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AltScene Review 2022 - Real Alternative Dating Site Or Scam?

Remember MySpace? All those floppy-haired emo guys and big-tittied goth chicks posting flirty messages on each others' "walls"? They were some good times, and if you're craving those halycon days once more, there's an online dating site that resurrects all that early-2000s online nostalgia.

AltScene is an established "alternative" dating site, and by alternative, we don't mean fetish stuff. We're talking about goths, emos, punks, metalheads, and folks from that kind of scene. Does AltScene work? Is it better than other dating sites in the same (admittedly-small) niche? Here's the best AltScene review you'll find anywhere.

AltScene - What Is It?

According to the site's homepage, "AltScene is an alternative dating site aimed at making it easier for like minded single people to meet and get to know each other." On here, you'll find emo guys, emo girls, punks, skaters, metalheads, long black haired girls, long black haired guys and anything that comes under the umbrella of alternative style - providing it's with a heavier-music twist.

AltScene has actually been around for a long time. It started off as a free dating site back in 2004 and it's stayed true to its roots ever since. It's still completely free to this day, and its users look like they still listen to the same music from that era too. Basically, if you want to relive the days of Limp Bizkit, Korn, baggy pants, wallet chains, DC shoes, guyliner and sweatbands, you're in the right place.

First Impressions

AltScene was fist designed in 2004 and you can tell. This dating website looks like it hasn't been updated in a long time, and the fashion on display looks like it's stuck in a bygone era. Not that there's anything wrong with that because a lot of it was kind of sexy if we're being honest, and maybe the fact that the website looks so dated is what appeals to its members.

You'll be prompted to sign up right away, which only takes a few seconds. Once you're beyond the homepage, you've got a world of totally free features at your fingertips. Navigation is super easy and it really feels like we've gone back to the days of MySpace when every other chick had black eyeliner and a nose ring. Overall, first impressions were fantastic and we couldn't wait to dive in further.


Super fast signup

The signup process requires your basic information; name, age, location, email address and password. Unfortunately, there's no option to sign up with your Facebook or Google accounts. You'll need to verify your email address but once you do, you can dive right into everything for free. The whole thing can be done in less than a minute.

Free to use

You can utilize everything on Altscene without having to pay for a premium account. You can browse profiles, message other members, upload endless pictures to your photo album and post updates to your wall. AltScene has been a 100% free dating site since 2004 and continues to be to this day.

Free messaging

This is the feature that sets AltScene apart from other dating sites in the same niche. You're able to contact anyone you like without the need to upgrade to a premium membership. Like other social media sites, some people have turned off the option for direct messaging, and if this is the case, you won't see the 'send message' button on their profiles.

Social media elements

AltScene is just as much of a social media site than a dating site. Members are able to upload posts to their walls (reminiscent of MySpace - the original and bes alternative hotspot), which is fantastic because this is one of the most reliable forms of verifying that a person is genuine. If they've made multiple posts (that aren't just spam), then they're probably real people.

Photo albums

This is what makes this dating site so similar to MySpace. Users can upload unlimited photos, and rather than have them all in one huge block like other dating sites, AltScene lets you break them down by album. It works a lot like Facebook's album photos. You can categorize them by topic, event, night out, etc.


Outside of direct messaging, the forums offer a great way to identify people interested in the same topics as you. As some people don't list every interest in their profiles, you can browse the 30+ forums (broken down by topic; music, clothing, TV shows, etc), to find people who share your love of a particular topic.

Chat rooms

AltScene has 20 available chat rooms where you can chat with other alternative men and women in real time. The chat rooms are broken down by category (much like the forums), including general discussion, sex talk, video games, TV shows, music genres and general alternative culture.

Search features

AltScene has a really good search function that lets you search by gender, age, keyword, location, and even more specialized criteria like regional searches. You can also search by keywords which helps you find alternative people who share your favorite bands, favorite music, favorite shows, etc.

Is AltScene Free To Use?

Yes it is. AltScene is completely free in every way - a rarity amongst dating sites in the modern age. There isn't even any paid optional paid perks on the site, so you'll never have to worry about being tempted to purchase anything. Browsing, messaging, uploading photos and setting up your profile costs nothing whatsoever.

This lack of cost is absolutely a massive advantage, and it helps explain why its user base is so vast. Of course, the fact it's free lures a few fake profiles to the mix, but this is par for the course for any modern dating site. Even so, fake users are easy to spot a mile off (alternative people love talking about their interests, whereas the fake profiles are alarmingly bare).


