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Backlist24 Review: Is This Backpage Alternative Fake Or Legit?

Classified ads sites are back in business. Once upon a time, free classified advertisements were the easiest and most convenient way to find a hookup for the night. All you had to do was scroll through the free ads, find a post that caught your eye and make sexual magic happen. Things then went awry for a while, but in 2022, free classified sites are here to rock again.

Today, we're looking at a site called Backlist24, a personals site for adult services that claims to be a Backpage replacement. But the question is - does it work? Sure, you can post free ads, but will these ads get you laid, or is this place a ghost town like so many similar sites? Here's your ultimate Backlist24 review.

Backlist24 - What Is It?

Backlist24 is a free site to post classified ads across a wide number of categories. While we're going to be looking at the adult and dating sections of the site, Backlist24 also has a vast range of regular categories similar to Craigslist. You'll find jobs classified ads, automotive classified ads, buying, selling, real estate a much more.

Much like the old Craigslist personal ads area, Backlist24 is broken down into localized versions to help connect you with local folk more easily. Backlist24 covers the length and breadth of the world, with localized sections in the United States, Oceania, Australia, Guam, Vietnam, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Latin America, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland and more.

It covers much more ground than Craigslist personals did, and it doesn't cost anything to browse or post free classified advertisements yourself. Unlike its predecessors, Backlist24 is also low on fake ads and targeted ads so you won't constantly run into scammers, and there are people posting ads in the adult dating section every minute of the day.

What Happened To Backpage?

You've probably heard the terms 'Backpage replacement' or 'Backpage alternative,' whilst navigating the world of classified ads sites. The reason is that Backpage was once the premier classifieds site, used by literally millions of sex-seekers worldwide. Unfortunately, Backpage went out of business in 2018 due to a little legal issue.

It's a long story, but lawmakers passed a bill that made individual website owners culpable for any sex trafficking that took place via their platforms. The idea was to remove the places where (the government believed) sex trafficking was taking place, and this included Craigslist and Backpage. Craigslist still exists minus its adult classified section, but since Backpage was exclusively used by sex workers, it was forced to shut down.

Ever since, there's been a sex worker-shaped hole in the classifieds game, and plenty of sites have tried to jump in and become 'the new Backpage.' These new sites are able to skirt the 2018 laws by basing their operations outside of the United States, and it works for the most part. Backlist24 is the newest site on the scene looking to become the number one locale to find hookups and local sex workers.

First Impressions

Modern classified ads sites all use a VERY similar layout. Sometimes, it's hard to distinguish them from one another. Backlist24's homepage is almost identical to the original Backpage, and it's actually completely identical to another classified ads site known as eBackpage. When it comes to sites like these, people want familiarity, not originality.

From the homepage, you'll see all of the localized versions of the site, each one broken down by country, state or city. Most developed places are catered to so you won't have a problem finding your exact location or your nearest most populated area. Once you dig into your area, that's when you see the full available listings (broken down by category).

There are categories for Home & Garden, Jobs, Community Events, Clothing & Jewellery and several others, but the sections we're interested in are 'Adult' and 'Dating.' The Adult section is for escorts and for-hire workers while the Dating category is a personals page for consensual meetups


Available ads

Backlist24 is a very active website with new ads posted at least once per hour. All posts will be sorted by new so you'll find the most recently-online sex workers and hookup-seekers in your area. The more populated areas obviously have considerably more ads, but 95% of areas in the United States see regular activity.

Pictures required

Every ad needs at least one uploaded picture otherwise it'll be removed. This is a pretty useful little addition (and the one area that really let Craigslist personals down), because let's be honest, you wanna see a picture of the person you're thinking about nailing. Escorts tend to upload quite a few pics of themselves while hookup-seekers usually limit it to one or two.

Search function

Backlist has a great search function that helps you find hookups in your location pretty easily. Searching by keyword can help you find someone that caters to your specific preferences as opposed to scrolling through multiple ads hoping one hits all the right marks. You can even search every localized page at once (ideal for those whose location might blur city lines).

Post ads

This is only for consensual meetups (unless you're an escort yourself), but you can't find any ads that grab your attention, just post your own free classified ads instead. Not only will your ad reach several thousand people over the span of 24 hours, but it will also stay active for 4 weeks, providing you with massive hookup opportunities in the future.

Adult services

It's not just escorts and hookups available through Backlist24. There's a whole host of free stuff within the adult entertainment niche to discover. Strip clubs, massage providers, bath houses, sex shops, body rubs, swingers events, BDSM clubs and all manner of local places with related services.

Is Backlist24 Free?

Yes, Backlist24 is completely free to use, whether you're just browsing or posting your own ads. If you're just browsing other people's posts, you don't even have to sign up. You can do everything you need to do without registering because all of the contact you'll make with your chosen escort or hookup partner wil be through phone or email.

If you want to post your own ads, you'll need to sign up for a free account but this will only take a few minutes. All it asks is for your basic details and doesn't require any kind of ID verification (which is both a positive and negative in the long term). There's a section on the site for 'premium services,' but this is for advertisers, not regular users.


