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Asstok Review - Is It A Legit App For TikTok Nudes?

Who hasn't heard of TikTok? It's the number one platform for millennials to share sexy videos and clips of them doing cool stuff. But TikTok doesn't allow nudity, so one adult adult dating site has come along and transposed TikTok's video elements into the world of casual dating. Presenting AssTok, one of the hottest new dating sites around.

But is AssTok legit? Sure, the name grabs you by the balls, but will it actually get results? Do you want to hook up with local girls, watch sexy videos and give that hard-on a good juicing? Well, read our Asstok review for everything only you need to know about this great platform.

AssTok - What's This Adult Dating Site About?

AssTok is basically an adult dating site that incorporates elements of TikTok to help appeal to the masses. It might sound cheap, but all dating sites need a good gimmick to capture people's attention. When you create an AssTok account, you're diving into a world of horny singles and not-so-singles from all over the world.

An Asstok membership requires payment, but there's a free account option to help you get a feel of things. AssTok has an LLC address in Pine Ave, Longwood, which is also the home of other big-name apps like Match and Bumble too. This alone suggests that the devs are committed to putting AssTok on the same level as these major platforms.

First Impressions

Both the Asstok website and Asstok app are pretty appealing on the eye. The site has a simple white background with black and grey text, and the logo is a direct rip off of the TikTok logo. The home page shows a number of currently-active profile photos, although there's a good chance these are just fake accounts to get eyeballs on the site.

AssTok offers a lot in the way of features, and it's quick to tell you that you'll need a premium membership to get going. After you sign up with your basic info, you'll be redirected to the Manage Membership screen where you can choose your subscription level (you can change at any time from the Account Settings screen).


What makes this app stand out from other fuck apps? Here are some of its best features.

Grid style searching

AssTok utilizes the grid-style approach, which means you're free to browse through other users at your leisure. You don't have to concern yourself with swiping, matching or any of that crap. Just search through users and if their photos or bios grab your attention, you're free to message them right away.

AssTok videos

The main reason why so many people create an account on the site, AssTok videos are the lovechild of TikTok videos plus nudity. Since TikTok doesn't allow explicit content, the sex-addicted guys and girls on AssTok are happy to jump at the chance to show themselves off in the safety of AssTok's encrypted platform.

Vast userbase

You'll never be short of people to chat with because AssTok has a reasonably-sized userbase that rivals many other free chat websites. On average, there's a new account created every few minutes, so that's a whole lot of new potential friends joining the party. On average, there are around 50,000 sex-starved hotties online at any one time.

Location based searching

Search results are all filtered by proximity, so you'll first see other members who are closest to your city. Very few dating sites have such a useful search function, but AssTok knows exactly what you need. From these results, you can then narrow down your search even further (by body type, age, ethnicity, sexual preferences, etc) to help your perfect partner for the night.

Chat rooms

AssTok has a bunch of free horny chat rooms available to help you meet your next hookup or chat partner. Rooms are broken down by location sexual interest (gay, straight, BDSM, fetish rooms, etc). There are also rooms dedicated to video and photo content so you can use them to fill up your personal porn libraries.

Verification required

To help cut down on fake profiles and keep AssTok safe, AssTok requires that all users verify themselves in some way. There are actually two ways to verify. The first is to prove you're not a bot by solving a mini jigsaw puzzle, the second is to send in a picture of your ID. Users who go through the ID verification process get their profile highlighted as verified and their messages are prioritized.

Price, Costs & Membership

If you want full access to unlimited TikTok nudes, you'll need to shell out for one of the full membership packages. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • 2 Day Trial - $0.95
  • 7 Day Trial - $9.95
  • 1 Month - $34.95
  • 6 Months - $69.90 ($11.65 per month)
  • 12 Months - $80.04 ($6.67 per month)

Please note that all all subscription packages are recurring, so once the preset timeframe is over, it will automatically renew for the same amount of time again. If you want to change your subscription (or cancel membership entirely), go to the Account Settings page on the app or website and change it there.


Genuine users

Guys and girls galore. AssTok has a whole universe of horny users sharing nudes, and looking for hot videos and easy sex, making it a very effective local sex app. The verification feature goes a long way to keeping away bots, scammers and phishers, so you can be sure that those girls you're chatting to are all real users (at least 99% of the time).

Explicit videos

A lot of people join AssTok just for the raunchy videos we can't blame them. Everyone wants TikTok nudes and AssTok have provided a fun way to get a hold of them. The video content library is incredible and pretty much all of them involve explicit materials in some way. You'll still find sexy dancing and lip syncing, but with lots of nudity includes.

Unlimited messages

If there's one thing we hate, it's limited messaging systems. We believe that if you've parted with your hard-earned cash, you should be able to send an unlimited number of messages to other members. Thankfully, AssTok believes this too, so you won't have to worry about rationing your replies.

Useful chat rooms

AssTok's sex chat rooms are great place to contact new people and start chatting with strangers. They're free to join and they cover all sex topics imaginable. There's also plenty of non-sex related rooms too, so if you want more than fuck chat rooms, you can make new friends outside of any sexual context.

Low cost

In comparison to some other hookup sites out there, AssTok is relatively cheap, especially for all the features you have at your fingertips. While the 1-month package is quite pricey, the trials and the other monthly memberships are well worth the cost. Not to mention, it's hard to put a price on unlimited messages.

Dedicated mobile app

You can find your next hookup on the move with the dedicated mobile app. The AssTok app offers everything the regular site does without having to rely on your phone browser (using dating sites on browsers is usually a pain in the ass). Unfortunately the app isn't available in the app store because of their nudity policies, but you can get the app from the AssTok website.


Several bugs

The website and app can both be real pains in the AssTok. There are quite a few bugs and glitches hanging around, usually when it comes to messaging other users. Quite often, messages don't refresh so while you'll sometimes get notified someone has messaged you, responding to them can take a little while from the dedicated messages screen.

No anonymous payments

A little discretion goes a long way, but for a site that's dedicated to raunchy activities, AssTok doesn't offer many ways to keep things on the down low. The biggest problem is with their desired payment methods. They only accept credit or debit cards, which means it'll always show up on your credit card statement. Not ideal if you're trying to keep things discreet.

It's not free

Of course, we'd love it if AssTok was free. After all, TikTok is free, so that might dissuade a few people from creating an account. Why pay for AssTok when there's millions of free videos already out there? We understand the hesitation, but the difference is you won't find any nudes on the regular TikTok.

AssTok - Will It Get You Laid?

When it comes down to it, AssTok is a great dating site that will definitely help you get laid. Not only is it simple and versatile, but the inclusion of TikTok nudes actually make it fun to use. Very few dating sites are actually enjoyable anymore, but AssTok goes the extra mile to ensure you're having a good time.

Is it the best hookup platform around? Probably not, but it's still a website worth having in your library. You absolutely WILL get laid, but you might have to spend a few hours getting amongst the crowd. Even so, the video Ass Toks add some much needed color to the hookup scene, so be sure to check this site out.

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