Vast userbase

AltScene throws a lot of shit at the wall in the hopes of some sticking. It uses terms like goth dating, emo dating, alternative people dating, punk dating, etc. And it clearly works, because the site has a massive population consisting of all these different identifications. It's not just long black haired emo chicks either. There's a lot of mohawked punks and goth babes on here.

Detailed profiles

Alternative people tend to have quite vibrant personalities, so you can be damn sure they're going to take every opportunity to talk about their interests. Unlike many sites, the profiles on AltScene are actually quite detailed, with most members spending at least a few paragraphs discussing what makes them tick. This makes it easier to work out if you'd make good friends.

Relationship versatility

If you go on Tinder, you'll find most girls are either A) fake or B) looking to hookup. But here on AltScene, relationship preferences are as varied as the personality types on offer. Some of these alternative people are hunting for casual sex while some want something a little more long term. Some folk want just friends too.

Immersive community

AltScene's users are super wholesome and welcoming. Despite all the morbid imagery on display, the community will greet you with open arms. Most people (and especially girls), won't take offense to the fact you've messaged them (as has become a common trend on mainstream dating sites in recent years).

Great search engine

The search function on here is very detailed and it makes finding like-minded people a total breeze. Searching will scour people's profiles for keywords, so if you're looking for women interested in steampunk and they've mentioned it in their profile, they'll pop up in your search results.

Good age range

The average aged user on AltScene is 26, and that's quite surprising since emo and goth culture left the mainstream in the mid-2000s. You'd think a lot of the folks on here would be on the older side, and while there are a ton of people in their 40s, 50s and higher, you'll find most users sit in the 21-35 demograpic.


Some fake accounts

No dating website is without them, so we can't really put this down as a major fault on a part of AltScene. However, the difference is that these fake accounts don't spam you from the moment you join, which means the fakes aren't produced at the hands of the site. They're unaffiliated third parties trying to peddle their shit at you.

Public profiles

This one's a double-edged sword. All of the profiles on AltScene are available for the world to see, and since anyone can join instantly for full access, it means people can find you easily, and sometimes you don't want them to. It's hard to remain anonymous on here, unless you don't post pics of yourself. Sure, you can block selected members, but you have to find them first.

Looks dated

This is a pro or con depending on your personal preference. AltScene looks straight out of a bygone era, and that might dissuade a few people from using it. However, since this is an alternative dating site, maybe that's why the creators have maintained its Gen-X imagery. It definitely stands out amongst its peers, that's for sure.

No app

For a site that's been around for so long, you'd think AltScene would have a dedicated app by now. Unfortunately, it does not, so you have to use it via your mobile browser. The site works absolutely fine that way, but it would obviously be way more convenient if you could pull up an app.

Other Alternatives To AltScene

Gothic Match

Gothic Match is probably the most popular site in the alternative dating niche. It's been around just as long as AltScene, except the site has evolved with the times. It's full to the brim with gorgeous goth girls and guys, and makes for the perfect platform to connect with users who share your favorite music.

Bound By Metal

Grab your denim patch jackets and raise your horns. If you want to meet metalheads by the tankard load, Bound By Metal is the best alternative dating site to hit up. The site hits all the right marks; a logo in the Iron Maiden font, interactive features, even a little function to meet people at European metal festivals. For heavy metal lovin', this is your hotspot.

Rock Passions

Like love, rock n' roll never dies. Rock Passions is a hidden gem of a site that brings rock lovers together, whether you're looking for dad rock types, young Nickelback fans or the kind of women who groupied for Motley Crue in the 80s. Rock Passions has a diverse user base much like AltScene so you'll never be short of interesting people to chat with.

Punk Hookups

So far, we haven't really touched upon hookups. While you'll find a few on the sites listed above, Punk Hookups is all about the casual sex. There's a free account option available to give you a taste of the site, and while you'll need a premium membership to access the full service, it's well worth the price of admission to hook up with these leather stud-clad beauties.

AltScene - Is It Worth It?

Very much so. AltScene is an alternative dating site designed for those looking to find a like-minded partner who shares their love of alternative culture. It's much more than just a dating app, it's a whole adult community dedicated to the art of being different, whether you're a punk-loving skater or a devout follower of My Chemical Romance.

The alternative community on offer is vast and versatile, so you'll have no trouble finding the single punk, emo or goth that gets your heart racing. If that wasn't enough, everything is competely free to use, so really, we can't speak highly enough of this fantastic social platform-turned dating site hybrid. We recommend you check it out today if alternative culture is your thing.

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