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Back Page Pro Review - Is This Escort Site Legit?

Remember Backpage? It was the ultimate site for personal ads and escort company ads, and pretty much everyone used it to find filthy sex. Well, Backpage died out a few years ago, just like other sites such as Switter, but there's a new Backpage website that's taken the reigns: Backpage Pro, and we're going to tell you everything you need to know about it right here. Here's your ultimate Backpagepro review.

Backpage Pro: Overview

When you first jump into the Backpage Pro site, the first thing you'll see is a stupid disclaimer. There's a lot of legal bullshit around personal ads sites now thanks to some sex trafficking bullshit that the government pretended to take care about, and this disclaimer just states that if you get busted for using sex workers, it's your own fault for not knowing local laws.

You'll hear this site get referred to as BackpagePro, Backpage Pro and sometimes Backpage Plus. It's all the same thing, just different websites that redirect to the basic BackpagePro one. The premise is simple. When you're ready to fuck tonight just post an ad with your age, location, contact details and what kind of dirty sex partner you're looking for, then wait for the replies to roll in.

Alternatively, you can search through other people's ads and see if any of them take your fancy. We'll be honest, BackpagePro is a popular hub for sex worker and other paid sexual acts (like dominatric services). If you don't mind spending some money to get your kicks, BackpagePro is one of the safest places on the web to make it happen.

What's Included?

When you get started, first select your state > city from the huge list. Then you just have create a username (or sign up with your Facebook account), pay the registration fee and upload a picture of a valid ID. It sounds like a big task, but the site will auto-check your details so you don't have to wait around for some intern to approve your access.

Once you're approved, you'll see a couple of different categories to browse. Unlike other marketplace sites like Craigslist, BackpagePro is 100% dedicated to helping you get your dick wet. The majority of ads are for escort services, but a lot of people use it to find consensual hookups as well. But don't expect a guaranteed free fuck on here, since hookup seekers are the minority.

Escort ads

Most of the website is taken up by escort ads. Usually, each girl provides a few details about themselves, a few photos and a price list for their sexual activities. Some of them are comfortable giving out their contact info too, so you can hit them up personally without going through the email system. Although you can decide how you want to contact them.

Escort company ads

Sites like BackpagePro make great advertisement platforms for escort sites. And why not? They know most guys on the website are looking for working girls, so it makes sense. Escort company ads are pretty easy to spot since they usually advertise the website name in their post titles. They usually include links to their dedicated websites too so you can contact them through there.

Escort reviews

A lot of escorts make their living through sites like BackpagePro, and as you know, reviews are everything these days. If you dig into a working girl's profile, some of them have sections that show feedback from previous consumers of their sexual talents. Every review is legit written by a client and has to be approved by the website staff before going live. No fake reviews allowed.

Escort ratings

Adult workers who've been on the sites a while are given an escort rating based on previous reviews. Yes, technology has evolved to the point we can now give human beings ratings.

Multiple contact options

This is one of the most appealing features of the website. Other personals sites usually made members contact through the email system, and more often than not, it was a pain in the ass. But BackpagePro encourages members to share their contact information so other people can contact them much more easily.

Related posts

Below each post, you'll see similar posts that mention the same keywords as the one you're looking at (or posted by the same owner). For example, if you're talking to a user who specializes in BDSM stuff, you'll see similar posts mentioned below.

All round discretion

A lot of related sites like Craigslist have basically stepped away from the world of adult work. BackpagePro has gone the other way and ensured it's the number one server on the web to meet people for hookups. Not only that, but they do everything they can to ensure their domain is 100% safe and secure.

What Does BackpagePro Cost?

Once you've paid the registration fee of $10, everything else on the site costs a whole lot of nothing. You can search, message, create your own ads, review working girls, comment and whatever else all without paying a cent. It's actually a great way to do things, because the registration fee puts a stop to phishing and scamming right from the get go.

The only other money you'll be spending depends on the escorts you hook up with. Obviously those nymphos don't work for free, so you'll have to negotiate prices with them when you get in touch. All in all, it's a pretty reasonable cost to bare for access to a whole world of adult workers.


The BackpagePro website has a lot to love about it. It looks clean as a whistle, functions perfectly and goes the extra mile to keep things discreet. When you visit the page, you can guarantee you're browsing in full confidentiality. They're not trying to steal your data or anything like that.

Personally, we see the small registration fee and the fact you need to confirm your identity as a massive positive. Too many websites just let any old pervert into their domain, but BackpagePro goes a long way to keeping its members safer.

The escort review section is a great little plus that stops you hooking up with the wrong person. Consumers are free to share their opinion in full, so you can decide whois worth meeting and who isn't.

The site works in your browser and also has a dedicated mobile app so you can arrange dates with hookers on the move.

High activity. On average, there's a new post on the site every few minutes. If you manage to dive into the post before anyone else, you'll be more likely to find an easy hookup.


We won't lie, there are SOME fake accounts on here. But really, show me any site or app on the Internet that doesn't have fakes somewhere. But in our opinion, they're not a big deal. You'll notice which users are bots and which ones are legit. If you're not sure, just take a closer look at their account info. Focus and you won't get scammed.

Is BackpagePro The Best New Backpage Website?

It absolutely is. There are LOTS of Backpage alternatives out there, but to date, nothing comes close to rivalling the simplicity and professionalism of BackpagePro. Once you accept the fact there's a small cost, you'll realize why BackpagePro is the best place to meet escorts (and potential date partners) on the web.

We hope our BackpagePro review has helped you worked out whether this isthe best escort platform for you. We also report on thousands of other adult platforms out there, so even if you hate this one, we guarantee you'll find a site you love. Thanks for reading our BackpagePro review!

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