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Looking For Craigslist Sex? Try These Sites For Casual Encounters Instead.

In the early days of the Internet, there was one place above all else that guaranteed casual encounters: Craigslist personals section. Not only could you find easy consensual sex, but the site was also a hive for sex workers and escorts to advertise their luscious services. It was basically a modern dating site before dating sites got massive.

But then Craigslist personals died in 2018 and ever since, punters and escorts have been crying out for a replacement. Many sites have tried to fill that Craigslist-shaped hole in our lives, and some have actually succeeded. So in this article, we're going to give you the top 10 Craigslist alternatives.

What Happened To Craigslist Personals?

Back in 2018, Craigslist personals (and a bunch of similar tech giants) all abruptly shut down. The reason being that congress passed a bill that meant website owners could be held liable for any suspected online sex trafficking that took place through their site. If law enforcement agencies discovered that a site had been used for sex trafficking purposes, then the websites themselves were culpable.

This bill, known as the FOSTA-SESTA bill, forced the closure of a number of beloved personal ads sites. The bill's supporters framed FOSTA and SESTA as vital tools that would allow officials to police websites and allow sex trafficking survivors to sue those websites for facilitating their victimization. Ever since, the vast majority of personals pages closed down.

Best Craigslist Personals Alternatives

This closure left sex workers without a home, but many other dating sites jumped at the chance of replacing Craigslist personals. Many other sites came and went, some finding success, many not. However, for the first time ever, it meant that sex workers all over the world could choose from a range of Craigslist alternatives.

So, if you're looking for escorts, casual hookups and all our other services, it's time to find somewhere new. Craigslist casual encounters is dead and gone, and with the websites below, there's no such risk of stumbling upon sex traffickers or anything of the kind (more on that later). If you want classified ads, these are some of the best pages to find them today.

Rub Ratings

RubRatings is a unique platform that showcases escorts and massage services in a new and innovative way. It's a modern service built for massage and body rub providers to advertise their services. Erotic massages, sensual body rubs, nuru massages, discreet happy endings - they're all on the menu here on RubRatings.

That's not to say there aren't a few "hidden ads" on here. For example, while most ads detail massage parlors and individual establishments, some of these ads are actually for particular Asian girls. You just need to read between the lines to. The girls are gorgeous, the services are exquisite, and you're able to hire these talented girls directly via their contact details.

Escorts Affair

Despite the name, EscortsAffair has nothing to do with affairs! EscortsAffair is an aggregate site that showcases escort profiles and escort directories. The site functions as a search engine that scours every other listing type in the area to give you the biggest choice of casual sex partners you'll find anywhere.

Next to the big-name platforms like Mega Personals and Backpage Pro, EscortsAffair is one of the most impressive and active escort platforms on the Internet today. It's almost guaranteed you'll find women in your local area, and you can just grab their phone numbers and make sexual magic happen.


Online dating platforms that are totally free are a rare occurence in today's world. For that reason alone, FDating is worth checking out. It's a good dating site with a lot to offer, and it caters to users from all over the world so even if you live in a desolate American town, you'll still get results through here.

And despite FDating beging a standard dating website, a lot of women use the platform for sex work purposes too. On the flip side, plenty of men are seeking prostitutes through here too, so it's ideal for users on both sides of the coin. If you want easy women without having to pay for them, FDating is a good place to start.

TNA Board

TNA Board is an absolutely fantastic website that deserves a lot of love. If you're looking for an escort to spend the night with, there's no better than service than this one. It's one of the most active escort listing hubs on the scene today, and the fact it comes with so many additional perks is reason enough to check it out.

As well as connecting clients and escorts together, TNA Board also boasts an active community of like-minded adults (much like Craigslist did). It features porn games, porn videos, live cams and a dating site section for consensual, discreet hook ups. For all round adult fun, including a ton of options for casual encounters, TNA Board has it all.


AnonSharer is a weird place, but if it's escorts you want, you're in the right place. Despite the name, AnonSharer doesn't have anything to do with the other series of 'anon' sites (thankfully), it's just an attention-grabbing name that certainly does the job. AnonSharer is a super active platform to share porn, post personal ads and hook up with escorts.

