to watch someone bang his girlfriend, and everyone has their different reasons for partaking in the lifestyle. For example, the reason a cuckold enjoys it will be much different than a hotwife's husband.

For cuckolds, it's all about humiliation. Think of it as mental submission. While some men like being spanked and scolded, cuckolds prefer to be humiliated on a different level. Meanwhile, hotwife partners just love their girlfriends so much that they want to share their bodies with other people. Put simply, you either get it or you don't.

Cuckolding Terminology

Before we discuss the best cuckold chat rooms, we first need to talk about some of the terms we'll be using. There's often a big difference between wife-sharing arrangements, so we need to know what we're dealing with. While most aspects usually involve the wife getting laid and the husband not, some situations can drastically differ. Here's a short breakdown.


The cuckold is the guy whose wife sleeps with other people. The wives do this usually at the cuckold's request (but of course, the wife gets something from it too). There's often an element of humiliation involved, for example, the wife will belittle the cuckold for not being able to satisfy her sexual needs. The cuckold derives pleasure from this humiliation too.


A hotwife is a wife who sleeps with other men at her husband's request. However, unlike cuckolding, there's no humiliation aspect involved. The wife usually speaks highly of her husband and doesn't belittle him, but takes pleasure in the fact she's able to have fun with other guys with her husband's consent.

Cheating Wife

Quite simply, a cheating wife is a woman who has extramarital fun without her husband's knowledge. And yes, you'll find a number of these ladies on the cuckold chat rooms we're going to tell you about later. The reason being that cuckold chat rooms are frequented by men who specialize in satisfying girlfriends or married women.


A stag is a man who also engages in extramarital sex alongside his wife. Unlike swingers, stags tend to sleep with women without their wives present. There's no wife swapping involved as such. Put simply, stags and vixens are two halves of an open relationship with both parties consenting to the activities.


The other half of a stag, a vixen is a woman who sleeps with men besides her husband with her husband's consent. The difference between a vixen and a hotwife is that a vixen's husband also sleeps with other women aside from his partner. Both halves are perfectly comfortable with the relationship.


Swinging can take many forms, but the most common one is the classic wife-swapping scenario. Usually, two couples meet up and exchange partners for a night of adult fun. More often than not, the couples are usually friends beforehand, although swingers occasionally swap with new people and strangers too.


A bull is a man who services hotwives, cheating women and cuckolds' partners. Bulls tend to be long-term lovers purposely chosen by women to satisfy them on a regular basis. Bulls tend to share the same feelings as hotwives, in that they're simply present in order to sexually satisfy the woman and nothing more.

Best Cuckold Chat Rooms Available Right Now

With the advent of Internet porn, cuckolding has fast become of the hottest kinks around. Almost overnight, real people all over the world have discovered that they are, in fact, a cuckold, and now use cuckold chat rooms to meet new people, share stories, and find interested parties to join their sex games. Here are the best places to find cuckold talk today.

Here are the sites and forums we'll be covering:

  • The Cuckold Consultant
  • Our Hotwives
  • Black To White
  • r/Hotwife
  • CuckoldMarriage
  • CFWives

The Cuckold Consultant

The Cuckold Consultant is the first website you'll find if you Google 'cuckold chat.' It's the number one cuckold forum around, featuring sections dedicated to cucking, hotwifing, swinging, personals, erotic stories and more. There's a room for pretty much everything underneath the cuckolding umbrella. For example, there's an interracial room for people who want to meet a BBC bull.

Other users post pictures and discuss the cuckold lifestyle. And you'll find most guys and girls love chatting and sharing their real life, personal experience of cuck hookups. It's a fantastic community of like-minded cucks, bulls and hotwives, and it's also a fantastic resource for anything related to the world of wife sharing.

Our Hotwives

Not so much a cuckold chat room, but an all-encompassing cuckold community. The site works very similarly to the Cuckold Consultant in that it's a collection of forums broken down by different aspects of the cuckolding lifestyle. There's a chat room for pretty much everything, from hotwifing to cuckolding to discussing individual fetishes.

