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The Best Gay Dating Sex Site? How Bear411 Can Get You Laid Tonight.

What image evokes more masculine imagery than two guys fucking each other? Hell, it's even more rugged and sexy when those two guys are stocky, sexy REAL men with beards and flannel shirts. If this kind of imagery gets you going, then you might into what the gay scene terms bears - larger, beefy dudes who love nothing more than getting it on with other dudes.

In this article, we're looking at a gay dating site known as Bear411. This is your one stop destination for chubby men who identify as bears, so if you're looking for your own daddy bear for the night, this might be the hookup site you need in your life. How does Bear411 work? Is it worth the price of admission? Here's the best Bear411 review you'll read any time soon.

Bear411 - What Is It?

Bear411 is one of the premier gay dating sites around today, and bears are the dish of the day. They're the dish of every day, in fact. Here, you'll mostly find members of the so-called bear community looking for twinks and other bears to get wild with. Like the majority of gay dating sites, Bear411 is mostly used for hookups and casual arrangements. It's very rare you'll find something serious on here.

Despite it being something of a niche, Bear411 is actually a super popular site, and arguably one of the most efficient hookup sites in the gay scene today. There's around 8 million users in total, an impressive figure by any dating site standards. If you're tired of Grindr and Scruff, Bear411 might be the next logical step on your gay sex journey.

What Are Bears?

For the uninitiated, what exactly are gay bears anyway? Well, bears tend to be rugged, masculine guys who drink beer, lift weights and fuck hard. While there are several subcategories of bear, the one thing they all have in common is that they're large in some way. Whether they're muscular, chubby or just stocky, bears are always bigger dudes who evoke images of raw manliness.

We should mention that Bear411 isn't solely for bears. You can identify on here as a 'chaser,' which is a guy that doesn't fit the bear profile but still wants to fuck them. It works pretty well, since a lot of bears prefer to bang smaller, more nimble dudes for that dominant-submissive element. Bears, twinks, cubs, otters, whatever. They're all welcome on Bear411.

First Impressions

We can't deny that the Bear411 website looks like it would give your computer AIDS. It's a complete mish-mash of different colored text, different sized fonts, low quality pictures and a bunch of elements that go together like cement and cheese. Put simply, it's very bad, and it's got "graphic design is my passion" energy on every single page.

Luckily, the site is so crap and text-heavy that it runs super smoothly. There's barely any clunky images everything moves quite fast, which is lucky, because you'll want to get off this main page ASAP. Things don't get better once you sign up, but at least it looks like a genuine dating site given its amateur simplicity.

Once you login, you'll be asked a few personal questions, like your sexual style and what kind of bear you identify as (bear, cub, muscle bear, daddy bear, chubby, leather bear, chaser, or couple).


Grid style dating

Bear411 is a grid style dating site, which means you're free to look through other members' profiles as you see fit. You're not beholden to a swipe system (Bear411 doesn't even have one as an alternative). You can browse profiles, view photos and send five messages as a free user, but after that you'll need to purchase the premium membership.

Unlimited messaging is restricted to premium members only. However, if you receive a message from a premium member, you can reply to them free of charge. You're then free to continue your chat unlimited, even if you don't have the premium subscription. A very neat feature that comes in handy (so make sure you upload photos that grab people's attentions!)

GPS matching

While Bear411 doesn't have a matchmaking feature, it does a have GPS feature that lets you find other bears in your local area. Just hit the 'Perfect Match' section on the side of the site and, providing you're using the site on your phone, you'll see a list of other guys that near to your area of the world.

Naturally, this is especially useful for guys who travel regularly, and it's especially good when you hit up gay or LGBTQ events. It's also useful for guys who go to festivals or nationwide social events because you can easily grab a list of all the bears in your close proximity. Hookups are only ever a few clicks away.

Profile verification

Bear411 might look like an amateur effort, but it's actually very thorough when it comes to vetting its users. The mods approve every single profile manually, and because the site gets hundreds of new users per day, this can sometimes take 2-3 days. It's not ideal, but it definitely helps keep away the fake users.

