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Anon Sharer Review: Anonymous Porn Sharing & Other Chan Sites

There are a million porn sites to get your fix of standard fucking and sucking, but if you want something a little more niche, you have to dig deep. That's where sites like AnonSharer come in. You won't find any Naughty America type stufff on here. It's a place to share naughty pics of real girls anonymously.

AnonSharer, aka 'New Chan' is an anonymous message board that specifically caters to user-uploaded porn images. But how does AnonSharer stack up to its competitors? Is it better than the mainstream porn sites? We've got everything you need to know. Here's your AnonSharer review.

Anon Sharer - What Is It?

Any place with 'anon' in the name is probably gonna be weird as fuck, and AnonSharer is no exception. This place is basically a collection of anonymous message boards that allow to users to post their personal pornographic media. Call it anon sharing, call it revenge porn. They're pretty much the same thing, and that's what AnonSharer is all about.

You won't find any big name, overproduced pornos on here. No Brazzers, no Lisa Ann. All of the naughty pics on display have been pulled from the personal collections of its anonymous users, so you'll find misbehaving wives, cheating girlfriends, filmed Tinder hookups and that kind of stuff. If you're into homemade, candid or amateur porn, you'll fit right in here.

Quick note: we'll be using the term 'anons' in this article, and when we do, we're not talking about Qanon nutjobs. We're just talking about the porn lovers who post on AnonSharer.

First Impressions

AnonSharer first redirects to a site called Anon Vault. Apparently, AnonSharer has gone through a number of different names over the years due to controversies and the like, so for the time being, it's settled as Anon Vault. The site first introduces the three main boards (which we'll go into in the next section), and honestly, it all looks a little hectic. Your eyes won't know where to turn.

From this point, you can choose which boards you want to visit, and unless you're already familiar with them you won't really know which board is for you. Then as you scroll down, you'll see the membership options. As a free user, you're allowed to view 5 posts per day and you're not allowed to post comments, watch videos or open up the images full size.


Adult Image Board

This is the main section of the website where users upload pics of real girls. If you're familiar with anon boards in general you'll know that the layout is kinda weird and takes some time getting used to. Basically, you just have to keep scrolling rather than opening individual threads, and you'll be treated to a gold mine of naked girls.

Adult Porn Forums

How does this differ from the Adult Image Board? Well, it's basically the same thing except in here, boards are broken down by location. So for example, if you hit the California board, you'll only see pictures of women from California. We're not sure what use this has, except maybe if you're looking for a particular slut you know lives in California?

Adult Vault Videos

This section redirects you to the Anon Vault porn tube website, and honestly it's pretty good. You'll find a ton of content that's been ripped from paywalled websites like OnlyFans, and after a little searching, we found that a lot of these vids aren't available anywhere else on the Internet (and if they are, they're difficult to get hold of).

Prices, Costs & Memberships

Once you've used up your 5 views per day, you're gonna need to get a premium membership for full access to the boards. There are three membership options available and the level of access differs for each one. Here's what you can expect to pay:

  • Bronze Membership / 1 month - $25
  • Silver Membership / 3 months - $50
  • Gold Membership / 6 months - $75

As far as affordability goes, these costs aren't super high. They're very middle of the road, but the downside is you don't really know what you're getting for the money. Sure, you'll see a ton of naked photos, but how do you know if they'll be any good. With chan boards, it's always a gamble.

The Bronze and Silver memberships offer unlimited access to every board and the videos section, however, these memberships don't allow you to view vids tagged as 'private.' This little perk is only available for Gold members.


Exclusive porn

We'd be lying if we said AnonSharer didn't have some fantastic amateur porn content hidden away. Most of it is pretty high quality stuff too, and you'll struggle to find the same pictures and videos anywhere else online. While a lot of sites claim to have 'ex-girlfriend porn' and 'revenge porn' on their platforms, AnonSharer genuinely does.


AnonSharer goes a long way to protecting its members' privacy. For example, you won't find much luck when you search AnonSharer in Google or Bing. Since the site has 'anon' in its name, a lot of search engines refuse to list it, which means the site is mostly safe from curious onlookers. The only people here are the ones who've found it directly.

No ads

AnonSharer gets all of its revenue through subscriptions, so there's no need for any ads. None of the boards have ads of any kind of them, so you don't have to worry about being bombarded with popups or anything like that. There are some links in the videos section, but they're by no means intrusive.

Good search function

You can search all of the general boards at once via the site's searches function. Searches load super quick and you can search through post titles, comments, keywords and usernames. Results are filtered by most relevant, but you can change the order as you see fit (newest, oldest, etc). You can also see the current top searches when you begin typing.


Confusing layout

AnonSharer is one of the most confusing websites we've ever used. The whole purpose of the site is to share porn images with other users, so we're not sure why the site needs a million different boards and categories that all cater to pretty much the same thing. It's very strange and completely unnecessary, and we found it quite overwhelming at times.

Toxic community

Anyone who's spent time on any chan site will know what we're talking about. The users on this website are no different, and if we were to describe them in a single word we'd say: ruthless. We're not just talking about typical social media comments either. You'll find lots of arguments, slurs, misogyny and general hate talk.

Alternative Chan Boards


Formerly known as 8Chan, 8kun is a popular board that deals with all manner of porn, memes and general Internet culture topics. While these boards have a ton of free content to get your eyeballs around, we'll warn that 8kun can be a very unforgiving place. It has something of a reputation and not a good one. But still, the porn on this page is good quality.


Another collection of boards similar to AnonSharer, 420Chan has some excellent picture and video content to indulge on. Despite the name, the site has nothing to do with smoking weed, although it's indicative of the kind of person who uses the site - mellow, laid back, porn obsessed perverts. But in our book, that's exactly the kind of user you want.


7Chan, aka AnonMe, is very similar to 8kun but without the toxicity. You won't find many posts about politics or shit like that on here. 7Chan is all about the tits, ass and amateur nudes. These boards actually have more people posting than most other chan boards, so it's worth checking out just for the high activity (and you don't have to pay either).

Archive Of Sins

Archive Of Sins is like a chan board hall of fame. In here, you'll find the most popular (and most controversial) posts of all time across all of the chan websites. It's not entirely all nudes as you'll find posts about comedy and general chan topics (aka weird shit). Even so, it's worth checking out for the nude photos alone.

AnonSharer - Is It Worth It?

Yes and no. It's not that AnonSharer is bad, it's just so convoluted that you'll end up more frustrated than sexually gratified. Navigating all of the different message boards and sections is unnecessarily confusing, and even though most of the porn content on here is exclusive, it's not so great that it's worth pursuing.

If you're really into the whole anon culture thing, and you can handle the frustrating navigation, then AnonSharer might be one of the best porn sites for you. However, for regular guys who just want easy access to porn pics and videos, AnonSharer is probably not worth it. Just check our AnonSharer alternatives to find a suit that suits you better.

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