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AdultSpace Review 2022 - Meet Swingers For Casual Sex?

Swinging. You either get it or you don't. Some guys love it, others can't understand why they'd want to watch their wife fuck someone else. Even so, there are no shortage of places to find swinging partners in today's dating scene, and while some of them actually get results, many of them don't. So today, we're looking at a swinger-centric dating website called AdultSpace.

What is AdultSpace exactly? Is AdultSpace free? Will get you find regular sex on here or is it purely for those in the swinger lifestyle? We've got everything you need to know about this hot new platform. If you're into swinging, you're definitely going to want to read this. Here's your ultimate AdultSpace review.

AdultSpace - What Is It?

AdultSpace is a swinger-based Internet dating site that helps wife-swappers find people into their very own life style. Here's how the website describes itself:

"AdultSpace is a top dating site designed to help adults find, communicate, and meet like-minded people in their local area or around the world. Search our 25 million profiles to find someone that interests you. You can also take a look at the Matches that are generated from your profile info. Be sure to write status updates to tell everyone how you are feeling. Post a hot photo or video, or write a blog entry."

Now, we're not saying AdultSpace is a scam site (and it isn't), but there are a few lies here. Very few online dating sites short of the mainstream ones (Tinder, Match) have anywhere 25 million users. If AdultSpace had 25 million website users it would be a household name and we're pretty sure it isn't. Even so, AdultSpace is still a genuine dating online platform.

First Impressions

The first thing you see on AdultSpace is a very erotic picture of a woman biting another man's neck. It's definitely hot, but whenever a web page has these kinds of images, it's usually a red flag. Even so, AdultSpace boasts an incredible website; user friendly, well-designed, appealing on the eye. If you ignore the red flags, you end up with a pretty impressive-looking site.

Just create your account on the homepage (username, email address, basic info, confirm you're over 18 years old), then you're able to browse this website in full. Once you're past the overly-erotic landing page, AdultSpace transforms into a normal online dating platform. You'll see a wide range of features and pictures of real users. We can confirm that AdultSpace is a real dating site, not some scam effort.


Profile browsing

AdultSpace utilizes a grid style approach, meaning you can search through members' profiles as you wish. There's no limit to how many profiles you can visit, even with a free membership. You can view everything in full, but you'll need a premium account to actually make contact with these users. AdultSpace has no swipe game features.


Most swingers only connect with couples who they trust. A social bond is very important in the swinging community, which is why AdultSpace requires its users to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their sexual preferences, interests, sexual history and specific kinks. This questionnaire might seem unnecessary, but it helps make more suitable matches.

Detailed profile pages

The profiles on AdultSpace work a lot like Facebook profiles. Not does it feature all of your pictures and basic information, but users can post statuses to their walls much like you can on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This is a fantastic feature because it helps you get a more well-rounded feel of the person on the other side of the screen.

Chat rooms

As well as direct messaging, AdultSpace has a number of chat rooms to help connect with other horny users. These chat rooms are broken down by sexual top and local area to make it easier to find people nearby. Given how populous these chat rooms are, we'd estimate that most connections are made in here than through the standard messaging system.


Who uses forums anymore? AdultSpace does. As the userbase on AdultSpace skews towards an older demographic, the forums are a big hit as most of these users grew up using forums (anyone in their thirties and forties can attest to this). Like the chat rooms, forums are broken down by sexual interest and local area.

Local meet ups

AdultSpace has a function that helps you find local swinging events in your area. Since club meetups are a huge part of swinging culture, it's only natural that AdultSpace includes them in some way. Much like the way Facebook Events works, people can register their interest in certain events and open up discussion about them with other members.

Search function

AdultSpace has a detailed search function that helps you find other users by keyword. Unfortunately, you can only search AdultSpace by search term. There's no option to filter your results down by body type, specific location education level and so forth. Even so, the search function is quite advanced so you can get very specific with your queries.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

You can't do much with a free membership here on AdultSpace. Like most dating sites, you're going to need a premium membership if you want to actually connect with this active audience. Until you do, you're only able to swipe through profiles and gawp at other users' pictures. With a paid service membership, you're free to send unlimited messages. Here's what a premium AdultSpace account costs:

  • 1 Month Membership - $29.95
  • 3 Month Membership - $44.85
  • Lifetime membership - $99.99

On average, swinging sites tend to be quite cheap and AdultSpace is no different. These prices, even the one month option, are really good. The Lifetime Membership is a particularly appealing package and definitely worth the money for this particular service. All payments are taken in one lump sum. The site only accepts credit and debit card payments.


