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Asspig Review - Is A Real Gay Sex Site?

There are a million dating sites for straight people out there, but what about gay guys? They need places to find easy hookups too, right? If statistics are to be believed, around one person out of every 11 identifies as gay or queer, meaning that's a lot of gay folk out there who need their fix of ass.

Today, we're looking at a dating site called Asspig. Pretty weird name, we're sure you'll agree, and quite often, it's the dating sites with crazy names that tend to be the most polarizing. Does Asspig work? Will it get you the easy sex you so desperately crave? Gay guys pay attention because this is a wild one. Here's your ultimate Asspig review.

Asspig - What Is It?

Asspig is a gay dating website that focuses solely on one sex act: fisting. That's right. This site was set up for the sole purpose of helping gay men find other dudes who are willing to open wide and take five knuckles up the rear. Naturally, it's a very extreme, intense sex act, but judging by the amount of members on here, it's a pretty damn popular one.

For that reason, we're not sure Asspig can be termed a dating site in the conventional sense. It's more of a niche hookup app, as we doubt that many guys are going to be meeting their future husbands through here. Either way, the site is clearly filling a gap (so to speak) in the market, because it seems a ton of gay men have a penchant for fisting or getting fisted.

First Impressions

Asspig looks fantastic, and a little scary if we're being honest. The site has this aggressive red and black color scheme, and the homepage features a jacked-up muscle stud holding what looks like a horse cock in his hands. Right away, you can tell this isn't your average gay dating site. There are definite hints of hardcore fetish play at hand.

Before joining up, the Asspig website gives you a little video previous of what's on offer, and this is an absolutely brilliant little addition. The video talks you through what's on offer, how to setup your profile and how to connect with other members. A guy named Richard talks you through this, and it turns out that Richard is (genuinely) the mastermind behind Asspig.

Asspig Takes Fisting Seriously

As we mentioned, Asspig is serious when it comes to fisting. That's why it's detailed a long list of rules on its home page that all users need to follow. This is fantastic, because so many dating apps these days are free-for-all fuckfests that don't really have a solid identity. Here are Asspig's rules:

  • For the first few hours after you join, you will be limited to browsing only.
  • You won't be allowed to contact members until a review of your profile is complete.
  • In order to have full access to the site, you'll need to accurately complete your profile.
  • Any pictures posted to your profile must be of you and must be current.
  • Your profile text is expected to tell members more about your fisting interest, experience and preferences.
  • New profiles that are not here for fisting are closed.
  • New profiles that aren't clear, remain under review until edited. If no edits are completed profiles are closed.
  • New profiles that have been successfully reviewed be allowed onto the site.


Browse members

After you create your free account, you're able to browse the other Asspig users without having to pay a penny. You'll get full accesss to their profiles, pictures and information, but as the rules state, you can't contact any of the other users until your profile review is complete. 9*/6525266*63This takes around 24 hours on average.

Free messaging

Once the review is done, you're able to send messages at your leisure. This doesn't cost a penny either, so go nuts. Messaging is unlimited and you won't be prompted to upgrade your account after sending one or two. To contact guys, just hit the 'message' tab on their individual profiles.

Detailed profiles

Asspig not only encourages members to fill out their profiles in full, but they actively shut down any profile that doesn't offer adequate information. This is pretty hardcore, but it ensures that you'll know enough about every guy you come into contact to begin a decent conversation. There's nothing worse than a bare profile.

Free account

Ass Pig is completely free to join, use and enjoy. These days, it's very difficult to find a dating app that doesn't make you pay for a little something (even Tinder charges money now), but Asspig is something of a passion project for our guy Richard, and he's in the fisting business, not the money business.

Nearby matches

And on the subject of Tinder comparisons, Asspig offers a 'Members Nearby' service to help you find potential fisting buddies within your local community. You'll need to enable the location service on your phone and give the app permission to use it, then you'll see all available members within a preselected distance.

Search function

The Asspig website has a very efficient search function that lets you find that perfect person to get extreme with tonight. You're able to search by all of the standard criteria like username, body type, sexual preferences and so forth. But there's also the option to search for people based on their online activity.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

As we mentioned, almost everything is free to use on Ass Pig. All of the basic features, like browsing, messaging and finding nearby matches come at no charge. However, there is a paid subscription available for those who wanted to stand out from the crowd. Paid memberships offer the following features:

  • Highlighted name in recipient's inbox
  • Highlighted profile in search results
  • Detailed chat log and chat history
  • New member notifications

A few little perks here, but nothing super important to get the most from the site. Here's what these little additions will cost you:

  • 1 month - $6.99
  • 3 months - $12.99
  • 6 months - $21.99



The fact Asspig has a founding face really helps add some legitimacy to the platform. It makes the app feel more welcoming and close-knit rather than being some massive soulless company that sees its members purely as numbers. This smooth-talking Richard fellow is one of the sole reasons Asspig is fast becoming a must-try Internet platform.

