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There's a lot of escorts out there. So many in fact that there are literally hundreds of platforms that allow escorts to advertise their services, and we're sure you're familiar with some of the popular platforms like Bedpage and Craigslist, but there are plenty of hidden gems out there too.

Today, we're looking at a site called Adult Look. It's an escort listings site that claims to bring clients and escorts together in a simple and efficient manner. Does it work? Or is it another over-promiser and under-deliverer? Let's find out. Here's the only AdultLook review you need to read.

Adult Look - What Is It?

AdultLook is an escort site that takes the hassle out of finding female escorts, male escorts, trans escorts and similar types of adult fun in your local area. Not only does the site function as a personals page, allowing escorts and clients to advertise their availability and sexual needs, but many escorts also have profiles which allow you to see their professional history.

Before we jump into our detailed review, we'll mention that this is a totally genuine escort site. AdultLook escorts are real women looking to whore themselves out for money and a good time, so rest assured you won't be chatting with some scammer on the other side of the screen. For this reason alone, Adult Look scores a few points already.

First Impressions

If it wasn't for the words 'Adult Look' in massive letters at the top of the page, you could easily mistake this for a car insurance website. This site definitely doesn't give away the fact it's a hub for sex work, but perhaps that's one of the reasons it's fast-becoming a favorite site for escort lovers all over the world.

The front page is just a long list of countries, which then break down into states, cities and smaller towns. Just find your location from the list and get lost in all the listings, services and adult entertainment available. You can also search the entire site from the top menu bar if you can't find your location on the list.


Escorts listings

While all the escorts on AdultLook have dedicated escort profiles, the way they reach out to potential clients is by posting ads. These ads include pictures, availability, services offered, and usually their personal information (age, height, weight, breast size, etc).

Users are able to view escort profiles by clicking into their names. In these escort profiles, you'll see their basic information and the kind of services offered (usually included in their ad too). You'll also be able to see all of their reviews left by other punters as well.

All locations represented

As you browse the categories here on Adult Look, you'll quickly find that no country, city or town has been left behind. The site does an incredible job of catering to every location possible, from the biggest city to the smallest rural village.

Of course, this doesn't mean there are listings in every single place, but chances are you'll be able to find a listing within travelling distance of your town or city. Naturally, busier areas receive more ads than sparsely-populated areas.

No sign up needed

Users can access almost everything on the AdultLook website without needing to sign up. You can browse listings, utilize the search function, check out all the categories and grab other members details without having to register.

Signing up does offer a number of additional perks, such as the option to leave reviews and offers free access to a couple of porn sites. However, these little additions are not required to get the most out of the site. Most users seem to opt for the free account by the looks of things.

Reviews section

Had a particular impressive escort session? Or maybe you've endured a criminally-bad therapeutic massage from a woman you met on here? Well, in the same way you can review any product or service these days, members are able to review escorts they've used.

The website encourages absolutely honesty, and the girls with bad reviews are not favored by the site's algorithm, meaning reviews help the better escorts get more work. Overall, it's a win win situation for the members on here.

Is Adult Look Free?

It is indeed. Adult Look is completely free to use and doesn't require membership or sign up of any kind. You're free to look around, browse profiles and view full size pictures without the need to sign up. However, there is a sign up option for those who want to get a little more out of the site. With a user account, the following perks become available:

  • Write reviews
  • Advanced escort search
  • Free access to "Only Flirts"
  • Post your own ads

You don't need to pay any money for this service either. You can sign up for a user account for free. Is it worth it? It is if you plan on leaving reviews or posting your own ads, but the other features won't really change your experience of the site much (more on Only Flirts in the 'Cons' section).


Genuine escort site

This is the most important positive the site has going for it. Unlike so many other escort and porn sites we've reviewed recently, Adult Look is a legit escort site that'll help you find real sex with hot escorts in a few clicks. The site has 50k registered profiles at the time of writing.

The site doesn't bog itself down with unnecessary features either. There's no sections for porn videos or dating features (something more sites are incorporating, much to the dismay of many) despite a couple of annoying redirects, but they're not majorly intrusive.

High activity

There's nothing sadder than an escort site with no activity. Fortunately, AdultLook doesn't have this problem. Since you'll most likely be searching for female escorts, even the most deserted towns will have at least one regular poster in there.

Obviously, major cities get much higher activity. Places like San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Jose and Jacksonville get new escort listings every hour of the day, so if you're a nearby resident of any populated locale, you'll be absolutely fine.

Phone numbers

There's nothing more frustrating than having to contact escorts via the website they're advertising on. As most escorts use multiple websites, it's hard for them to keep up and so they tend to take ages to respond.

