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B Gay Chat Review: Is This Site Legit?

Looking for the best gay chat rooms the Internet has to offer? If so, BGay Chat might be your new home. This gay chat platform lets you connect instantly with like-minded users who share your penchant for same-sex fun. Here's everything you need to know about this hot new gay chat site.

B Gay Chat - What's It About?

BGay Chat is a one-stop destination for gay and bisexual men to chat with other users in a judgment-free environment. The site features hundreds of gay-oriented chat rooms, from gay teen chat to hairy daddy chat to twink discussions and many other rooms. It's a place for gays to meet their next sexting partner, and every single room is free to enjoy.

First Impressions

BGay Chat doesn't look like the most professional chatroom site. It's full of annoying ads and plain boring text all in different sizes, fonts and styles. It's pretty ugly to say the least. We think the person who invented it was going for that 1998 Geocities website look. However, once you get past the grim exterior, the chat service is actually quite stellar.


Gay chat rooms

There's a chatroom for every gay-based fetish and kink, from general gay chat to the real niche stuff. In total, BGay Chat boasts around 120 gay chat rooms, all offering public and private chat with other users. The more general chat rooms (gay sexting, picture sharing, role play) are more popular than the kink-specific rooms.

Anonymous chat

You don't need to log in to get going. You can continue to the chat rooms as a guest and chat anonymously. This way, other users won't be able to dig into your profile and see your basic details, although even if you go through the registration process, you don't exactly need to be honest about things.

Voice chat

You can share your love of steamy discussion via the dulcet tones of your own voice. BGay Chat allows users to exchange voice messages with each other through their platform. You have to record and send them individually however, it's not like a phone call. You can also review your voice chats before you send them to make sure they're to your sexy standard.


No registration

We love the fact that BGay Chat lets you get going without needing to register. These days, people just want to log on and get right down to business, and that's exactly what BGay chat offers. You don't have to waste time messing around, verifying your age or linking your Google accounts. Just jump in to the horny chat rooms and start chatting with other users.

Tons of rooms

BGay Chat strikes a good balance when it comes to room quota. When you have endless choice, it's hard to pick a room, which is why BGay Chat keeps it to a manageable 120 or so. That means there's only 1 or 2 that'll cater to your preferences so you don't have to scroll endlessly and randomly choose a room.

Friendly community

Every room, especially the nicher ones, have their own little communities. It's more than a fuck chat site. The community spirit is very much alive and well, so you'll be able to connect with other gays on levels outside of sex. There's lots of talk about sex, but just as much talk about TV, movies, games and pop culture. While there are no rooms entirely dedicated to them, conversation topics are varied.

Totally free

Every room is free to use amd we're sure you'll agree that's a huge plus. The site doesn't try and lure you in and then throw a membership requirement at you. There isn't even an option to pay for the service, so you'll never have to worry about being prompted to supply your credit card details.

Well moderated

The mods at BGay Chat rule with an iron fist. Harassment of any form is not tolerated, and you can report any malicious activity and it'll be dealt with swiftly. When you report a person, you can also submit your chat logs as proof and the mods will act accordingly. Privacy and safety is very much at the core of BGay Chat.


Not super active

BGay Chat isn't the most active service in the world, which is surprising considering it's totally free from top to bottom. On average, you'll get less than a hundred users in the more popular rooms, while the more niche rooms tend to hover around the 20-30 mark. It's still enough people to share your sexual desires with, though,

Annoying music

BGay Chat has a ton of ads permitted on the site, and we'd be lying if we said they didn't disrupt our chatting experience. One of the worst offenders is an intrusive sidebar ad that plays annoying music, and turning it off is a real bitch. If you can hack it (or if you can survive with no volume on), you'll be alright.

No verification

Users don't need to verify their name, age or anything. That means the place attracts quite a few spammers trying to link you to their shady websites, and they hide their spamminess by sending you well-meaning messages to begin with, then bombarding you with links. Spammers are easy to spot though because they'll say shit like "follow us on [site] for hot pics!"

B Gay Chat - Is It Worth It?

Totally. If you want private chat with like-minded gay guys, BGay has a chat room for you somewhere in its midst. Users are overtly horny, there's a huge choice of rooms, and you can chat anonymously if you want to keep things on the downlow. And of course, every room is free to join.

While the community is still growing, BGay Chat is a great place to meet people, share pictures and flood your inbox with raunchy messages. It's big on privacy and there's just the right amount of users to faciliate new friendships. For a decent, no-frills chatting experience, choose BGay Chat and make it happen.

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