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BestGFE Review - Is It Worth Using, And Other Escort Sites

Looking to find some gorgeous, talented escorts in your local area? Well, there's no shortage of websites to make it happen, but some are better than others. Today, we're looking at an escort platform known as BestGFE. Is it any good? Will it hook you up with mind-blowing hookers at a moment's notice? Here's our detailed Best GFE review.

What Is BestGFE?

BestGFE is a hybrid platform that combines forum discussions with escort ads. It's not too dissimilar to some of the more popular providers of escorts out there (Bedpage, Mega Escorts, etc), but it puts a little more emphasis on adult community and interaction between punters. The website definitely isn't for everyone, but it definitely has a few perks worth checking out.

The site works like any other ads website in that it's broken down by location, so when you dig into the section that relates to your city or state, you'll find localized ads for nearby escorts. But inside these sub-sections are forums for general discussions, chat about local adult establishments and even discussion about restaurants and hotspots (non-adult related).

First Impressions

BestGFE looks nothing like an adult website on first glance. It doesn't utilize adult language or imagery in any form, and maybe that's the point. It has a weird blue and gold color scheme and according to the logo, the name stands for Best Games Fun & Entertainment. However, anyone familiar with escort terminology knows that GFE means "girlfriend experience."

Despite this lack of obvious adult imagery, the site functions well enough. It's as simple as simple comes, with a list of forums on the homepage and a few sections running along the top of the page. Navigation is quick and easy and there's no annoying ads trying to grab your attention. Overall, everything looks well above average.


State breakdown

To find working girls in your area, you first need to find your physical location within the forums. These sections aren't broken down into every individual state, instead by general area. You'll find: New Jersey, New York, Northeast, Mid Atlantic, North Central, Florida, California, Southeast, South Central, PA, Northern Rockies, Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Canada and Europe.


Each of these sections has their own selection of forums. The bulk of them pertain to escort advertisements, but there are also subsections for all manner of general and adult talk. The actual forums actually differ depending on which one you choose (for example, New York has a lot more sections than the Northern Rockies) so you'll need to dig in to see what's on offer in your area.

Adult entertainment listings

Every section has forums dedicated to a range of adult establishments, including spas, massage parlors, sex shops, swingers clubs, BDSM and fetish clubs and whatever else a particular geographic region might have inside its borders. The sections will differ depending on each region.

Escort reviews

The site has an extensive erotic review section. While the majority of the posts in here review working girls, you'll actually find reviews for a ton of things, including sex toys, adult venues and anything else under the banner of adult services. When users meet girls through here, they're encouraged to leave honest reviews afterwards.

Porn links

BestG FE seems to have ties with a website known as Secret Benefits as you'll find lots of links redirecting you there. Secret Benefits is a typical porn site, featuring amateur pictures, videos, gifs and erotic stories. It also functions as a dating site, although it looks a little scammy on first glance.


Genuine escort ads

A good amount of real escorts do post on here. They're not the classiest or most professional call girls in the world, but if you're looking for cheaper ladies who'll only violate your body and not your bank balance, this site has it.

Good adult community

Outside of the escort ads, you can also make contact with a bunch of adults who live similar lifestyles to you. Not only will they offer you advice and support about any local adult events, but you might also make a few new friends along the way.

Decent activity

Every page has a moderate amount of activity. Of course, the busier areas (NYC, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan) will have a little more life in them than others. Areas like Alaska obviously don't get many advertisements.

Totally free

Everything on the website 100% free to use. You don't have to sign up or create an account either. You can browse all of the ads without having to hand over any personal details.

Reasonably safe

The site does what it can to keep its users safe. It keeps away fake profiles engaging in any unauthorized use and it offers a number of pages to report users you have reason to believe are breakin the rules.


Lack of identity

We're not talking about the identities of the users on here, but the site's identity itself. Put simply, Best GFE is a strange hybrid platform that mixes sex and general discussions with escort ads. It's like going to a bookstore and find out they also sell go-kart lessons. If you're actively looking for escorts, this website probably won't be your first point of call.

No app

As of right now, there's no BestGFE app available. On a similar note, the website doesn't seem to be active on any social media service. It's hard to find mention of the website anywhere on the Internet, including Twitter and Facebook (where you think the site would advertise the most).

BestGFE - Committed To Fighting Abuse

Listing sites since like this have had trouble in recent times. A few years ago, the personals sections of sites like Craigslist and Backpage were taken down because the government feared they were hotbeds for human trafficking. Ever since, listing sites have had to be super careful, and the best ones make mention of doing what they can to fight abuse. ( Source )

You can report suspected exploitation, child pornography and any other media that might violate state laws to the appropriate authorities via the site. BestGFE will then contact local authorities to ensure the correct precautions are followed. The website takes every opportunity to ensure the platform is as safe as possible.

Alternative Escort Sites


One of our favorite escort pages around today, eBackpage is the closest thing we have to the original (and best) Backpage. It's super populated, loaded with ads and caters to every city in the world.


Another fast-rising escorts site, Backlist24 is safe, secure and features a high amount of activity. You'll need to create an account to get going, but once you do, you'll see why it's a top service fast becoming one of the best escort hubs around.


YesPage is relatively new on the scene but it's got a lot to offer. It functions like a classic listings page but the owners go the extra mile to ensure its users are safe and secure at every turn. For a free platform that offers a huge choice, join YesPage ASAP.

Best GFE - Is It Worth It?

BestGFE certainly has some features worth checking out. Access is completely free, you don't need to create an account, and you'll discover plenty of new escorts to have fun with. That said, the website is neither heads nor tails, and there are plenty of other sites that offer the same thing and more.

If you like the idea of an immersive escort community as well as escort ads, you'll get a lot out of this website. If it's pure sex worker ads you want, there are millions of better sites to visit. Overall, this site is very middle of the road, but we implore you to give it a try and see if you fit in.

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