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CrushNearby Review 2022 - Is Real Or A Scam?

We've got another online dating site review for you, and this one's a real doozy. Today, we're looking at a platform called CrushNearby, a so-called "completely free" online dating site that'll apparently get you laid quicker than a rich guy in a whorehouse. Does it work? Or is this site lying to you like so many others do? Here's your best Crush Nearby review.

CrushNearby - What Is It?

According to the site's 'About' section, CrushNearby is a "new and promising website with more than 20 million users already registered." If this was true, it would make CrushNearby one of the most popular dating apps in the history of dating apps, and we somehow doubt that's true since you've probably never heard of it before.

So Crush Nearby claims it's the best dating site around today, but it's actually a very stripped-down, very scammy platform that wouldn't get you laid if you spent a million years on here. The site claims to have "millions of hot women" on its platform, and they do look hot but that's they have profile pictures of famous pornstars and models.

First Impressions

Amazingly, Crush Nearby actually looks really good. The landing page is sleek and classy and features a sexy brunette eyeballing you seductively from the other side of the screen. But below her, the lies began to seep through the cracks. The text claims the dating site has "millions of users" and is "completely free for unlimited access." We know this isn't true, sadly.

There's a free registration process, but all the tools that follow need to to be paid for. Once you're inside, all the search options, messaging options and whatever else require payment to utilize even a single time. No trial options on here. You can't even look around. CrushNearby will then pester you to upgrade at every single turn.


Easy sign up

It only takes a few minutes to register on CrushNearby. Put in your basic information, fill out your bio and upload a few photos and you're done. Once you sign up, you'll be given a spot on the "new members" list on the front page.

Send messages

Sending messages to any women on the site costs 2 coins, which you can purchases in batches. Once you're dry, you'll have to buy more credits to continue the conversation. All messages cost 2 coins regardless of whether your conversation is flowing or not (some sites allow free chat one you've mutually responded).

Local matches

Crush Nearby's "Local Matches" screen will show you all of the nearest women who match your selected criteria. The possible matches do indeed seem endless, but that's because you won't find a real person anywhere in this section (or any other sections for that matter).

Prices, Costs & Memberships

CrushNearby doesn't use a standard subscription model. Instead, it uses the credits system. If you want to message someone, you'll first need to purchase a batch of "coins," and then every message you send will cost you 2 coins. Here's what each batch of coins will cost you:

  • 10 coins - $16.49
  • 25 coins - $38.99
  • 50 coins - $72.49
  • 100 coins - $135.00
  • 200 coins - $249.99

Yeah, these prices are pretty damn high. $16 for 5 messages isn't exactly good value for money, especially when you'll get no responses anyway.


Easy to use interface

When you launch CrushNearby, you'll be treated to a sleek, polished interface that's incredibly easy to navigate. You won't have any trouble finding the areas your need and everything is clearly marked. If there's one good thing about the site, it's that it's simple and easy and easy on the eye. The site is also optimized for tablets and mobile phones too.

Fast registration process

The members sign up section is fast and convenient. All you need is your basic details; age, location, e-mail address. Then once you've verified your address you can start flirting right away (admittedly with fake people). No need for any picture verification or long-winded questionnaires.


No real people

Almost everyone you interact with on Crush Nearby will be one of the site's so-called "entertainment profiles" (more on these in the next section). The only other members on this site who aren't bots have been conned into joining, and the chances of them being women are pretty damn low.

Bad reputation

Crush Nearby is run by a company named Meteor Interactive, and to say that they don't have a good reputation is putting it lightly. Meteor Interactive are the masterminds behind a ton of dating sites and not a single one of them actually delivers on their promises. As the saying goes - past behavior is the best indication of future behavior.

Negative reviews

Don't just take our word for it, either. Our review is quite damning, but so are a million other reviews out there too. When a hundred different review sites all say the same thing, chances are it's gonna be true. All of them state that Crush Nearby is scammy subscription trap and we can't all be wrong.

Very expensive

If you want to message any of these fake users, you'll need to buy credits, and doing so will cost you an arm and a leg. The best option is the 200 coins choice, which will set you back a whopping $250. What will this get you? Well since every message costs 2 coins, you'll get to send 100 messages.

Badly written copy

You can easily determine the standard of a site by the quality of its copy. For example, the Crush Nearby homepage states: "a social platform, for man, woman and trans who are looking for a fun, flirty or exciting contact." Obviously, this was written by someone who can't speak English, which we understand, but if you're pushing a dating site in North America, spellcheck should be mandatory.

Fantasy Profiles

We hate this part of the site so much we decided to dedicate a whole section to it. CrushNearby utilizes the hot new trend amongst online dating sites - "fantasy profiles." Some sites use different names for them, like fictional profiles, entertainment profiles, etc. But they're all the same thing - fake profiles

When you sign up to CrushNearby, you'll see this message: "CrushNearby employs fictional entertainers profiles, marked with a heart icon in each individual profile. These profiles are for entertainment purposes only. Physical contact with these profiles is not possible."

So basically, a large portion of the userbase on CrushNearby is totally fake. What makes these any different from regular fake profiles? Not much, it's just the brazen attitude of the site that we find quite irritating. It's like they're not even trying to hide the fact they're trying to scam you. On one hand, it's good they're so honest about their dishonesty. On the other, it's insulting.

Alternative Dating Sites

Quite clearly, Crush Nearby is a total waste of time that won't get you into anyone's pants anytime soon. So, if you want easy sex, you need to look elsewhere, and the good news is that there's no shortage of online dating sites that'll actually get you laid for real. Let's look at some of our favorites.

Passion is dating sites done right. This simplistic little gem is a legit service full of real women who crave a little passion in their lives, and if you join up, you might be the one to give it to them.


Maybe you're into the kinky stuff? If so, Fetster is a fantastic addult community full of men and women on the hunt for their next fetish partner. BDSM lovers, swingers, hotwives, leather-clad goddesses - they're all on Fetster ready to hook up.


For dating site fun, Bumble is one of the best choices of modern times. It works sort of like Tinder, except only women can initiate conversation. It might not sound like a good idea on paper, but Bumble data reports very high success rates.

Backpage Pro

If you want sex and want it now, sometimes your best option is a hooker. If that's your bag, Backpage Pro is the location to meet women of the oldest profession and get down to business within the hour.

CrushNearby - Is It Worth It?

Unless you're the kind of person who likes to look at car crashes, avoid Crush Nearby like the plague. It's a total scam that offers absolutely nothing in the way of genuine interaction. The site will simply try to extort more and more money out of you by promising you things and never delivering. It's a rip off - and a pretty obvious rip off at that.

We understand some sites have to use fake profiles to lay the groundwork, but CrushNearby goes well beyond the necessary levels to give the illusion of activity. It's like walking around a video game full of NPCs up in here, and that's not what you want from a hookup platform. Long story short, give this one a miss. We hope our review has been helpful!

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