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Looking For Steamy Adult Chat Sites? Why You Need 321 Sex Chat.

If there's one adult niche that always delivers, it's sex chat rooms. In the past few years, online adult chat rooms have undergone a massive resurgence in popularity, now the second most used form of adult service after porn sites. If you want dirty sex chats with total strangers, there are plenty of chat rooms to make it happen.

One such chat site is 321 Sex Chat, one of the most popular places for sex chatting in the world. This site's been around for a long time, but has it stood the test of time? Is it still as good as it was 20 years ago? We've devoured this site for your convenience. Here's your ultimate 321 Sex Chat review.

321 Sex Chat - What Is It?

321 Sex Chat is a popular chat room site to help connect you with horny people all over the world. The site has around 500,000 registered users, with around 20,00 active users at any one time. 321 Sex Chat has been on the chat scene for a long time so it's amassed a pretty good reputation, but old sites don't always keep up with the times. Sometimes they get stuck in their ways.

Luckily, 321 Sex Chat has done everything it can to stay up with a constantly-evolving adult scene. The site has made drastic changes to how it operates, although it maintains a core selection of 12 individual chat rooms. They've never added any more out of a concern for spreading their users too thin, but it ensures that every room has active members at all times.

First Impressions

321 Sex Chat looks like the kind of website that would give your computer an STD. It's got a million different colors plastered around its home page and there are ads galore. You'll see a list of 12 different chat rooms. These are:

  • Sex Chat
  • Roleplay
  • Porn Chat
  • BDSM & Kink
  • Adult Chat
  • Sext Chat
  • Gay Chat
  • Lesbian Chat
  • Tranny Chat
  • Furry Yiff Chat
  • Cuckold Chat
  • Young 4 Old

Chose your desired porn chat room, input your username, age and login details (or you can continue as a guest user) and you'll enter this world of horny chatters. Once inside your desired chat room, you can chat in the public room or you can send private messages to individual users. Furthermore, there are also a number of special features available including video chats, audio messages and more.


Free registration

321SexChat does not require registration to use, however, it's sometimes more fun if you do sign up. Firstly, it ensures no one else can steal your username. You'll also be able to see your whole private messaging history, which is useful if you've had a particularly erotic conversation with someone.

Erotic chat rooms

Adult chat rooms, porn chats, fetish chats, cuckold chatrooms and more. 321SexChat maintains a succinct collection of chat rooms so that rooms always have a good amount of active users. On average, you can expect every sex chat room to have at least a hundred people in them at any one time.

Video chat

One particularly amazing feature is 321SexChat's video chat function. You're able to face-to-face chat with random women for absolutely free all through the 321SexChat platform. Since most people use the site on their phone, most of them have instant access to a camera for easy video chatting.

Live sex cams

As well as adult chat rooms, 321SexChat has a section dedicated to cam girls. While it's not directly within the 321SexChat platform, the site as affiliated with a separate platform known as Classic Cams. It's a pretty standard Internet cam site, with thousands of gorgeous women showing off their fabulous bodies for your satisfaction.


Why not? We've honestly never seen this feature on any other adult site, ever. 321SexChat has a radio function built into its platform so you can listen to music while you swap pictures with horny strangers the world over. Since we're working digitally, you can access any radio station in the world.

Chat history

If you go through the registration process, you'll get access to a number of additional features, including the ability to see all of your chat history. Usually, most chat websites erase this as soon as you X off the site, but 321SexChat isn't like the rest. It goes above and beyond to preserve your erotic conversations.

Private rooms

While 321SexChat maintains a core 12 rooms, there are a handful of private rooms that you can only enter by invite only. Now, you won't know these rooms exist until you're invited to them, so keep your eyes peeled in the general rooms for discussions about them. These rooms are run by site moderators and admins.

Prices, Costs & Memberships

321SexChat doesn't require any payment to use. Every chat room is completely free. There are no monthly subscriptions or credit systems available. It's all just free adult chat from start to finish, so you never have to worry about the site trying to siphon money out of you. There's no option anywhere to input your credit card details so you'll be perfectly safe from sneaky transactions at all times.


Free essential services

321SexChat offers all the essential services at no cost. Messaging, browsing, adding friends. You can talk to anyone you like without having to worry about memberships or credits. Hardly any websites offer free services anymore, but 321SexChat goes the extra mile to keep things old school. The chat software and user experience are excellent.

Video chats

There's really no better way to talk your dirty sex chats to the next level than with videos chat. And if you're worried about anonymity, don't fear, because there's an automatic face-blurring option so you can video chat and stay discreet at the same time. As well as videos, there's also the option for voice chatting fun too.

Mobile app

Most people use sex chat rooms on their phones now, so it's lucky that 321SexChat has a dedicated mobile app. It's totally free to download and it's basically a carbon copy of the desktop website. You can use all the same features as you can through browser, but of course, you can do it all on the move.


Messy website

The 321SexChat website is a total mess. Everywhere you look you'll at least one ugly design element. From the account creation page to the chatrooms, it's really hard not to pay attention to some of the annoying ads running throughout the sidebar. If you can overlook this, you'll be fine, but be warned it can definitely ruin your experience.

Lots of ads

From the moment you join up, you'll be bombarded with ads from every angle. Everyone hates ads, and since a lot of them are embedded within links, even your adblocker won't keep your safe. We understand that a website needs to make money, but there should really be a limit on how many ads a website can throw at you.

Some dead rooms

The sex chat room and porn room are always full of activity, however, some of the others aren't so busy. The gay room in particular is quite lifeless (probably because there's a million places for free gay chat on the Internet). Likewise with the cuckold room. However, if you stick to the main website rooms, you'll always find adults to chat with.

Alternative Sex Chat Sites

Maybe 321SexChat isn't for you? Maybe you're the kind of person who demands a little more from their free chat sessions? If you want to get to talking with horny folks from every corner of the globe, check these sites out tonight.

Chat Avenue

FreeChatNow is a collection of chat rooms that all cover a variety of sexual topics and preferences. Like 321SexChat, the site only boasts 12 different rooms, offering free access to each one without the need for sign up or registration. FreeChatNow is a very stripped down place for chat sessions, keeping features minimalistic and streamlined.


MeetInChat is a one-stop hub boasting literally thousands of adult chat rooms. Like porn sites, everything on here is broken down into categories so you can find random chat mates with minimal effort. Search by location, sexual orientation, sexual interest or fetish interest. There are even rooms dedicated to non-sex talk like movies and video games.

Dirty ChatRoulette

Dirty ChatRoulette is the filthy secret most adults keep between them and their browser history. Everyone knows how roulette chat rooms work by now. Join up, create your account and interact with complete strangers via video chat. Expect to find a lot of dicks, a few naughty girls and some very explicit cam action.

321 Sex Chat - Best Place For Sex Chat Rooms

If you want to chat ith real life adults looking for the same thing as you, 321SexChat is a solid choice. It's one of the most active chat websites for good reason and everything is completely free. Whether you're looking for standard fuck chat, BDSM talk or whether you want to hit up some lesbians, 321SexChat has all of your bases covered.

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