Decent user base

The AdultSpace 'About' section claims that the site has 25 million registered users. This is far from true, but AdultSpace does have a genuinely massive user base. There are around 2 million registered users in total, with about 1.4 million of them being regularly active. It's a far cry from the 25 million number it boasts, but it's still a hell of a lot.

Swinger friendly

Some dating sites don't take kindly to swingers. We're not sure why since swinging is great (and it's great for your mental and physical health), but on AdultSpace swingers are very much welcome, if not encouraged. AdultSpace also allows swingers to differentiate themselves from the regular daters with a little tag on their profile.


As strange as this may sound, there's something very reserved and elegant about AdultSpace. Maybe it's the black and silver color scheme, maybe it's the visuals on display. Unlike other hookup sites, AdultSpace doesn't smash you over the head with coarse language and explicit imagery. It keeps things simple, using terms like 'sex life,' 'life partner,' and 'web based romance.'

Social media feel

AdultSpace feels like an all-encompassing Internet site. Most people use it as a swinging hub, others use it as a regular dating site, some just use it for general online flirting. It's many things rolled into one, making it a very versatile platform that utilizes social media elements to create a bigger community feel. Dating site, sugar daddy site, swinging site. AdultSpace is a jack of all trades.

Mobile app

AdultSpace has a dedicated mobile app available so you can begin chatting with like-minded swingers on the go. The app is excellently designed and includes all of the same features you'll find on the desktop site. Due to regulations around adult sites, the AdultSpace mobile app is only available through the official site. You won't it on the Google Play or iOS stores.


Some fakes

It's been quite a while since we've seen a dating website that doesn't have fake profiles. They're everywhere and there's no way to avoid them. AdultSpace has its fair share of fake profiles to contend with, but if you keep your wits about you, you'll be able to tell their fake a mile off. The main clue is that their profiles are always alarmingly bare, and they're always a little TOO good looking.

Mostly swingers

Will you find sex on here even if you're not a swinger? Yes you will, but you might have to search a little before finding success. However, the lines between where regular casual sex and swinging are sometimes a little blurry, and a lot of women use AdultSpace to meet men for solo sex too.

You're going to need a paid membership to do anything of note here on AdultSpace. As a free member, you can treat your eyeballs to some profile photos but that's the extent of it. There's also no trial option available to sample the site before committing. A trial option would really make a big difference and increase the user base significantly.

Personal data

When you first sign up, you'll need to input quite a few personal details. We're not saying that AdultSpace then sells the information to third parties, but it means that your information is sitting on an online database somewhere. Even worse is that this data is never deleted, even after you cancel.

Customer reviews

Other reviews haven't been as kind to this great site as we have. We're not sure why since AdultSpace has everything one could need from a dating stage, but we can only assume that others didn't connect with as many people as we did. Either way, we're happy to confirm we're not affiliated with AdultSpace in any way and we genuinely think this site is excellent.

Alternative Swinging Sites

Swinger Zone Central

Swinger Zone Central is a very barebones, no-frills site that helps swingers and other sex-sharing relationship types find local partners to get naughty with. The goal of the site is to not only connect you with other swingers, but to keep you in the loop on upcoming swinging events in your local area too.


Not so much a swingers dating site, but an all-encompassing wife-sharing community. OurHotwives is a collection of forums broken down by different aspects of the swinging lifestyle. There's a chat room for pretty much everything, from general swinging to hotwifing to cuckolding to discussions of individual fetishes.


SwapFinder is very similar to AdultSpace in that it's a social network of those into the swinging lifestyle. It functions a lot like Facebook, allowing to you connect with people on a social level before getting sexual. As a result, the connections made here tend to be more fulfilling and longer-lasting, and it’s great for finding regular sex rather than one-offs.

Swing LifeStyle

Swing Lifeytyle is actually one of the oldest online dating services around, now going on over 20 years of availability. Unlike the other dating sites on this list, Swing Lifestyle allows people to arrange meetups in clubs rather than doing things behind closed doors. The site has a good reputation and it works in conjunction with many swinger franchise clubs around the USA.

AdultSpace - A Great Swinging Dating Site

AdultSpace is a fantastic one-stop platform for all manner of adult fun. While it's mostly dedicated to the swinging lifestyle, you'll still get some use out of this dating Internet site even if you're not into the whole sharing thing. It functions as a regular dating site as well as being a hub for swingers and partner-swappers.

Providing you're just looking for something casual, AdultSpace is well worth checking out. Don't come here in the hopes of landing a romantic date because you'll go home disappointed, but if it's a purely laid back relationship you crave, AdultSpace is as good as any to find it. And for swingers, there's not many better sites than this one to find like-minded couples.

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