But perhaps the busiest section of the website is the personals area. This section is broken down into the most common locations of forum users, including North America, Europe, UK, Asia and South America. This is where you can meet real life people to help spice things up in the bedroom. It's a great place to meet new partners and other couples into the same things as you.

WifeWantsToPlay is another cuckold chat room site with an extensive community of sharing enthusiasts. Not only does it have dedicated cuckold chat rooms to talk with real people in real time, but you'll also find a whole host of hotwife-themed media and content, more so than any other cuckold sites out there.

A large majority of the users are happy to share pictures and videos of their good ladies, usually with explicit elements included. The forums also offer a wide range of discussion topics, including hotwife advice sections, personals sections, fetish talking and more. You'll need to sign up for a free account before you can begin chatting, but it only takes two minutes.

Black To White

Like a lot of sexual kinks, the cuckold scene has its fair share of cliches. One of these cliches is the notion that hotwives prefer to fuck black men. Judging by the amount of interracial cuckold videos out there, it's definitely prevalent throughout the cuck universe, but is there any truth to this little stereotype?

If we're honest, yes and no. A lot of men prefer to watch their ladies with black men, and plenty of women enjoy it too. Black To White is a cuckold chat room designed to help facilitate meetings between white women and black guys. It's totally free to use, but you'll have to sign up with your basic info (age, location, sexual preference) before you can get going.


Reddit is a fantastic resource for all things hotwife related, and there's nowhere better than the dedicated r/Hotwife community. This subreddit is one of the most active hotwife platforms anywhere online, so if you want to chat with like-minded users, trade pictures and get free lifestyle advice, this is the place to come.

You'll obviously need to create a free Reddit account (or connect your Facebook account) to post and comment. It's a very active space, with a staggering 1 million registered members on the site. And for those looking for real life fun, don't worry, because you'll come across plenty of interested cuckolds and bulls looking for Reddit hookups IRL.


Another site entirely dedicated to hotwife chat, CuckoldMarriage is a super active chat forum designed to help people meet each other no matter where they're located. Despite the name, this isn't a place to arrange a marriage with a potential bull or anythign like that, it's just a reference to its vast user base of partner-sharing couples.

The site has everything a hotwife lover could want. Dedicated chat rooms, a huge forum broken down by individual talking points, and new amateur content posted every hour of the day. The site is quite strict on rules and requires anyone posting in the personals section to verify themselves beforehand. This is a good thing, because it means you're definitely chatting with genuine people.


Another site that's big on verification, CFWives is pretty strict when it comes to its chat rooms. But this is good, because it means you'll only be talking to real couples who want to share their love of hotwifing and sharing. CFWives is a pure chat site, no forum section in sight, but it has hundreds of chat rooms to choose from.

You'll have to create an account before you can dive into the chat section, but this is par for the course for most hotwife sites anyway. It doesn't matter if you're here to meet someone new or if you're just looking to indulge in the endless stream of filthy content that gets posted daily. Whatever you want, CFWives can provide it in spades.


Once again, Reddit comes through for us. This one is a little different from the others, because it's not really a chat page nor a place to meet new people. Basically, it's a place for people to swap pictures of their lovely ladies with other users, whether they're into the hotwife lifestyle or not. In fact, many aren't, and that's what makes it such a fun place.

One thing that makes r/WifePicTrading so damn great is that all pictures posted are run through image-searching software before they go live. Any pictures found to be stolen off the Internet are removed, so this guarantees that all of the content you're seeing is 100% real and completely amateur. These women might not all be hotwives, but they're damn fine to look at anyway!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know something specific about cuckold chat rooms? Here are the most common queries.

What's the best cuckold chat room?

The best cuckold chat room is OurHotwives or Both of these sites are dedicated entirely to the cuckold and hotwife lifestyles, and offer free chat functions to all users. There's also a forum section available.

How do I meet a hotwife?

The best way to meet a hotwife is through free cuck chat rooms and forums. Lots of couples use free services like these to talk, meet and swap pictures with potential bulls. The best site to try is r/Hotwife, while the best forum is Our Hotwives.

Where can I find the best hotwife videos?

The best place to find free hotwife videos is The site is dedicated chat room for all things hotwife related. As well as a large content section, you can also chat with interested parties to find the next person to join your sex games.

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