Very active

A classified ads site needs high activity to flourish, and Backlist24 gets a lot of traffic every hour of the day. On average, the Adult and Dating sections (of a mid-populated area) get around one new post every 3 minutes (across all of the available categories). That's not a bad rate in comparison to some of the other classified ads sites out there.

Phone numbers provided

Backlist24 doesn't have an internal messaging ystem and that's a good thing as far as we're concerned. In-house systems are always a pain in the ass since they bring up a number of issues, but most escorts and sex-seekers provider either their phone numbers or their email addresses for you to contact them directly.

Cheap services

While you will find some professional escorts on Backlist24, most of these girls do the whole escort thing as a side gig. They're the kinds of girls who do a little part-time whoring to pay their way through college, which means the cost of an average escort will be significantly lower than a classy, fake-tittied bimbo you'd meet through an elite escort agency.

Services list

The site encourages escorts to list their available sexual services, and this is great for anyone who's looking for something particular. While most escorts offer your standard missionary, doggystyle and COB services, not every girl out there is going to be up for fisting or humiliation role play. However, you can find specifically-kinky girls by searching the services list.

Zero tolerance

Backlist24 has a zero tolerance policy to any illegal content posted on their site. If they get a whiff of any underage sex seekers or abusers, they'll crack down on the user like a ton of bricks. For such a high-traffic site, Backlist24 has a very competent admin team that are quick to take sketchy posts down within minutes.

Highlighted affiliate links

The site has some affiliated links dotted around, and that's to be fully expected. They have to make money somehow and this is how they do it. However, all links that lead to third-party sites are highlighted in red so you know you'll be redirected elsewhere. This is great because not only is it honest, but it's easier to avoid them.


No verification

As we mentioned, the lack of verification is a blessing and curse. For you, it means you don't have to mess around scanning your ID card before you can start browsing ads, but it also means you'll run into a few scams along the way. As Backlist24 is a relatively new site, this is an expected issue, but hopefully they'll put some prevention measures in place in future.

Fake ads

Every adult dating site gets them. There's no way to avoid them. Backlist24 has its share of fake users accounts on the site but the good news is that they're quite easy to spot. For one, they're way too in your face ("local cum slut desperate to empty your balls, [eggplant emoji]", etc) and two, the ads usually send you to a link rather than provide a phone number.


Another unavoidable issue, but Backlist24 isn't the safest platform in the world, at least not for sex workers. Sure, clients identities are completely anonymous, but these ladies are posting their personal contact details for the world to see. Since Backlist24 doesn't require verifications, the site doesn't foster a community that really protects escorts.

Backlist24 Alternatives


If you're looking for a solid Backpage alternative, eBackpage is one of the best sites out there. The website design and layout is almost identical to Backlist as it happens, although some of the locations are a little different. This site requires verification too, so it goes a long to way to help protect escorts and clients identities.


The original personals site is still going strong, albeit without its adult dating sections. Despite the lack of this advantageous asset, it hasn't stopped people using the platform to find sex workers and hookups in their local area, they just post their free ads in different sections of the website. It's not ideal, but it gets results.


Another great alternative to Backpage, Bedpage is the most basic option if you're looking for free sex advertisements and services. The whole site is encrypted, much like Craigslist, which prevents law enforcement from gaining access to user data and therefore provides more freedom to its users. It also has an incredible number of active users at any given time.

Mega Escort

One of our favorite Backpage alternatives, Mega Escort is a super popular escort site that covers everywhere form Albania, Austria and Asia right through to Zurich and Zimbabwe. You'll have no issues finding people in your local area, and Mega Escort has some thorough vetting systems in place to keep away scammers, phishers and underage sex pests.

Escorts Affair

Escorts Affair is the only website on this list that comes with an added cost, but it's worth it for what the website offers. Despite the name, it's not a place to find affairs. The website is wholly dedicated to sex work; no job or auto parts advertisements in sight. It's nowhere near as populated as Backpage, but it's exceptionally secure and keeps users accounts 100% safe.

Backlist24's Safety Promise

Just because Backlist24 isn't beholden to the same laws that crippled Craigslist and Backpage, doesn't mean it isn't dedicated to its users' safety. Backlist24 is just as concerned with sex trafficking and sexual abuse as any other reputable platform, and it goes to great lengths to play its part in the fight against human trafficking. Its disclaimer states:

"Our robust security system is a demonstration of our commitment to protecting our client's information. We will only share information with authorities when there is a clear case of sex trafficking, human slavery, underage sex, or sexual abuse.

There is no doubt that Backlist24 is the force to contend with when it comes to adult search websites. Our platform is applauded for its legitimate advertisers and unwavering commitment to keeping spam, bots, and gimmicks off the site."

Backlist24 - Is It Worth It?

Very much so. Backlist24 is well worth checking out whether you're an escort punter or a horny guy looking for your next no-strings affair. As far as personals sites go, Backlist24does everything right and maintains better traffic than any site similar to it. Only the big names like Craigslist and Bedpage get more advertisers and hits.

Is Backlist24 the new Backpage? Not yet, but it might be in the coming years. While the features are all on point, Backlist24 just needs to increase its traffick, crack down on the fakes and do away with the affiliate links (they're easy to avoid but they look scammy). Apart from that, Backlist24 is a solid ads site with pocket-friendly rates.

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