During this time, you can still browse profiles as you would normally, but you're unable to message anyone until you become a verified member. Is it the best system in the world? No. Does it help in the long run? Absolutely. Bear411 reports a very low number of fake services on its platform.

Porn content

Like a lot of other sites in this niche, Bear411 offers a few incentives to track potentially interested parties. One of these incentives is its vast library of pornography. As you might expect, 90% deals with gay bears fucking twinks senseless, so Bear411 is just as much a porn site as it is a sex site.

While the mods are responsible for the majority of the videos on here, users are also free to upload their own home videos. As you know, the gay community are a kinky bunch, so be prepared to view some incredibly filthy activities. It's great because it means you can get exclusive content you can't see anywhere else.

Premium membership

If you want to get anything done here on Bear411, you're going to need to purchase a premium account. While it offers a number of interesting perks, you'll need a premium account to message potential new friends and fuckbuddies. Luckily, Bear411 is one of the cheapest hookup sites we've ever come across (more on that in the next section).

Most other sites require premium services now so this is nothing new. Even the mainstream hookup sites like Grindr and Scruff (that used to be free) now charge a little something to access their premium features. The chances of finding a completely free dating site on the Internet is rarer than rocking horse shit.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Bear411 uses a standard subscription model to allow access to its premium features. A premium account opens up access to the following features:

  • Unlimited messaging
  • Add users to friends list
  • Use GPS feature
  • No ads
  • Access to advanced search function

Membership comes in three formatss; one month, three month and 6 month. Here's what you can expect to pay for each premium account length:

  • 1 Month Membership - $9.95 per month ($9.95 total)
  • 3 month Membership - $8.00 per month ($24 total)
  • 6 Month Membership - $6.50 per month ($39 total)

Unfortunately, the site is only able to accept credit card, debit card or PayPal at the moment. Since it's an amateur-run site, it doesn't have the capabilities to accept more modern forms of payment like Bitcoin or Venmo.


Huge user base

The bear community is as the large as the members themselves. There is genuinely millions of users on here, all on the hunt for casual sex partners the world over. The site caters to a number of different countries and continents, although the site is most popular in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

Bear411 claims to have around 8 million registered users, and while there's no way to confirm this data, there does legit seem to be a constant flow of new faces upon every login. You can also tell by their pictures that they're real users and not some scam boy trying to milk your wallet. While the 8 million number might be an embellishment, the use base is definitely large.

Accurate name

One problem that a lot of other sites in similar niches have is that overpopulation often leads to the site losing its original identity. For example, FetLife became so popular that it's now populated by users who have no interest in the fetish world. Elite Singles is so popular that barely anyone on there is actually elite anymore.

Bear411 does not have this problem. The bear community is very much present, and thriving too. On average, we'd say around 75% of these users are certified bears, boasting all the trappings that turn a regular man into a gay bear. Even though Bear411 has been around a long time, and undergone a steady popularity increase, its remained true to its original identity.

Very cheap

Bear411 is so cheap it might as well be free. $39 for a six month membership is a total steal, and we suddenly understand why this dating site is so damn popular. Plenty of other sites charge $39 for one month alone, and if we had to guess, we'd say Bear411 might be one of the top 3 cheapest dating websites in the world.

But of course, even $1 would be too much is the site sucks. However, in our unbiased opinion, Bear411 delivers on every front. The price is well worth it for the features you get in return. Hell, even if you don't want to commit to the 6 month option, even the one month account $9.95) is great value for money.

Great porn

Whenever a dating site throws porn into the mix, it's usually done for sketchy reasons. If we're generalizing, we'd say that dating services with porn sections tend to be Scam City, and we'd usually flag this up as a concern. However, the porn section on Bear411 actually serves to highlight this site's great features and useability.

We can't compare the gay community to the straight community because they're vastly different in terms of approach to sex. On regular dating sites, the guys chase while the girls play coy. On gay dating apps like this one, it's basically a gay sex free-for-all. All of these users are horny as hell and ready to bone at a moment's notice, so the porn actually slots in perfectly.

Mostly hookups

Unless a site explicitly claims that it's all about casual sex, it's always a gamble. Just look at Tinder. What was once the hottest hookup site on the Internet has since become a place for folks to find their future wives and husbands. However, Bear411 has stayed true to its core. If you enter these seedy hallways, expect to get fucked.