Loyal userbase

A decent amount of people use this website, and most of them have been using it since day one. You'll find dudes from all over the world on here, mostly in America and Canada, but every country and city is represented. And the fact members have remained so loyal to the app tells you that it gets good results.

Promotes fetish play

While fisting is the dish of the day (and week, month and year), the site obviously attracts the kind of folk who get off on risk and kink. Generally, fisters tend to be open-minded dudes who are happy to explore sexual boundaries, so you'll find no shortage of those types on Ass Pig.

Takes it seriously

As you've probably guessed, Ass Pig takes things very seriously. Not only does it bring down a swift hand of justice on fakers and time-wasters, but it goes a long to way to ensure its userbase are safe and secure. It has an option to report any members should you need to and promises to keep all your personal info 100% confidential.

No costs involved

Ass Pig was created for the sole reason of bringing fisters and fisting lovers together. Finance has never been Richard's main motivation by the looks of things, which not only helps explain why this community is so welcoming but also reassures members that the site will remain free for many years to come.

Great aesthetics

The Ass Pig site and app both look incredible. They've got this erotic-but-masculine design element that no doubt speaks to the kind of people attracted to these kinds of kinky activities. Every section of the site is equally pleasing on the eye too, from the sign up form to the messaging tab. Every inch of the site screams "we're going to fuck you in the ass and like it."

Strict rules

It doesn't matter who you are - abide by the rules or get the fuck out of here. We love the kind of discipline this approach brings to the table since it ensures people won't fuck around and spam the site with any nonsense. Everything from profile info to photos are checked and edited, resulting in the best possible member experience.

Good moderation

Unlike a lot of sites, AssPig has some really good moderation despite it being left down to Richard and a couple of his pals. Not only do they offer continuous help and support should you need it, but they're quick to kick off any member that doesn't follow the site's strict guidelines.

Mobile app

Ass Pig has a dedicated mobile app to help you match with fisting buddies on the move. The app was created in 2021 and right now has 60,000 active members. The app is fully functional and does everything the browser site offers. Unfortunately, the app is not available through the app store but can be downloaded from the Asspig site.

One man gang

Ass Pig isn't run by some faceless company (or at least we couldn't fnd any data saying so). Everything is done by Richard and a couple of his trusted friends, from the profile checks to the daily moderation of spam. Generally, they do an incredible job on the upkeep too. Maintaining sites as active as this one isn't an easy job!


Some ads

No app is perfect. There's always a downside somewhere. While Asspig has very few negatives, we need to report that there are a couple of ads dotted around the service, although they're not super intrusive. They're also few and far between and only link to legit, safe external platforms.

Alternative Gay Dating Sites


Scruff is a place to meet two particular types of gays: bears and twinks. Bears are big, stocky bearded dudes and twinks are young smooth-chested boytoys, and Scruff brings them together like no other app can. If you're looking for a specific type of person, a Scruff account can make your fantasies come true.


Hornet is an all-encompassing LGBQT platform. For example, there are gays, lesbians, queers, trans and anything else that comes under the alternative banner on the hunt for casual dating and one-off hookups, so if you're into this scene, Hornet is well worth checking out. It's an established app and it has as bright a future as it does a past.


We can't talk about gay dating apps without mentioning Grindr. It's the biggest gay service on the scene, and one of the most popular apps in the universe for that matter. Grindr is overflowing with horny gay dudes on the hunt for easy local cock, so if you crave a revolving door of dick, create a Grindr account and make it happen.

Asspig - Is It Worth It?

Absolutely. Ass Pig is a fantastic gay dating site that makes other dating platforms look like they've been asleep for 20 years. This site really pushes the boundaries of what's possible in today's Internet environment, and we really believe Ass Pig is the beginning of a new trend in the dating app world: sites run by a small group of friends rather than massive companies.

But where the site really excels is that it actually delivers on its promises. Need a guy for fisting fun? Ass Pig will deliver. Want a member to fist you? Check. Ass Pig brings a ton of possibilities to the table, and if you decide to check it out, we guarantee you'll never leave. Come for the fisting, stay for the community.

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