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CheatersFinders Review - Is A Scam?

Affairs dating sites are big business. According to recent data, 46% of people in relationships have cheated at some point, and 24% of them actively seek extramarital sex on a regular basis. That means there's a ton of people out there on the hunt for infidelity, and one dating site that facilitates these naughty endeavors is Cheaters Finder. We've reviewed this very site for you right here.

CheatersFinders - What Is It?

Cheaters Finder is a dating site to help people find affairs. We know, it's naughty and immoral, but some people just love sex so much they can't help engaging in extramarital relations. Or these people are so unhappy in their relationships that they're looking elsewhere for sexual gratification, and who are we to blame them?

Cheaters Finder takes the whole affairs thing quite seriously, which is why it goes to great lengths to offer a discreet, safe service for any budding cheaters out there. While it's a straightforward grid-style dating site at its core, it's got a few little perks that help conceal the identities of its members. Here's everything you need to know about the website.

First Impressions

The Cheaters Finder website looks like a million bucks. As soon as you hit the homepage, you'll be drawn in by the classy, seductive imagery on offer (particularly the saucy brunette MILF posing on the main page). Put in your basic info; sexual preferences, age, contact details, then tick the agree box to create your account.

Website access is not completely free as users need to get the premium (or trial) membership to use the site in full. But you can search through the website to get a taste of what's on offer. You'll immediately see a list of available users in your area and you're able to use the search function to find local cheaters. First impressions are pretty damn good.


Discreet sign up

Obviously, a lot of people are going to be dubious about putting their personal contact details onto an affairs site. That's why Cheaters Finder makes it easy to input your details without giving too much away about yourself. It doesn't ask for any identifying details like your name or exact location and you can pay for the premium subscription through discreet means.

Messaging features

Cheaters Finder offers two ways to message other members. The first is through an email-type system that goes to their inbox. The other is through an instant chat function that pops up at the bottom of the screen, sort of like it does when you use Facebook on browser. Both do the same thing, but instant chat lends itself more to rapid conversation.

Video chat

Cheaters Finder offers a free webcam chat function to add a little intimacy to the online dating experience. It doesn't exactly bode well with the discretion-promoting character of the website, but at some point, you're gonna need to show your face to the other person. What better way to do than via video chat?

Search function

Cheaters Finder has an in-depth search function that lets you filter through other members based on the basics such as age, body type and location, but then there's also a feature to narrow down by more specialized criteria too. This includes height, weight, interests, hobbies, religion and hair color.

Manually-approved profiles

Every profile on the website has to be approved by the company before it goes live. It might sound like a ballache, but it's a fantastic way to weed out fake users and ensure everyone on the page is completely legit. It also requires users to upload pictures, although they don't mind if faces are blurred out.

Match function

While Cheaters Finder is a grid-style dating website, it also offers a match function ala Tinder or Bumble to help you meet your next hookup buddy. If scrolling through profiles isn't your idea of a good time, then you can swipe through faces (although they're sometimes blurry faces) and pick out the ones you like.

Is Cheaters Finder Free?

No. If you want to utilize all of Cheaters Finder's features to the max, you'll need to shell out for the paid membership package. The paid membership allows unlimited profile browsing, unlimited messages and the ability to upload 12 pictures to your profile. Here's what you can expect to pay for a premium membership:

  • Trial Membership 3 Days - $1.95
  • Premium Subscription 1 Month - $29.95
  • Premium Subscription 3 Months - $49.95
  • Premium Subscription 6 Months - $69.90

If you do shell out for the paid account option, here's all the features that'll come your way:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Unlimited profile browsing
  • Matchmaking feature usage
  • Photo-blurring feature
  • Daily matches

The trial period offers pretty good value for money, and so does everything outside of the 1-month paid membership. For everything the site offers, the prices are more than reasonable.


Free to browse

Once you've input your contact details and created your account, you can browse everything on the site without having to upgrade to the paid membership. If you manage to find someone who grabs your attention, only then will you need to upgrade to the premium subscription.