The chances of finding a long term relationship through here are almost zero, unless you and your fuckbuddy love each other's sexual abilities so much that you decide to go exclusive. Of course, that would be rare, especially given the promiscuity that the gay scene is known for. Come here for the hookups and the dirty chat. Don't expect to find that perfect person.

Excellent community

The bear community reminds us a of the heavy metal community. On the outside, they look like they're going to kill you, but once you actually get involved in this niche little scene, you'll find that they're some of the most caring and loving guys on the planet. The bear community is wholesome and welcoming and ensure you're always comfortable in their presence.

It really helps that every bear on here designates themselves a little label. For example, musclebears might be a little more sexually aggressive, while cuddlybears tend to be cute and wholesome. Either way, visitors are always welcome into the bear scene, whether they identify as a bear or not.


Outdated website

We can't sugar coat it. The Bear411 website looks like absolute garbage. Stare at it for long enough and you'll find your eyes start to hurt. Not because you're looking at a screen, but because you're looking at visual dog shit. It looks like the kind of site that would throw a million links and ads at you at every turn. Thankfully, it doesn't, but it still looks awful.

Bear411's crappy site is what stops it contending with the major players like Grindr and Scruff. If the mods updated some of the pics, redesigned the layout and changed that God awful text, they'd end up with a lot more users. If we didn't know this was a genuine dating website before we started reviewing then we'd assume it was a scammers paradise.

Verification needed

Verification is the number one double-edged sword in the dating world. All accounts are on hold until the mods have checked through your profile to ensure you're not a scamming piece of shit. The fact Bear411 users have to wait 2-3 days before being able to message these gorgeous members is a massive cock tease.

Members can do other stuff in this time, like search for accounts, look at pics and upload their own details. However, they'll have to refrain from talking to anyone until the mods have done their job. We get the idea behind it, and it's a good point because it dissuades scammers from using the website. But still, it's a massive pain in the ass.

Alternative Gay Dating Sites

Maybe Bear411 isn't the chat website for you. Maybe you want to connect with people who share your passion for romance and intimacy. Maybe you want a website with tons of essential features like video chat and voice chat. Well, if you're thinking of going elsewhere, we've listed a few alternative sites for your convenience.

Men Nation

Men Nation calls itself the largest gay community on the Internet, and while we doubt it's true, Men Nation is still a fantastic alternative to Bear411 if you're looking for something more than casual fucking. While you'll find hookup opportunities at every turn, the site is intended to be all-round intimacy hub, helping users find lays and long-term engagements.


Prudes look away now, because AssPig is a total paradise of hardcore ass fucking. However, there's one major difference. The users on this website aren't interested in using their dicks. No, they want to put their fist where the sun doesn't shine. That's right. AssPig is a dating website dedicated entirely to helping people find fisting partners. Check it out if you're feeling adventurous.


Men4SexNow is a relatively new site on the scene, and as the name suggests, you won't find your future husband on here but you will find that ideal person to share your bed with tonight. It's a super efficient service with a cheap premium membership and easy contact methods. The service is outstanding and you won't spend much money here at all.


We can't talk about gay dating without talking about the big bad. Grindr is synonymous with gay hookups, having established itself as the number one hookup service on the scene today. It's got all the tools you could need to find easy lays. Location based service, swipe features, 50 million worldwide users. The only downside is that users find partners based mostly on pictures, so make sure your media is on point.

Bear411 - Top Gay Dating Site

We absolutely love Bear411. Aside from a crap website, everything else on here is perfection. If we're being honest, nobody cares about website design anyway, so come right in and meet your next bear buddy tonight. It's got all the tools you need to make sexual magic happen, from cheap memberships to location based services. We're positive that if you sign up now, you'll be in someone else's bedroom before the week is out.

While Bear411 already has a massive active user base, we're surprised it's not on the same level as Grindr or Scruff. It's just as efficient as the major players for getting laid, but it seems that Bear411 is something of a secret little gem in the gay hookup scene. So, if you're ready to connect with rugged, masculine gay dudes who'll take you for the ride of your life, Bear411 is the site to check out.

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