But on AdultLook, all escorts include either A) a phone number or B) an email address. That means you've got a hotline directly to them so you don't have to wait long for a response. Much more efficient than having to utilize the old Craigslist-style system.

Totally free

A lot of sites throw out the word 'free' like it's going out of fashion, and not all of them actually mean it. However, you'll be happy to know that Adult Look sticks to its promises. You can use everything on the site for free, including search functions.

Paid members only have a few notable perks, including the option to write reviews, advanced search capabilities and the option to post their own ads should they wish. However, none of these perks are vital to get the most out of the site.

Easy searching

AdultLook has a fantastic search function that lets you search escort services, names, physical appearances, availabilities, location and more with ease. Just simply enter your desired keywords in the top of the page and the search function will scour the whole site.

You can also stringed-search for more accurate results. For example, if you're looking for male escorts that offer body rubs in your country, input all the keywords at once to help narrow things down more specifically.

Real reviews

Escort reviews are a strange thing. On the one hand, it's quite bizarre that we live in an age where we're able to publically review people's sexual performances. On the other hand, it's a escorts offer a quality-based service, so escort reviews are a natural byproduct.

Overall, most of the escort reviews on here are completely genuine (there are some fakes, but more on that in the 'Cons' section). How can you tell they're genuine? Well, some of these website users are incredibly honest - maybe a little too honest in some cases.

More than just escorts

When you locate your area from the list, you'll find that it's not just escorts who advertise on here. Sex workers in every niche use Adult Look to find potential clients. Masseurs, strippers, and a few chicks even offer dominatrix services.

This little aspect really helps AdultLook stand out amongst other sites. You might be looking for local massage parlors, a stripper for a bachelor party or a therapeutic massage expert. Providing it comes under the adult entertainment umbrella, you'll find all the details here.


Some fake reviews

In an age where online advertisements are king, there are fake reviews for every single product and service on the market. Bizarrely, this extends to escorts too, although it makes sense. A quick, positive short description can do wonders for an escort's popularity.

You'll notice a few fake reviews on here (although these are preferrable to fake profiles). You can tell a fake review a mile off because they're way too detailed, and they'll make the escort sound like a bona fide walking goddess (real reviews rarely do this).

"Only Flirts"

AdultLook seems to have an affiliated website named Only Flirts. There are a lot of redirects on the Adult Look site that take you to this page, and it seems to be a dating site that offers 'adult chat' with other members in your area.

On closer inpsection, Only Flirts seems to be an advertisement website posing as a dating site, so it's not really worth checking out. On closer inspection of the site's fine print, the website uses "fantasy entertainment services" for an "adult chat experience."

Other Sites Like AdultLook

Escort Index

Escort Index is another top escort site and functions much like AdultLook. The layout is massively similar and it gets around the same levels of activity. Aside from a few ads, Escort Index is a fantastic alternative option.

The only difference is that Escort Index doesn't advertise masseurs, dominatrices and body rubs. It's purely escorts from top to bottom, and ads detailing any other type of services are swiftly deleted.

Utopia Guide

Utopia Guide is a new escort website on the scene, but it's still well worth a visit if you're looking for easy access to working girls. Every country, city and town is represented and there's a vast array of categories to help you find your perfect partner for the night.

You'll have to pay a little something for full access to the services on offer, but it doesn't cost a whole lot. The reason is that Utopia Guide tends to advertise the classier, more elite working girls in your city, and they're quite picky about who they give their contact details out to.

Backpage Pro

Backpage was the most popular sex dating site turned escort site the world had ever seen. However, as you probably know, a ton of escort listing sites were forced to shut down due to new laws back in 2018, leaving behind a huge escort listing-shaped hole.

Many new escort search sites jumped in to take its place, and the one that stands out from the crowd is Backpage Pro. This site is an excellent Backpage alternative and mimics the original in all the ways it needs to. For easy escorts, Backpage Pro is totally worth checking out.

AdultLook - Best Place To Find Escorts?

Overall, AdultLook is a fantastic place to find local escort services for the night. It's an all-encompassing escort hub that covers everything from local girls to body rubs to sex shops, so if it's adult entertainment you're looking for, you won't have to look hard to find it. AdultLook will provide it.

Everything here is above board, which is a lot more than we can say for some other escort sites on the scene. Providing you can overlook the redirects and a couple of dead areas, there's a lot to love about Adult Look. It's absolutely free to get involved too, so it won't cost you anything except a little time to check out. Go ahead. If you're an escort lover, you're in the right place.

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