Profile depth

One of the best things about affairs dating is that users are happy to pad out their profiles with personal info. Most cheaters want a fuck partner they can hookup with regularly, so they're not just on the hunt for a no-strings shag with a total stranger. They want someone they can connect with, which is why they're so willing to reveal a fair bit about themselves.

Webcam chat

The video chat function is really awesome and it works flawlessly. Not only can you use it at no cost (providing you're a paid member), but it comes with a few blurring options in case you don't want to reveal your identity to the person on the other side of the screen.

Few fake profiles

Every dating site has a few fake profiles knocking around, but for a site in such a sleazy niche, Cheaters Finder doesn't have a whole lot of them. 99% of the other users you'll interact with are real, horny people looking for extramarital activity. And when you do inevitably come across a few fake accounts, you'll recognize it right away.

Low cost

The trial membership price is very good and gives you unlimited access to everything on the website for 3 days. Likewise, the 3-month and 6-month paid services are both excellent value for money, especially considering what's on offer.

Reputable service

Cheaters Finder comes from a reputable service provider, a company name Deniro Marketing that owns a number of other dating sites in various niches. While not every dating site of theirs has been successful, the company does have a few big name platforms to their name.


No app

Right now, there's no mobile app available for Cheaters Finder. Sure, it's a bit of a pain in the ass, but since the site has a fully responsive web design, the site works perfect in your mobile browser anyway. However, given the site's growing popularity, we fully anticipate that Cheaters Finder will have a working app in the coming months.

Not super busy

Cheaters Finder isn't as active as some of the other affair dating sites out there, but it's expected since its still in its infancy. However, data shows that website users are increasing month by month, so this time next year it might be able to hang with some of the major players like Ashley Madison.

Some bad reviews

We can only speak for ourselves, and we absolutely loved this site. However, other reviews haven't been so kind to Cheaters Finder. We don't know why since the site has everything you could need from an affairs site (and actual real members to boot). Or perhaps it's a question of taste, but some reviews have slated everything from the site's design to its fake accounts.

Alternative Affair Dating Sites

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is the number one online affairs site in the game today. It's quite pricey in comparison to some of the other sites on the list, but it's got the biggest roster of affair-seekers anywhere online. We encourage anybody to test the site out because even if you're not cheating yourself, it's full of married women looking for casual fun.

No Strings Attached

Another newish affairs dating website, and one that's more catered towards impulsive hookups. While a lot of married women look for friends-with-benefits type arrangements, the users on No Strings Attached tend to be on the younger side, so they'll think of nothing of hopping into bed with some local stranger while their boyfriends are at work.

Victoria Milan

Victoria Milan brands itself as a "classy" affairs website. You won't find your average club slut or trailer park cheater on here. It's more for sassy businesswomen and rich housewives looking for their next young cock while their husbands are at the golf course. If you're interested in nailing some classy married skirt, Victoria Milan might be the best website to make it a reality.


Reddit is an excellent place to find sex. You might think it's full of nerds talking about video games, but there's actually a ton of subreddits dedicated to fucking, sucking and cheating. r/Adultery is the most popular one, allowing you to search through the endless posts to find some married company for the night.

Illicit Encounters

One for the Europeans. Illicit Encounters is only available across the pond, but it's the best affairs website over there by a mile. It's on the same level as Ashley Madison, offering useful privacy features to help you find your next fuck partner without your wife finding out.

Cheaters Finder - A Good Dating Site?

Overall, Cheaters Finder is a decent online dating site. Since it's quite new to the scene, we can't expect the website to be perfect just yet, but it's on its way to becoming a top player in the affairs dating niche. While it doesn't have the user base and mainstream appeal of Ashley Madison, it's still worth checking out for any would-be cheaters.

Check out any consumer reviews for the website and you'll find they usually say the same thing as us. Very few fake profiles, lots of useful features to keep your identity under wraps, and reasonably-priced memberships no matter which option you choose. If you've exhausted all the other affairs dating sites, give Cheaters Finder a shot tonight.

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