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Camhub Review & Other Free Live Sex Cam Sites

If research is to be believed, the Internet is about 75% pornography, 25% other shit. And judging by the sheer number of porn sites, pornstars and OnlyFans accounts these days, we're inclined to believe it's true. Luckily for porn lovers, this means that browsing adult entertainment is a constant barrage of filthy content and non-stop hot models.

But where are the best places to find these slutty hoes and high quality videos? Well, Camhub is one place. It's an established site with a wealth of available porn content, but how does it compare to other cams sites? We've answered all your questions right here. Read on for your ultimate Camhub review.

Camhub - What Is It?

Camhub sounds like the name of a pure cam site... but it's not. Camhub is actually a porn tube site, pulling premium videos from a huge number of sources (Pornhub, YouPorn, RedTube, Xvideos, OnlyFans etc). It has a lot of videos recorded from cam shows, but the majority of material comes from standard porn tube sites.

But despite the misleading name, Camhub actually has some really good videos that you won't find anywhere else. It pulls content from a ton of paywalled sites so you'll find exclusive stuff in abundance. Additionally, you'll get access to professional and amateur porn videos alike, a lot of which are pulled from big name porn platforms.

First Impressions

Camhub grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go. It looks like a paradise of filth right from the word go, but it's also got a really elegantly designed site that's both classy and smutty at the same time. It's got a simple black and white color scheme with dashes of neon pink, and it the layout is absolutely golden. Videos down the center, respective categories to the left. Perfect.

No registration. No premium memberships. None of that shit. You'll see all of the featured videos on the front page and from there you can navigate to the section that gets your dick hard. Along the top of the screen you'll see the basics (anal, amateur, etc), but down the left hand side you'll see vids pulled from sex cam sites like Bongacams and CamSoda.


Porn videos

You could spend years browsing though the porn videos on here and never see them all. Camhub pulls content from a ton of places, including ManyVids, Clips4Sale, OnlyFans and the biggest porn network of them all, Pornhub. That means you don't have to spend time on a bunch of different sites to find maximum choice.

Recorded cams

One area this site differs to its competitors is that it highlights recorded sex cams sessions. Some sites don't encourage this bcause it can sometimes result in legal issues, but Camhub clearly doesn't give a shit. You can even filter down content by the platform it was recorded on (Bongacams, CamSoda, Streamate, etc).

Chat rooms

Camhub Chat is the site's dedicated chat room section. In here, you can chat with other users, share videos and generally talk about whatever gets you off. Chat rooms are broken down into standard sexual topics (pornstar discussion, general chat, even a non-nude section). There's a private chat function in case you want to talk one-on-one with another user too.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Cam Hub is absolutly free. There's no option to input your credit card details so you don't have to worry about the site taking any money out of your bank account. A lot of sites throw the word 'free' out to entice people in then hit with them the bill once they're nice and hard, but Cam Hub genuinely is completely free.

There's an option to sign up and create an account, but this doesn't involve any kind of payment either. As a registered user, you can keep track of your watch history, add videos to your favorites list and add other users to your friends list. It's not required to use the site, but it really helps with organizing browsing.


Great site sources

While CamHub follows the same format as a lot of similar sites, it pulls a lot of its sources from places that are normally inaccessible without pay. It's not just cam sites either, but anywhere that models post their paid content. ManyVids, OnlyFans, Patreon, CLips4Sale, MyDirtyHobby, Flirt4Free and many more.

Great design

The Camhub website is divided into four main sections: home page, models, cam videos and community. This makes it real easy to find the feature you want without having to waste time clicking around. As a registered member, you can also change what page the site defaults to, but of course the main one is homepage.

Replayed sex cams

We're surprised that there hasn't been a site entirely dedicated to recording sex cams yet. It seems such an obvious gimmick, but it seems that Cam Hub is the first sex site to do it. This little section is great because all the content is exclusive (recorded on someone else's computer), and there's enough hot models on display to keep you busy for a long tie.


Some broken links

No site is perfect, although this one comes quite close. You'll find a few broken sections on here as well as a few videos that don't work. It can be quite annoying, especially if that video has a particularly arousing thumbnail. But really, that's the only downside to this website. Everything else is pretty much on the money.

Alternative Cams Sites

You might be looking for a site that deals purely with cam models and webcam sessions. If so, we've put together a short list for you to check out. Here are the best alternatives to Camhub.


CamGo is a very similar platform to Camhub. As well as being a cam site, it's also got a few sophisticated features that help it stand out from the crowd. Porn vids, personals section, forums. It's these very small differences that make it a platform worth checking out. Of course, it's got some top quality webcams with great cam quality too.

Rabbits Cams

Camhub and Rabbits Cams. These two sites work together to give you everything you could need from an adult site. Rabbits Cams doesn't bog itself down with unnecessary features and it's got some of the hottest models you'll find on any adult cam site. It's got good prices too, so you can go wild without spending a ton of money.


Something of a hidden gem in the cam model niche, Camonster is relatively new cam site that really hits all the notes you need it to. Most models are amateur girls so it's quite cheap overall, and the site has a pretty high overall user rating. Prices vary, but on a whole you won't spend much to watch these filthy babes do what they do best.

Camhub - Is It Worth It?

Very much so! We really love Camhub, even though it's not a direct cams site, it's got everything you could need from an adult platform. It has a few more features than most other sites in the same niche and the whole thing is super user friendly. Sure, it's not the most groundbreaking site in the world, but it's still an excellent way to get your kicks.

Of course, if it's pure cam femmes you're looking for, Cam Hub probably isn't the best platform for you. There are a million other places to get your fix of cam models so we've listed a few up above for your convenience. But if it's a nice mix of cams, videos and exclusive content you want, Camhub is the place to be.

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