On AnonSharer, users post an ad detailing their intentions, and escorts can come to you rather than the other way around. You sometimes found this on Craigslist, but ever since Craigslist disappeared it's always been the other way around. The escorts who use AnonSharer actively hustle for activity partners, which is an interesting and unique way of doing things.

Best GFE

BestGFE is a hybrid platform that combines forum discussions with escort ads. It's not too dissimilar to some of the more popular providers of escorts out there, but it puts a little more emphasis on adult community and interaction between punters. The website definitely isn't for everyone, but it has a few perks worth checking out.

The site works like Craigslist in that it's broken down by location, so when you dig into the section that relates to your city or state, you'll find localized ads for nearby escorts. But inside these sub-sections are forums for general discussions, chat about local adult establishments and even escort reviews.


No one uses dating apps anymore, but those that do use FKBabe. Unlike Craigslist personals, FKBabe is a pretty standard dating site similar to the classics like Match and Ashley Madison. It doesn't have a personals section and there are no escorts on here, but even so, it functions as a versatile and efficient Craigslist alternative.

The reason FKBabe stands out from the crowd is because not only is it free, but it offers a whole lot features to help you enjoy a carousel of casual encounters at your leisure. You'll have to spend a little money to get the most out of it, but as far as modern dating platforms go, FKBabe is one of the best for easy women.

Adult Look

AdultLook is an escort site that takes the hassle out of finding female escorts, male escorts, trans escorts and similar types of adult fun in your local area. Not only does the site function as a personals page, allowing escorts and clients to advertise their availability and sexual needs, but many escorts also have profiles which allow you to see their professional history.

It's an all-encompassing escort hub that covers everything from local girls to body rubs to sex shops, so if it's adult entertainment you're looking for, you won't have to look hard to find it. Access is completely free too. No sneaky premium memberships. No annoying prompts to upgrade your membership.

Backpage Pro

If there's one site that captures the essence of the original Craigslist, then it's Backpage Pro. Those old enough might remember the original Backpage. It was another escort hub that mimicked Craigslist in a lot of ways, and many users actually preferred Backpage over all other listing platforms.

The good news is that Backpage is back... sort of. Backpage Pro takes everything we loved about the original platform and updates it for a modern audience. It gets thousands of escort listings every single day, from the busiest cities to the emptiest towns. Right now, Backpage Pro might be the best place on the Internet for those seeking working girls.

Utopia Guide

Utopia Guide is a forum that specializes in connecting sex workers and clients together for some good times. Each forum is broken down by either location or general topic, and from there you can browse threads, find local girls and initiate contact. In addition to this, there are also a ton of other threads that deal with all manner of adult entertainment and services.

As a Craigslist alternative, Utopia Guide certainly does the job. It's not the most frequented of ads platforms, but its personals section is detailed, clean and easy to navigate. It's purely dedicated to sex workers too, so there's no dating section or missed connections section or anything like that.


Okay, so not a personal ad site like the others, but Fuckbook is still a fantastic casual encounter hub. It's one of the best hookup apps currently available in on today's dating scene, featuring several million worldwide users and a buch of stripped-down features to help you find casual encounters in record time. It's basically the modern Adult Friend Finder.

There's no option for sex work ads on Fuckbook. Unlike the other sites on this list, Fuckbook is purely dedicated to casual hookups. Access is completely free and it's full of horny women who just crave something thick between their legs. Forget Tinder or Ashley Madison. If you want a casual encounter to remember, Fuckbook is a solid choice.

Sex Trafficking Disclaimer

While the FOSTA-SESTA bill ended up having a negative effect on both free speech and sex workers throughout the US, the new bill did offer one positive: personal ads sites now take potential sex trafficking via their platforms very seriously. Now, all dating apps, personals services and escort listing sites all dedicate themselves to fighting sex and human trafficking.

Conclusion: Best Site For Craigslist Hookups?

If you're looking for local women to get down and dirty with, any of the names listed up above will make it happen. Choosing a best one is difficult because each platform has their own advantages, but if you're looking for a sure thing, then Adult Look and Fuckbook will both ensure you get the action you so desperately crave.

Remember that you should always excercise caution when dealing with escort platforms. There are plenty of fakes out there, but we've only included hubs that are reputable and reliable. We wish you luck on your casual sex journey and we sincerely hope the platforms above get you results. Have fun and stay safe!

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