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How many cam sites does one universe need? Well, the answer is always the same: more. As many as possible. Cam girls offer a convenient, personalized sex experience that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch. It beats watching porn because these hot cam models are right there in front of you in real time.

But what cam site's the best? Today we're looking at a site called Camonster. Is this the supreme cam site to rule them all? Or does it suck ass like so many others? We've dissected this website from top to bottom so you can get all the details before you waste your time. Here's the best Camonster review you'll ever read.

Camonster - What Is It?

Camonster is a pretty standard cam site by all accounts. It's a place to connect with real models, both amateur and professional, for dirty cam sex and virtual fun. It's a reasonably active site and has a decent amount of models online at any given time, and the site has a wealth of categories, niches and specialist shows available.

We'll mention right away that Camonster is a completely genuine webcam site. It's not a scam and it does indeed have hundreds of legitimate models who do this type of stuff for a living. The site isn't completely free to use (no camsite is), so be prepared to spend a little money if you want to get the full extent of Camonster.

First Impressions

If you asked an AI machine to create a camsite based on other camsites, it would throw up something like Camonster. The page hits all of the familiar notes, from an endless list of thumbnails running down to the page to the categories list on the left hand side of the screen. You'll be able to watch some shows for free right away, but after ten minutes you'll need to create an account.

Creating an account is super straightforward (email, password, location, username), and from this point on you can watch as many free cams as you want, and you and start getting to grips with the paid functions on the site. Don't expect a million little fancy features on Camonster since it isn't that type of place. The focus is solely on cams, private shows and gold shows.


Free cams

After you've created an account, you can watch as many free cams as you can find. Most women lure viewers into their rooms by allowing free viewing, and it's only when you want to go private will you need to pay a little money. Not every model offers free public viewing, but a large majority do so you'll never struggle to find a free room.

Private shows

If you want to request something personal, or you want a one-on-one interaction with our chosen model, you can utilize the private shows feature. In here, you'll pay by the minute and have full access to your chosen model for the duration. No one will be able to interrupt until you close the private session down.

Gold shows

A gold show is a little different to a private show. These are basically group private shows, where a bunch of watchers band together to help the model reach a pre-set 'goal.' For example, a model might ask for a total sum of $100 before getting naked, then she might up the ante by, e.g. $200 for squirting, $300 for anal masturbation and so forth.

Tipping system

If you want to show models your apprecation, you're free to tip them whenever you see fit. Of course, tipping isn't mandatory by any means, but giving out little tips now and then will create a good relationship between you and a particular model. That means they're more likely to oblige your requests during free sessions.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Camonster uses the standard tokens system. Rather than paying for a monthly subscription like a dating site, cam sites require payment per minute for private sessions, gold shows and tips. You'll need to purchase these tokens in batches from the Camonster virtual shop. Here's what you can expect to pay per batch:

  • 10 tokens - $4.99
  • 50 tokens - $16.99
  • 100 tokens - $37.99
  • 500 tokens - $99.99
  • 1000 tokens - $179.99

On average, a private cam session costs around 2 tokens per minute, although it depends on each individual model. The exclusive models (like the professional pornstars on here) obviously demand a lot more money. There's also no standard price for gold show sessions as it depends on the performing models. In comparison to other sites, these costs are actually quite high.


Genuine cam site

Camonster is a genuine cam site with thousands of free models available through its platform. You have the ability to connect with real amateur girls who are highly experience in the art of webcamming. It's not the cheapest webcam site in the history of camsites, but it's quite new and every site has to begin somewhere.

Great interface

Camonster has a streamlined, smooth interface that makes it easy to find new models, choose different categories and track your recent searches. It's crisp and clean, especially for a site with limited experience. The interface never feels too cluttered for even a moment, so you'll never miss any of the action on-screen.



Generally, tokens systems tend to be cheaper than subscription models in the long run, but Camonster is a pretty expensive site. Assuming a standard payment rate of 2 tokens per minute, you'll pay around $4 for ten minutes of fun. It might sound like pretty low, but trust us when we say it quickly adds up.

Similar to other sites

Camonster is almost identical to a bunch of other camsites you'll probably visit at some point. In terms of design, the site is actually a carbon copy of Streamate, a more popular site in the same niche. Add this to the fact that Camonster doesn't offer anything unique and you've got yourself a recipe for mediocrity.

Bad search function

The search function on the Camonster website is kinda terrible. Most sites like this use 'tags' to help users find the kind of cam girls they prefer, but Camonster doesn't have this. The only way to find relevant people is to scroll through each category individually. Most searches you perform will come back 'no results found.'

No mobile app

Unfortunately, Camonster doesn't have a mobile app, so you'll have to use the website in your mobile browser. It's quite easy to view, although it can sometimes be a little fidgety. The homepage in particular has a lot of elements and visual content, but it's decent design really helps here. Overall, the site doesn't look too shabby on a phone screen.

Alternative Webcam Sites


CamGo is a hot new camsite that's currently pumping out some of the best webcam content in the adult world today. It's got a massive number of available models from every corner of the globe, and luckily they all speak the language of love. The site's got private sessions, gold sessions, daily offers and millions of happy customers to its name.


Streamate is one of the most popular free camsites on the scene today. In fact, Camonster is a clone of Streamate in terms of design and content. The only thing that's different is the account setup function and the models who use the site. Streamate also has a lot more active users overall.


Despite the name, Camcrawler does not 'crawl' sites as such. It's just a fantastic camsite that's creating new elite webcam models by the day. Since it has so many free rooms, you'll often find a lot of Camcrawler shows recorded and uploaded to Pornhub, where they reach millions of people all over the globe. For instant virtual fun, Camcrawler is the place to check out.

Rabbits Cams

Rabbits Cams offers a wide range of useful and versatile features, such as cam2cam sessions, gold sessions and group shows. It's got great functionality, advanced search features and a vast choice of models on offer. It's a relatively new platform too, so the costs are quite low (especially compared to Camonster).

Camonster - Worth Checking Out?

Is Camonster the best cam site in the world? Definitely not. Will it give you access to thousands of horny cam models who know exactly how to get guys off? Yes it will. You might pay a little more than usual the privilege, but Camonster is well worth a visit if you've exhausted all the mainstream cam sites out there.

Camonster doesn't bog itself down with crap like affiliated porn content or chat rooms or forums. It's a very stripped-down site that gets right to the heart of things, so if you're looking for a site that you can enjoy on easy mode, Camonster isn't a bad choice by any stretch of the imagination. There's plenty to enjoy, just keep an eye on your wallet.

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