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Cheeposlist - Is This Escort Site A Scam?

If there's one thing the Internet excels at, it's helping horny punters find local escort services. There's no shortage of free escort hubs to check out these days, and one of the newbies on the scene is a site called Cheeposlist. The name invokes images of cheap ladies doing what they do best, but is it the site worth checking out? Here's our detailed Cheeposlist review.

First Impressions

Cheeposlist looks fucking dreadful. The website comes with real "graphic design is my passion" energy, with Comic Sans fonts, millions of different links and a complete overload of colors. If someone managed to infuse a rainbow with dog shit, it would look like the Cheeposlist website. Your eyes won't know which section to avoid first.

More concerningly, the Cheeposlist site is... confusing. First of all, the homepage takes you to the escort listings for Illinois and navigating out of this section is completely impossible. If you search for the site in Google, you'll find that the only two localized options are Chicago, Illinois and Atlanta, Georgia. So yeah, not a good start.


Browse ads

The site really has no features other than this one. You'll see a long list of escort advertisements down the page and you're free to scroll through them. When you dig into them, you'll see an escort's contact details (usually their phone numbers) and if you're lucky, a list of the services on offer.

Lots of external links

On the right hand side of the page, you'll see a LOT of ads. Everything is covered, from adult content to porn videos to sex games to review sites. In our opinion, it doesn't exactly look professional, but if you're a budding escort user then some of the third party websites might interest you.

Does Cheeposlist Cost Anything?

The site doesn't cost anything to browse and thank fuck for that. There's not really a whole lot to see on this site, and parting with money for the privilege would be a complete kick in the nuts. Some of the affiliate websites will try and extort a little money from you immediately (especially the games and hookup sites) so keep your wits about you and don't get scammed.


Very simplistic

We like simplicity. There's nothing worse than app that bombards you with unnecessary features and other useless bullshit, and Cheepos List is probably the most minimal site to ever exist. It's the virtual equivalent of hookers writing their phone numbers on toilet walls, which will definitely appeal to some.

Phone numbers provided

The best and most convenient way to meet a sex worker is to call them. We hate pages that make you use their in-house messaging system because it's usually a waste of time and doesn't benefit anyone. Luckily, the non-scam profiles on Cheepos List report their phone numbers for easy contact.



The Cheepos List service is very confusing. It seems to be a mish-mash of different service providers, sort of like walking into a restaurant and finding they offer karate lessons with every meal. Luckily, there's no sign up or registration involved so you don't need to waste time with that.

Only 2 locations

If you're in Georgia or Illinois, you might get a lead on a hot escort in your city. If you're literally anywhere else in the world, then there's absolutely fuck all for you on this site.

Mostly fake

Will you find a sex date on this website? Possibly, because there seem to be SOME genuine ads, but most of the ads are obviously fake. You'll see pictures of lots of famous pornstars on here, and we seriously doubt Lexi Belle is selling herself for $100 in Georgia right now.

Malicious links

This website is link hell. From the second you create an account, it will really test your endurance for bullshit because you'll be redirected a-plenty. Just check any other reviews for this website and you'll see they all say the same thing.

Alternative Escort Sites

As we've established, Cheepos List is a massive waste of time that will just piss you off. But not every escort website is so shitty, and here are a few that'll provide you with real women in no time at all.


Now this is an escort website you can trust. In our opinion, eBackpage is the only site you need in your life if you want to meet gorgeous, cheap sex workers who'll blow your mind and your cock over and over again. Come for the interactive features, stay for the talented sluts. It even has its own app so you can arrange hookups on the move.

Mega Escorts

MegaEscorts is one of the oldest escort hubs on the Internet, and if it didn't exist, there'd be a gaping hole in the hooker scene. After eBackpage, it's the number one place to find ladies of the night in your city, and you'll nary find a scam profile in sight. This site will give you laid, day after day, week after week.


While it's a newbie on the escort scene, Backlist24 takes the lead when it comes to finding amazing, amateur sex workers in your local area. It's got a localized server for every major town in the world and navigation through its spunk-stained hallways are a total breeze. Leave your pride at the door and embrace the world's oldest profession with Backlist24.

Cheeposlist - Is It Even A Real Site?

Short answer, no. Cheeposlist isn't a real escort website. Well it's kind of weird, because the site clearly started as a scam website to redirect users to a bunch of affiliate sites, but since the escort business is so widespread, the site has indeed attracted some genuine escorts and clients. So, Cheeposlist sits on a weird point on the scam-or-genuine spectrum.

But really, there are a million other websites that can hook you up with real escorts without all the bullshit that comes with Cheeposlist. So there's really no point in using the site because someone else does it better. It's a hard pass from us. In conclusion to our Cheeposlist review, go elsewhere.

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